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My Way Home Is Through You

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A new Friendship?

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Hey everyone... I know I know I suck. Im sorry I took so long, I suffer from this horrible illness called laziness. Lol. But I have finally decided to type it up for you guys and get it on here, cause I know how annoying it is when people dont update. So anyways here it is Enjoy. Oh and I have been getting certian threatening messages from a certain person named Gee... you know who you are. Ima poke you with a sharp stick.

The rest of my day was boring. School is just boring in general. I wondered what Frank was doing, or where he even was. Whatever it was, I bet it was better than being here. In fact I'm positive. I pondered on those thoughts for a little while longer, as my eyes zoned out watching the big hand lap the little hand on the clock for the millionth time today, there were only a few minutes left until I was free again... until seven the next morning that is.

Eight period was always so loud, all the people around me talked noisy amongst themselves about their plans for the upcoming weekend. Nobody really ever did anything by the time we got here. We were all too tired of work by eight so we all just kinda sat around, much to the teacher's dismay. Unfortunately I didn't have anyone to talk to. I always just sat here, staring blankly up at the clock. Then finally, the bell rang eight period was over, and we were all free. I was the last to get out of the class room, my black messenger bag hung loose over my shoulder.
I finally got outside only to watch the buses drive away. I didn't understand, I never missed the bus no matter how slow I might be getting out of eight period. I let out an annoyed sigh and sat on the curb exploring my possible ways out of the predicament I somehow had been slow enough to get myself in.

I didn't have a car, and home was kinda to far away to walk. Mom was at work and Mikey was a sophomore, so he couldn't drive me home. I realized then just how screwed I was. I was rapidly losing hope of ever getting home today when I heard a car horn beep loudly at me. I looked up to see a red old beat up looking muscle car; it was like a fire bird or something.

"Hey man, why you looking so down, and why are you hanging outside of school? Don't want to be away from this place?" I recognized that voice. Why he cared that I was sitting here by myself was beyond me, but I did know who it was before even looking up.

"Hey Frank, eh, I missed my bus and I had no way home so I was just gonna sit here till my mom came home from work or something, I wouldn't purposely stay in this hell hole any longer then I had to if it were up to me, but my slow ass missed the buses leaving." I explained. He laughed turning down his music and leaned over the window that was down. "It's cool Gerard, Just get in I'll bring you home." He nodded his head towards the passenger seat motioning for me to get in. I happily got up and walked around the car, getting in.

"You like the Misfits?" He questioned turning the music up a little bit. I nodded; I had always loved the misfits, Frank already seemed ten times cooler.

"Are you kidding I LOVE the Misfits! There like one of my favorite bands." Frank smiled and turned it up putting the car into gear and pulling out of the parking lot. We rocked out the whole way home, air guitaring to killer riffs and solos and screaming at the top of our lungs to all the words. I had one of the best times I've had in a while, and the strangest part is, it was with Frank Iero. I never thought I'd be anywhere close to him, was I still invisible Gerard? Was Frank the only one that could actually see me? Maybe he was just the only one who ever really tried to see me. The only one who cared enough? It made me feel good, though my feel good feeling began to fade as we pulled into my drive way.

"This is your house right? Heh, I have a tendency to get lost sometimes." He asked once the music was low again looking at my small-ish two story home.

"Yup, this house is mine..." I looked to my house, then back in his direction. "Hey Frank, thanks for the ride, and well, thanks for remembering my name. I really didn't think any cared enough to. I usually feel pretty invisible, but for at least ten minutes you made me feel like I wasn't see through to someone. So uhm thanks."

This made Frank smile, he had a nice smile by the way. "No problem Gerard, you're not invisible, don't let people around school get to you. You're a pretty cool person. I had fun today driving you home. It's tough to find people of your own amongst the many jocks and preppy people right? Hah."
Frank just gained another ten cool points, and everyone thinks he's such a mean guy.

"Thanks Frank... there's a lot more to you than meets the eye. I always thought you were some popular bad boy asshole to tell you the truth."
Frank laughed smiling again, I like when he does that, you know, smile. Weird of me I know, but his smile is nice what can I say?

"Well, am I?"

"Not at all... you're really cool actually." I said with a genuine smile.

"Thanks, we gotta hang sometime soon okay? Now That I know where you live I'm gonna come bother you all the time." He laughed nudging me in the arm.

"I'll be waiting... defiantly come by. It's not like I'd be doing anything." I said kinda dully towards the end of my sentence, trailing off. It was true though, I didn't have many friends, wait scratch that, I didn't have any friends except (as lame as this may sound) Mikey. So if someone was willing to actually wanna hang with me, ESPECIALY a person with the social status Frank had, I wasn't about to complain.

"Hmm... I think I could maybe pencil you in. Hah." He said in joking tone of voice, his words bringing me out of my thoughts once again. I spaced off one too many times for my own good.

"Well uhm, guess I'll see you tomorrow then." I said finally reaching for the handle on the door, to get out.

"Ya, see you then..." Now he was the one that sounded spacey. As I stepped out of the small car I could feel Frank's hand wrap around my arm and pull me back. I was surprised but none the less, I allowed myself to fall back into the seat I was just in.

"Hey Gerard... we gotta do that stupid tutor thing right?" I nodded watching as he spoke.

"Well, do you think you can sit next to me tomorrow in history so we can work out some sort of plan or something?" This made me happy. Not only was I sorta becoming friends with Frank, I was actually gonna have a friend to talk to tomorrow. Suddenly things seemed better for me. Maybe my wish had mysteriously come true. I was actually becoming cool out of nowhere.

"Ya sounds like a plan, and you could come over tomorrow if you want, I mean, you know, for the tutor thing." I really just wanted to hang with him again tomorrow, but this tutor thing was a good excuse.

"Alright, be by tomorrow then. I'll just drive you home again. Anyways, I should go before my parents wonder where I am or whatever."

"Oh right okay, well I'll see you tomorrow then. Uh... bye..." He smiled and waved after asking me to "pound it" and then he was gone, out of my drive way and down the street again. I stood there for a few minutes with this big stupid smile on my face before finally turning and walking inside. I can't wait for tomorrow.

Well There it is... I tried to make it longer for you guys this time cause my last chapter was super short. Thanks to all of you that review its really aprieciated. I love all you guys. Review if you love me back?
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