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Wish That I Was As Invisable As You Make Me Feel.

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Gerard is invisable in the eyes of his high school hoping to somehow get noticed, Frank's the farthest thing from invisable and gets increasingly tired of it. And when the two are put together? Wel...

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Hey guys! So this is my first attempt at a fan fic. I hope its not to terrible. Please review, I'd really appreciate it and would really like to here your out put on this. Good or bad. Thanks.

"Excuse the interruption Mrs. Reed, is Frank Iero present in class?" The loud speaker boomed. I heard that name announced among that loud speaker more times than I could even imagine, I only rolled my eyes. It's not like I didn't expect it. In fact, it was almost as if I didn't hear it in the morning, I knew something was wrong.

"Yes he is, why may I ask is he needed this time." Our teacher Mrs. Reed asked in an annoyed tone looking toward where Frank was seated in the back. He only smirked at her, causing her to sigh heavily as she began rummaging through her desk for the hall pass. How that guy was still in school, I couldn't tell you. Everyone knew him and for some reason they all loved him, I didn't see it, I guess I wasn't cool enough to see it; I wasn't in Frank's world. Though truthfully, I sometimes wish I was.

"Can you please send him to Mr. Alvarez's office immediately? Thank you..." The loud speaker beeped and turned off as Frank got out of his seat to collect the pass and once again leave class. Mr. Alvarez was the principal in charge of the correction of students, Frank and He had become close acquaintances over the past two years.
Now I bet your wondering who I am, right? My name is Gerard, Gerard Way. The invisible kid of this school. I'm always here but never remembered. No one knows I exist, nor do they care. I'm not a popular face, a handsome football player, or even Frank. I'm invisible, play it safe, always follow the rules Gerard, and quite frankly, I was getting really tired of it.

I was all to lost in my thoughts to notice the skinny blonde boy that now stood in our doorway with a striking resemblance to me. I mulled over how terrible I thought my life was, wishing something would just happen out of nowhere and make me suddenly cool.

"Mr. Way... hello? Earth to Gerard. Is anyone in there?" The teacher mocked, as I continually stared blankly into space not hearing a word of what she was saying. The skinny boy rolled his eyes walking over to me, the great day dreamer, waving a hand in front of my now unfocused eyes. "Gee... I don't know what your dreaming about, but your needed down at the office." The boy failed at his attempt to be subtle and suddenly his timid expression changed to an annoyed one. "Gerard Arthur Way SNAP OUT OF IT!" I nearly fell out of my seat, only to be faced with a very annoyed brother of mine. "Jesus Christ Mikey!" I yelled as I managed to regain my composure and sat back in my chair. "What's the deal man, why are you here?" Mikey once again rolled his eyes. He was the other smarter half of my gene pool and usually couldn't understand my slow processing.

"You're needed at the office Gee. Now come on, before they start to wondering if I got killed or something." He helped in the office on periods he had off.

I got out of my seat and followed my little brother, wanting to just be back at my desk to day dream again, or even sleep. When we got there Mikey just kinda disappeared among the many teachers and students that were also helping around in the office. I took a seat in the row of chairs against the far wall. That's when the panicking started. I was racking my brain for something I could have done wrong, but I couldn't come up with anything, cause I hadn't done anything. 'It's nothing I bet, I just gotta stop freaking myself out.' I thought that's when I noticed him sitting there, I had surprisingly forgotten all about him to. Frank sat slouched leaning back on the chair playing with the shiny silver piercing that graced his bottom lip. I guess I was staring, but I didn't really notice cause he looked in my direction. I quickly looked away. I'm not gonna lie, Frank intimidated me. He was everything I'm not.

"Hah, I'm so damn good looking, I even got the same sex checking me out." He said out loud in my direction with a grin and a slight laugh, just as cocky as ever.
Was Frank, resident bad boy of our school popular with the ladies, well known name both loved and feared Iero talking to me? Me, Gerard, invisible, nothing to anyone looked past Way. I was happy if anyone acknowledged my existence at all, but a guy like Frank? He wasn't a jock by far, or even remotely preppy. Frank was a punk rocker. Tight clothes studded belts shaggy black hair and all, and not only was he a punk rocker, he was the punk rocker of this school.

"Hey man, what planet are you on?" He was still talking; I was once again in a daze. Though, I quickly snapped out of it, with the thought of Frank beating my ass if he thought I was ignoring him. Truth be told, Frank was actually a half decent guy. He just wasn't to be messed with, which was funny in a way, being the guy was only like 5'2. He started humming the theme song from the twilight zone when I finally answered.

"Huh... oh what?" I stuttered sounding completely illiterate. He only laughed.

"" Frank said slowly as if to imply I was slow.

"Oh... Ya I-I'm fine."

"You don't seem to fine... why are you down here anyway? Aren't you in my History class this period? You never say anything but do your work." He said sounding almost degrading or I guess in a way, condescending.

"That's what I was thinking" I managed to say quiet smoothly. I was surprised. "I mean, I haven't even done anything wrong. Weird..." I was actually having a conversation with someone, and Frank of all people. Not to put him on a pedestal, but of all the people to have started a conversation with, I'm surprised it was him. He seemed in a way untouchable to people of my status and yet, here I was talking to him like he was my friend.

"Hey don't worry about it man, I'm sure it's nothing, people here just suck anyway. I honestly think there just starting to make shit up now just to get my suspended again." He laughed, slouching even lower in his chair. "Hey what's your name by the way?" I laughed at the pun he didn't even know he had made.

"Funny you should say Way, it's my last name. I'm Gerard, Gerard Way." I was starting to stutter again. Damn and I was doing so well.

"No way! That's rad! Wish my name was fun like that. You could do such fun things with it."

"True" I retorted. "But it gets annoying after a while." It really did. I was so sick of the stupid puns and lame nick names. I almost wished by name was anything but Way. Oh well, you are what you are I guess.

"I guess It would... you can't really do much with Iero. My friends do call my Oreo, just cause I guess it looks kinda similar.... Whatever."

We talked casually for a while until finally someone from some random room in the large office we sat in called us both in at the same time. Here's where I started to get nervous again. If I was being lumped with Frank, who gets suspended every other week and kicked out of class almost every day, I must have been in some pretty deep shit.
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