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Chocolate Chip Pancakes, Stomach Pains, and Pranks.

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Gee hearts Fugitives.

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Hey Guys, as promised I updoaded this chapter alot faster. Iseriously woke up and went straight to my computer to write. See I think about all you even in my sleep. Lol. This chapter is pretty damn long, it was almost five pages on word so I hope you enjoy it. Thank you so much to all my loyal readers/reviews you guys keep me going. Expect that banana hammock one. Haha. Now go read! :]

Today was Saturday, well Saturday morning to be exact. I just sorta layed in my bed staring at the wall. When I finally peeled my eyes away from their staring I looked hopefully at the clock but as always I was disappointed. It was only 8:00 in the morning and everyone else was still sleeping. I was used to this, I get to sleep late at night, and wake up early in the morning, it sucks but what am I gonna do? Mikey was always such a heavy sleeper, a loud one to. His snoring was obnoxious, that was probably the only thing manly about Mikey at all. However complaining of Mikey's snoring wasn't gonna get me any more sleep, so I just went back to staring at the piece of wall above my bed I had become quite used to seeing.

About a half hour later I resorted to reading old comics I had already read like ten different times. As usual, the villain steals either the pretty girl or the pretty jewel (both are pretty much the same) and the good guys come and save her or it. One day I'm gonna make my own comics and they're not going to predictable. I draw but, not to well even when everyone says different.

I put my comics back under my bed and finally stood up going to my dresser for clothes. It wasn't tough to choose an outfit, anything I wore was gonna be black. I pulled out a pair of jeans, a tight black fitting shirt and my black hoodie. I was skinny, but not as skinny as Mikey. He always tells me I'll get fat some day with the way I'm always hungry, what a little jerk. Even if it was true, at least I'm not fat now, I guess that's what counts right? I ran a hand through my shaggy black hair, I was thinking of growing it out but Mikey's says then I'll really look like a girl, despite my tight fitting clothes. So for now I suppose it will just remain shaggy.

I headed downstairs for some food, by now it was like 9:30. I can cook well, but I really wasn't in the mood to right now, so I grabbed for the cereal box. Though, I unfortunately spilled my Count Chocula everywhere when I heard my phone buzz against the table. Ugh who could be calling me at such an early hour, I don't wanna talk to anyo-Frank? The caller I.D flashing across the screen didn't lie, Frank was infact calling me, and at 9:30 in the morning.

"Hello?" I answered a bit confused.

"Hey man, Its Frank uhm, can I come over? I gotta get outa here." I heard Frank's voice say back to me.

"Uh sure but everyone's sleeping and aren't you grounded for what you did to Mrs. Reed?" Uh oh, now I'm harboring fugitives?

"Well ya, but that's the whole reason I gotta get out. I'm tired of being here I'm gonna sneak out I'll see you in a bit okay?"

"But Frank..." I said but only to the sound of the dial tone. Why doesn't he ever listen, he's only getting himself in more trouble. Oh well, he's on his way now.

I then paused looking around to see nothing but spilled count chocula to eat, Frank wouldn't be impressed. I had to cook, Hmm, what does he like, pancakes? Waffles? Eggs? I scrambled around taking stock of the contents in my fridge and pantry until I came to the realization that he was my friend not some date, why did I feel I had to impress him anyway? I'd wait till he got here to ask him what he'd like. I'm such a weirdo sometimes I thought while cleaning up my spilled cereal.

When I heard his car pull in I was oddly excited. I went to the door only to watch him turn off his ignition.

"Hey Gerard! Thanks for letting me come by." he said stepping out of the car.

"Hey Frank, running away from home I see, do you do this often?" I asked in a sort of a joking tone.

"Ya kinda, I just never usually have a cool person's house to go to." he replied before walking past me and stepping in.
"Whoa this is the inside of your house! It's really nice."

Oh ya,frank had never been inside and did he say I was cool? I'm the furthest from cool but he still said it! He thinks I'm cool! I rambled in my head for a moment before my head returned its attention to Frank.

"Eh, it's nothing special. Anyways can I make you something to eat?" I smiled cheekily to him.

"You cook? Came his surprised answer.

"Ya, I guess a little bit... what would you like?" I immediately went to the fridge and awaited his reply."I can have anything?" he asked with raised eyebrows.

"Well, I can't promise I can make it well but yes, anything, you name it I'll try to cook it."

He smiled, pleased with my answer and then began to speak. "Hmm, homemade pancakes with chocolate chips inside and powdered sugar on top."

Well that's easy to make. I was expecting something a little tougher. "Sure, wanna help?" I grinned but he looked a little worried. "Uhm, I can't cook... like at all. I burn EVERYTHING."

