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I'll keep singing this lie

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Tutoring program?

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Hey guys, I've got the next chapter up. Sorry it took kinda longer then I wanted it to. I Had prom to go to this week and such. Anyways, thanks for all of you who reviewed. You guys are awesome you really helped to push me to write the second chapter. Anyways enough of my rambling, enjoy the next chapter and please again, review. Thanks!

Here I sat, in the office of Mr. Alvarez, the corrections principal of our school, the place I thought I'd never be, next to the person I thought I'd never be sitting next to in here. I didn't look at him. I just looked down to the floor. There was an uncomfortable silence while we waited for Mr. Alvarez to get into his office. I counted the number of floor tiles below. There were exactly four right below my seat. One for every leg of the chair I suppose. Stupid thoughts like this went through my head the whole time, I was nervous. Frank didn't seem to be though. I guess He'd been here one too many times to even care anymore. As Mr. A, as I call him, walked into the room he heaved a heavy sigh, it was probably Frank, it had to be.

"Hello Boys." He said with a smile taking a seat at his desk. "Frank..." He said more sarcastically this time, the smile fading.

"Don't worry, you're not in trouble. I've called you down in regards to the tutoring program we just recently started. Gerard, it says here you've signed up to be a tutor in history?"

Signed up? How, when? Was I asleep when I did it? I thought as far back as I could and never once did this tutor program ever come to mind. Then it hit me, Mikey... that little sneak. He always told me to get more motivated in history. I could hear his words play back in my head clear as day. "You know what Gee? I'm gonna find a way to get you more motivated. It's your best subject." Well, this was obviously his genius plan.

"Gerard? Mr. Way are you listening?" The principal snapped his fingers in front of my face and I snapped out of my thoughts. "Oh right ya... sorry sir." I finally replied.

"Well, this is who you've been paired with. His name is Frank Iero, you will be expected to meet up after school three times a week and log your progress. Oh and Gerard, I'm terribly sorry." He added with a slight smirk in Frank's direction before getting up and disappearing again to some other part of the office. Frank rolled his eyes giving him the finger as soon as he back was facing us.

"Whoa, what a coincidence. So I guess were partners or whatever. Sweat deal man, your pretty smart. Anyways, when you go back to class can you just tell the teacher I'm still talking to Mr. A? I'm gonna cut out for a bit. Thanks man." He patted me on the back and then was gone, headed for the stairwell to sneak out the back door. I bet he wouldn't even show up for this tutor thing.

I dreaded the walk back to class, knowing I'd have to lie for Frank. I was unfortunately involved with Frank now. Weather I wanted to be or not. Though, in the back of my mind there was something that was happy I was now stuck with him.
Maybe I saw it as my way out, my way to no longer be the invisible kid. Maybe this wasn't good at all, who knew, only time would tell the outcome. Though I had another problem that needed dealing with right now. I opened the door to my history class and went up to my teacher.

"Mrs. Reed, uhm, Frank is still talking to Mr. A, I told him I'd tell you for him so he didn't get into trouble for skipping or anything. He should be back soon; they were finishing up when I left."

She nodded and I went back to my seat in the back surprised at how well I had pulled off that lie. Was Frank already starting to infect me?
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