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Our Teacher The Dalmation

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Crazy friends and Dalmation spots.

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OMG! Im so so sorry I have left you all hanging for so long... summer started and I've just been so busy, and part lazy as well. Heh, but I have been thinking about all my readers and I really felt bad for leaving you hanging for so long, so here's the long awaited fourth chapter FINALLY! Hope you enjoy it!

Here I lay in my bed at 2 o'clock in the morning, thinking of Mikey's dumbfounded face when I explained that the car that drove away was in fact Frank Iero's. It made me laugh. "Wait... you were hanging out with Frank Iero? You?" Was his reply. I just nodded and walked off leaving him standing there for a few moments until I decided just for dramatic affect to mention the fact that we were probably going to hang out again tomorrow. Mikey was shocked. I pondered on about that for a little while longer and then looked back at the large red numbers on my clock; it now read 2:30. Oh did I mention I have this sleeping problem. Yup, I'm an insomniac, it really sucks and mom says it developed because of stress. Whatever the case it keeps me awake almost every night. The last time I remember looking at the clock it was 3 and then my eyes finally closed.

The next morning I almost missed the bus because I had slept passed my alarm. I jolted out of bed found a pair of jeans laying on the ground and pulled them on now searching for a shirt. Mikey was of course straightening his hair. What a chick he was. I had to do something with my unmanageable shaggy hair. It was opposite of my brothers, his being blonde. Mine was black, just like everything else I wore and owned. It was my favorite color, what can I say. "Mikey you girl get out of the bathroom I need to brush my teeth and shit." I complained, he rolled his eyes and threatened to burn me with his straightener so I backed off and went downstairs to use that bathroom instead. I hardly had time to eat before I had to run to catch my bus. I was always so unorganized how was Mikey my brother, we were completely opposite.

I dropped my books bumped my head on an open locker going to pick them up and then tripped over my very own same dropped books, though somehow managed to get to my first period history class on time. Frank showed up late as always but none the less as he promised took the open seat next to me.

"Hey man, what's good?" Frank whispered to me, I shrugged and put my history book on my desk. "Nothing really just bored... I hit my head on a locker today..." I explained feeling around for a bump. He laughed putting a hand over his mouth, gaining the attention of the teacher.

"Something funny you like to share with the class Mr. Iero?" Mrs. Reed asked condescendingly. Frank shrugged still with that sly smirk on his face. "Well Mrs. Reed, there actually is something funny... but I can't said I'd like to share it." He commented back with another one of his wise ass remarks. The Teacher didn't even know what to say, she just huffed shot him the evil eye and then turned back to the board again. If only I had the balls Frank always did.

"You're nuts man..." I whispered once the teacher was turned back around.

"I have em..." he replied with a grin. "Plus if I wasn't so "nuts" I wouldn't be me. We're all a little bit crazy Gerard; you just gotta find it in yourself and let it out. Maybe I do have way too much confidence in myself, but if I didn't I'd let shit actually get to me. Don't ever let people tell you what you can and can't do... you can do anything if you truly want to do it. It's all you man... all you."

Wow, Frank was actually really smart, who knew that the best advice I'd ever get in life, was from the biggest trouble maker in my school.

"So are we hanging today? We got that stupid thing to do and you could like help me with my homework or something." He said crumpling this piece of paper he had.

"Ya sure and what are you gonna do with that paper?" I asked confused watching his "I'm gonna get into trouble" grin spread.

"Watch this..." He broke his pen pouring some of the ink inside the crumpled paper and then made it into a ball throwing it at the teacher's back. The black ink stained the back of her white sweater but she didn't notice. I laughed and he did it again and this time the other kids in the class started laughing along with me. Frank did this several more times and It wasn't until the teacher turned back around to face the class that she noticed everyone laughing that she knew something had happened.

"What's so funny?" she asked. It was obviously the fact the she looked like a Dalmation from the back but no one would say anything. "If someone doesn't say something soon you're all going to the office!" She ordered.

"Look at the back of your sweatshirt!" someone yelled. She did as she was told and turned a dark shade of red. She immediately knew who it was. "YOU!" she yelled at Frank who was looking down trying not to laugh however he couldn't last long and burst out laughing.

"FRANKLIN ANTHONY IERO YOU GO TO THE OFFICE RIGHT NOW!!!!" She screamed and the rest of the kids burst out laughing as well. Needless to say I didn't see Frank the rest of the day He gave me a high five and left and it kinda sucked not having him to talk to the rest of the period. Oh but how it was funny to watch him speckle our history teacher. I was pretty fortunate to have such a crazy friend. I only hope my parents thought the same.

I know this is supposed to be a romantic Frank and Gee story, but bear with me, they cant just be like hey i love you go out with me lol. We gotta work up to it I promise im getting there lol. Just stick with me okay? And please comment it if you love me like I love you guys. It really makes me feel good.
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