I couldn't help but laugh; he seemed so serious about it. "Don't worry about it Frankie I'll help you." Wait what? Frankie? Did I really just say that? Oh god I did...

"Haha... Frankie? That's cute, my ex-girlfriend used to always call me that. Well, guess its cool if you use it now you know seeing as how were broken up, but now you need a nick name..." He went into this deep in thought look to think about my new "nick name"

"Oh no Frank, I don't do nicknames, my name doesn't work, and it would just sound stupid..." I kept trying to come up with excuses but he just continued thinking and when he was done he couldn't help but laugh at his new name.

"Gerardy...!" he said then burst out laughing, he fell off the stool he was currently sitting on and barley missed the island almost smashing his face.

"Oh come on Frank that's so stupid!" I protested.
"I know I know, it was just funny..." He replied still laughing a bit."Okay lets really think of your nick name."

He went back into thought and thought for a little while longer until you could almost see the light bulb over his head. "I got it!!" he exclaimed.

"Oh god, okay hit me..." I was worried.

"Gee." He simply said. Hmm, Gee, I like it. It's simple and just that much better because Frank is the one who made it up.

"See it's the first letter of your name, except when you write it, it makes the "e" sound so it's like, G-E-E."

"Ya, I like it, thanks..." I smiled and then he smiled. Didn't I mention early that he had a nice smile, even with the yellow-ish nicotine tint his teeth had gained obviously from smoking. No one had ever nick named me before let alone even remembered my name to do so. I liked having Frank around.

"Anyways back to the pancakes Gee..." he said putting emphasis on my new nick name.
By the time we were done, Frank had already eaten half the chocolate chips and I was covered in flour because he decided I'd like better as a /"ghost"/.

Frank had burned four of the six we had originally made so we made more and I decided I'd make them this time, he wasn't kidding when he said he couldn't cook He really did burn everything. Now finally we are enjoying our chocolate chip pancakes after about an hour and a half and Frank still has powdered sugar in his hair and on his face. It was cute. Hold the phone! Did I just say he was cute, wow I'm really losing it I need a girlfriend, and soon.

"Mmm... tasty pancakes Gee." He said through his food as he happily munched. I wonder if food ever gets caught on that lip ring. I stared absent mindedly until he finally noticed.

"Is there something on my face?" I laughed. "Well yes actually there is, and in your hair, but I was just looking at your lip ring, sorry I spaced off. "Oh ya that thing..." was his reply. He just shrugged it off; he didn't seem to care too much.

After wards we cleaned everything up. It was now around 11:00. Frank and I retreated to the living room to watch some T.V and that's when he started to complain of a stomach ache.

"You okay Frank?" I asked worriedly.

"Ya I'm fine... I just get these really bad stomach aches whenever I eat a lot of dairy; it just fucks with my stomach I guess. Whatever maybe I'll just go vegetarian one day." He smiled and shrugged that off as well just like the lip ring topic.

Everything was so easily solved with Frank, that's why it was so easy to get along with him I guess.
When Mikey finally woke up and came down stairs he tripped on the rest of them falling to the ground. I guess he didn't expect to see Frank. I don't know why everyone was so afraid of him; he was this short skinny kid that was actually really nice, whatever.

"Hey Mikey..." I said dully turning back to the T.V screen.

"Uhm... hey Mikey?" Frank added not really knowing who this "Mikey" was.

"That's my brother, don't mind him." I informed Frank. "Oh...Kay?" was his confused reply and we turned to watch more T.V.

Mikey just looked at us, confused, ate his cereal and went back up stairs, anti social little jerk. He didn't even say hi. The rest of the day was just as eventful, Frank snuck into Mikey and I's room and hid in the closet. When Mikey went to get clothes he jumped out scaring the shit out of him it was really funny.

Then there was the hour it took frank to pull out all my clothes, and re organize them, he said it bothered him. I didn't mind. We once again rocked out to music, air guitaring and such, just like the first time we were ever together in Frank's car.

When evening came Frank said he had to go because his parents would be home by six and it was five already. I walked him to his car and expected the usual high five, but received a hug instead. I guess we reached a new level of friendship.

"Bye Gee, see ya tomorrow!" He grinned and I watched him drive off as usual.

I felt happier then I had in a long time, even if Mikey wasn't particularly happy with me as of today. I laughed thinking about his scared face and went back inside.

"See ya tomorrow Frankie..." I thought to myself and went into the kitchen to make something to eat, just like today had started.

Oh snap! There was hinting, were getting closer! Lol arent you excited! I know I am... You what would make me even more excited!? Your reviews. So go do that!! Mucho Love to all my readers!
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