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Christmas Break

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They get an idea

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It was a mid-Monday morning and Frank and I were sitting on an empty lunch table outside in the schoolyard. We were supposed to be eating lunch, but who wants to eat lunch at 10:30? On another note, after the fight last week, I was one of those kids everyone said hello to. Bryan hadn't tried anything smart since then so that meant there was more peace on campus. Anyway, Frank was able to sit on my lap undisturbed, except for the occasional dirty look from a teacher.

"So Gorgeous", Frank began to ask me casually, "What are you doing over the Christmas vacation?"

"Besides the obvious?" I questioned with a sly grin, making Frank give me an amused grin. He then proceded to wrap his arms a bit tighter around my waist.

"I'm serious Gee. This is your last Christmas vacation before you're all off in college and stuff", Frank told me. I could tell that he really was serious.

"Well, first of all next year I will still be with you", I told him, "And I guess we should do something cool this year. Since I'm 18 we could do something fun"

"Exactly", Frank responded.

"We'll figure out something awesome to do after school. I promise", I told Frank before I have him a small kiss on the cheek.

I would have done more than that but the teachers around here weren't big fans of PDAs. I really don't see what the big deal is. Unless we are getting all hot and heavy, then there is really no reason for them to get annoyed. So as soon as I gave Frank that kiss, I recieved a glare from a teacher. I just gave her a smirk in return.

"Teacher?" Frank asked me.

"Yep", I replied, giving him a kiss on the lips. Man I love pissing off teachers.


Frank and I were walking down our block, discussing possible things to do over the break. Mikey was at his friend, Paul's, house. I have to admit I felt sort of bad stealing away Mikey's friend, but he told me he was totally fine with that. So anyway, so far the only idea that was remotely interesting was paintballing. Suddenly, I realized something.

"You know Frankies, we could always take the car I got", I told him.

Yes, I had a car. Actually, I had the car for a month or so, but I had decided that it was pointless to waste money for gas if I were to drive five blocks to school. Still, using the car could mean that the four of us, including Mikey and whoever he was bringing, could go somewhere awesome.

"Oh yea! I totally forgot that", Frank announced to me as we headed through the door of Frank's house. We had been trading off whose house to hang out in.

"Yea, we could do something awesome like a road trip or something", I remarked as I grabbed a soda from the fridge in his kitchen.

Frank gave a little squeal right after that. I spun around to look at him. I had never heard him make a sound like that before. I could see that he was very excited at what I had just said.

"Thats it! A road trip! Just like on tv or something", Frank said excitedly, "I've always wanted to take one since I was little"

"Then its settled. A road trip it is", I announced to Frank. He trotted up to me and gave me a kiss on the lips.

This would be the best vacation ever.

AU: Sorry it took so long to update. I really had no ideas, but now I have a few obviously. Update your stories people, especially MCR_dynamite missy!
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