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Please No ---- May 11

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The robbery

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While Gerard settled down next to Monica gently taking her in his arms, at the coffee shop Mikey was watching in horror as a gun was pointed at his wife. On the floor Alicia whimpered and visibly recoiled from the gunman's leer. She subconsciously clutched at the chain holding her wedding ring and shuddered.
"What's that you got?" the gunman said knocking her hand away from the necklace. He palmed the ring and chuckled. "Nice". He quickly yanked the chain from Alicia's neck causing her to gasp in pain. "Got anything else?"

The man behind the counter interrupted, "Leave them alone, man. Let's just take the money. Man, we gotta get outta here."

Alicia had tears streaming down her face, she had never been so afraid in her life. Mikey tightened his arms around her and tried to pull her further away from the robber.

"So you get the money and I'll get the fuck." He yelled back. "There ain't nobody else here. We got time." He smiled at Alicia, "Ain't that right, babe? We got time for some fun. Just you and me. You can show me how you get a rock star off."

Alicia looked at him through her tears, "Leave me the fuck alone." He just laughed at her.

Behind the counter the other man yelled, "No, man, I'm telling you. Cut the shit. This is a fucking robbery." He waved the gun in front of Steve, "Now open the fucking safe."

Steve's hands were shaking, his voice quivered, "I can't. It's on a time lock."

His answer angered the robber, "You are fucking lying to me. Now open it." He was growing agitated and his hand that held the gun shook. "Open the fucking safe" he yelled.

"Give me the keys to the front door." The man watching Mikey and Alicia said. "I'm gonna lock this fucker up. It's almost closing time, so no one will notice." He took a step towards the counter.

Steve's hands shook as he got the keys out of his pocket and set them on the counter. The hooded man grabbed them and backed to the front door keeping the gun trained on the couple. He fit the key in the lock turning only slightly so he could still see them. Alicia cried out softly at the sound of the lock engaging. "Turn the fucking sign off and the lights." He yelled. "Do it now"

"Do what he says" Steve was ordered by the man who was pointing the gun at his head. "Now" he screamed when Steve failed to move. He followed him into the back room. Steve walked slowly towards the breaker box where he flipped several switches. He stepped back and waited, his heart racing. "Back out front" he was ordered.

Mikey felt Alicia tremble in his arms as the Open sign went dark, then the rest of the shop followed a second later. He reached out and pulled her head against his chest. "It'll be OK baby" he told her stroking her hair.

"Oh yeah baby, it'll be OK" the robber taunted, "As soon as I get you in the back room it'll be OK" He moved back towards them.

"Leave her alone, mother-fucker" Mikey spat. "Take the money and get out."

The other robber returned following Steve with his gun pointed at his head. "What the fuck are you planning?" he asked. "We got the fucking money. Lets just get out of here, man." His anxiety was rapidly escalating. His movements have become even more jerky and shaky. He resembled a caged animal.

"Why hurry? We got time for some fun." He reached down and grabbed Alicia's arm. Mikey fought to keep his arms around her. The gunman stepped back.

"You better tell your boyfriend to let you go," he said with an evil smile, "Or I will put one right between his fucking eyes." His tone left no doubt of his sincerity.

"Mikey let me go" Alicia begged him. She kissed his lips, "Baby let me go."

Mikey shook his head, "No fucking way." His grip on her slightly relaxed and Alicia looked into his eyes. She could see something in his gaze that frightened her, she knew in her heart he was going to try to overpower the gunman.

She looked deeply into his eyes and slightly shook her head, almost in a whisper she said, "Please, no."

Her words stopped him, the love in her voice reached his mind. She could no more face losing him as he could face losing her.

The gunman stepped forward and placed the gun to Mikey's head, "Not joking, rock star. Let her go now." He said in a deadly calm voice. Mikey then noticed that the robber's eyes were strangely vacant and his fear grew.

Alicia was sobbing, "Mikey let go."

The gun felt cold against his forehead but it didn't come near to the cold his heart felt as she pulled away from him and stood. He started to get up but the man shouted' "Sit the fuck down or I will shoot you then fuck her. If you both play nice she and I will have our fun and you'll both be alive when we leave."

Behind the counter Steve watched in horror as the man pulled Alicia to him and put his arms around her. He had to do something so he closed his eyes and thought of his wife's beautiful face before he spoke the words he know could get him killed. "When I flipped the lights I hit the silent alarm. The police will be here any minute. Get the fuck out now and you have a chance to get away."

The man holding the gun to his head exploded, "You fucker, I didn't see you hit any alarm."

"It's right by the switch for the lights" Steve tried to steady his voice, "Response time is twelve minutes. You're running out of time."

"I should shoot you in the head" he robber snarled. He moved from behind Steve and stood in front of him still pointing the gun at his head. He yelled over to his accomplice, "Unlock the fucking door and lets get out of here."

"Fuck" he threw Alicia to the ground violently and backed towards the door. Mikey crawled over to her and covered her body with his own. They heard the lock click and the other man joined him at the door. They fled into the night taking the money.

Steve was on the phone with 911 before Mikey could move off Alicia. She was curled up in a ball sobbing uncontrollably. "It's OK, baby. They're gone. Nobody is gonna hurt you." He kept saying the words to her over and over as if trying to reassure himself also.
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