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Private Planetarium

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Stars bring people together quite obviously.

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Hey everyone, so ya I've been trying to update on a regular basis to not keep you all waiting to long cause I hate it when people do that to me with there stories, hope I've been doing a good job. So this chapter jumps around alot, but it sorta needed to in order to get things going or It would have taken a million years. Well maybe not a million, but still you catch my drift. Its good none the less anyways enjoy.

It was now Sunday evening, Frank was just leaving and I, like always, walked him to his car. He gave me a huge hug and got in his car to drive away. As usual I watched until his car disappeared and then went back inside. Over the past two days we had gotten a lot closer. Frank didn't get caught from sneaking out Saturday morning, so I was pretty sure he wouldn't get caught today either, and the good news was, today was the last day of his punishment. He was to be grounded for the entire weekend, like that actually happened.

As I plopped down on the
couch to watch some T.V Mikey joined.

"Hey Mikey..." I said looking to him for a moment with a small but noticeable smile then back to the T.V.

"Hey..." he simply said. "So what's the deal with you and Frank? You guys seem pretty tight it's weird." He finally added after about five minutes of complete silence from him.

"That's because we are tight..." This time I didn't even take my eyes from the T.V, I was getting bored of this conversation already.

"You do know who he is in school right?" Mikey was obviously still under the 'bad boy delinquent' image everyone saw Frank as.

"Ya... He's Frank Iero... bad boy rebel without a cause right? I know I know, oh and I'm sure next your gonna ask, 'Well how are you of all people hanging with him' right?" I rolled my eyes and continued. "Well you see Mikey, he really isn't a bad guy at all, he just looks and acts different than most people because he's a free thinker, and he actually thinks with that free thinking head of his that I'm a cool person, for once in my life someone thinks that the quiet weird kid, even if it's shocking that it's the kid with that bad rep thinks I'm cool. Now are we done here...?"

I was surprised at how well but mean that came out. I instantly felt bad, maybe it wasn't necessary for me to get nasty like that, but he had treated me so differently ever since I started hanging with Frank because he was afraid of Frank, and I was really tired of it. I said my apologies and we cleared everything up and that was that.

Over the course of the next month Frank and I hung out A LOT. Within this month, there was a lot of Frank skipping school, Frank getting in trouble because of skipping school, (and various other wise ass things he pulled) and then Frank sneaking off to my house. Also, Mikey realized that Frank really wasn't that bad and immediately liked him after coming to that realization.

Every night we'd go outside in my backyard when it was dark lay down in the grass and stare at the sky. Frank said he loved stars and had never been to a planetarium cause his family would never take him, so to make him feel better I said we had our own private one in my backyard. It became our special thing.
Another month and a half flew by and Frank and I grew closer and closer every time we hung out. One night a few weeks back he told me he had never had anyone he felt so close to in his entire life, I told him I felt the exact same way, earning one of those smiles from him I liked so much.

I had found out last week why Frank was always so rule defying, and it was kinda sad. He didn't have a good family life so he grew up kinda crazy. That's why he always came here and never let me come over his house instead. It didn't matter to me, I liked having him here.

Today was June 15th; it was the last day of school. As usual Frank came over afterwards. We watched a movie with Mikey and then read some comics; I found out he likes those just as much as I did. He always insisted on me drawing and reluctantly I usually do end up giving in and drawing some silly sketch for him. However today was different, I had actually took the time to draw him something. It was him in cartoon form.

"Gee this kinda looks like me..." He said in a confused tone looking at the drawing he now held in his hand.

"That's because it is, Frankie..." This thrilled him, he loved it. My payment was a huge tight hug that lasted like five minutes. I'm happy I was able to make him happy.

When the time came we went outside as usual and sat in the grass, however unlike usual, Frank laid down to rest his head in my lap. He was probably just tired or lazy, and my lap was better than the ground, but it changed something in me, and I felt it but couldn't place it. He looked up at me for a moment instead of the stars and the minute those green brown eyes locked with my hazel ones even if it was only for a moment I immediately knew what that strange feeling was. I had fallen in love with my best friend.

Woohoo!! Finally someone feels something for someone! Did you like this chap? Tell how much in your lovely reviews. :]
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