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Mall Drama Confusion and Heart Break

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Drama and heart breaks.

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Hi All... Yay new chapter. Im wicked sorry for taking so long, but I just got a new job at Dunking Donuts (used to work at Chuck E Cheeses not that you care lol) and I have been working like everyday. I make a mean cup of coffee though lol.So I really havent had much time to myself. But today is my day off so here it is... its very long and kinda dramatic. Thanks for all your reviews, you guys make me keep writing. Enjoy.

Today Was Wednesday, I think... I lose track of the days during the summer because I don't need to be on any kind of schedule. I Rolled around and watched the body next to me sleep. Frank had slept over last night. He looked so peaceful, so... perfect. I examined every crazy tattoo on him I could visibly see. The most obvious one was this scorpion he had on his neck. Then on his back, (because he slept without a shirt which killed me inside just a bit) He had this huge lettering "Keep The Faith", I sighed and rolled my eyes thinking of my predicament, good advice Frank. There was a star somewhere near his bicep, an anchor on the other and some red-ish marks around his wrist with an NJ in the middle of it which was kinda hard to see because he had so many random bracelets on. He sure had a lot of them and told me when he was older he was going to get a sleeve. I'm not quite sure what the means, but I'm sure it just means more tattoos. However despite all the many interesting tattoos he had I liked the lip ring the most, he had also planned to get his nose pierced eventually I'm sure it will look good on him, anything looks good on Frank. He also had really nice hair; it was black and short-ish but still kinda shaggy. Hard to explain I know, but believe me it's cute.

As I laid there just watching him and inspecting everything it dawned on me not only that I was completely falling for him as I previously stated, but just how obsessed with him I really was. I never thought when I'd finally find that person I had been holding out for, it would be a guy, and not just some guy, Frank Iero, big name bad boy of our school. However unlike me, I'm sure Frank wasn't gay because he said a while back that he had an ex girlfriend, which implies that Frank is in fact straight. With that said my heart sunk a little. Everyone talks about when they finally meet that special someone they know. It's not fair that my special someone in the world will never be with me, unlike all the other lucky people that get to be with theirs. It was true to my life, unfair and painful.

I, like always, woke up quite early. I got up out of bed and managed to not wake the sleeping Frank up in the process. I was heading down to the kitchen to start breakfast for us. Mikey had slept over someone else's house last night so he wasn't here. I had cooked homemade French toast. It was about 10:30 by the time I was finished cooking and by 10:40 Frank was downstairs following the smell of food. I laughed; I knew it would get him up. The boy loved food.

"Hey Frankie, morning..." I said sweetly with a smile. He rubbed his eyes a bit, yawned and smiled back walking towards me in the kitchen.

"Hey Gee, what's that smell, it's really good can I have some of whatever it is?" he asked sleepily. I smiled again, he was so cute.

"Hmm... I have to think about it. Maybe..." I said with a teasing tone as I took the French toast out of the pan and onto a plate. I watched his eyes grow larger at the site of the food and then his stomach growled at me.

"Mmm... Gee pleeaaasseee." He whined and I caved making him a plate. I put some powered sugar on top and handed him his plate and the syrup to take to the table. He happily obliged and I followed him with my own food.

We sat and ate in silence. Mainly because Frank was too busy stuffing his face with food to talk to me. I offered to put on the radio and he shook his head swallowing another large mouthful. I turned on the radio and it was already set to 94.3 the point. Mikey's favorite station. I went back to eat and was only more heart broken when the next song came on. It was as if the radio station knew about my feelings for Frank and was now trying to mess with me. "Why can't I breathe whenever I think about you. Why can't I speak whenever I talk about you?"
Wow, thanks 94.3... I hate you Mikey. I switched to another station and Black Flag had been on, one of Frank's favorite bands. I wanted to change it again but this time Frank wouldn't let me so I sat and painfully finished the rest of my food.

Later on that day Frank and I had gone to the mall, I bought some art shit and he got some new C.Ds. All that shopping we didn't really do made us hungry so went to eat something at the food court. It was filled with a lot of preppy girls and jock guys, the usual weird Goth kids and the "non conformists" that were conforming to non conform together in there corner of the food court. We got on the line for pizza and that's when it started. A bunch of fat headed jocks got on line behind us and like they always tend to do, started being asshole bullies. I was used to taking it, so I just ignored it. Frank however was a different story, he wasn't used to being bullied and wasn't gonna let me get bullied either. So he turned around and nicely asked the guys to stop. They continued and he ignored them until they started with me. Bad move on their part.

"What is he going to a funeral or something?" they said in regards to my black clothing. "He probably wishes he could." They continued, Frank getting increasingly angrier by the minute.

"His clothing is black like his heart." One said and they all laughed.

"Look at tattoo boy next to him. "Dude how old is this kid; he's like four feet tall." Now Frank was really annoyed he was always pretty sore about his height issue.

"Alright that's it..." he said out loud turning around to the now towering over him jocks. He wasn't scared, he was a bad ass remember?

"What the FUCK is your problem here guys?" he asked, his tone sounding agitated as he emphasized the word fuck. I had never actually seen Frank in action, just heard stories, and he was so sweet and gentle around me.

"What are you gonna do little man. What are you like five? Nice lip ring freak..." Frank laughed oddly enough. "That was a good one... how about another I dare ya" He was messing with them now.

"Don't you crush your junk in those jeans... oh wait, I forgot you don't have anything to crush." Franks laughing got sorta scary sounding, like he was a crazy guy or something. "Oh man, you guys are good." He replied again this confused them a bit about why he was agreeing but they continued anyway.

"The taller one is wearing all black for this one's funeral..." one of them said. "The taller one should be going to his own funeral, save the world from that ugly face." That was it... Frank was done playing.

"Hey guys, can one of you give me his moms number?" He said calmly

"Why?" the biggest one questioned.

"Cause there gonna need to call her later to claim his FUCKING BODY!" The end of his sentence grew louder and within an instant little Frank was on top of this huge jock on the ground, as he repeatedly connected his fist with this guys face. It was bloody and Frank wasn't Frank anymore. It was scary to see that side of him. I'd never seen it before. I guess that's why everyone was so afraid of him in school; I guess that's how he got his reputation. No one fucked with Frank.

"Frank come on! It's not a big deal! Frank please stop! FRANKIE STOP IT!" I yelled but it didn't help. He was too far gone by now.

The other guys tried pulling Frank off but that resulted in them only getting punched in the face as well so they stopped trying and ditched there friend leaving him behind. Frank held the guy by his throat and stared him straight in the eyes. "No... one...messes... with... Gerard." he said slowly and then security came and ripped Frank away kicking us out of the mall. The guy told us that weren't allowed back for three months after that. He said instead of arresting him he just put him on suspension.

When we got back in the car and he had started to calm down and the rage in his eyes was replaced once again with that soft gentle look for a moment, and then they turned sad, very sad.

"Gerard I'm sorry... I didn't mean to ever be that way in front of you. I... I just have anger problems and they were saying such awful things and... shit how will you ever look at me the same again." He said softly, tears building up in his eyes. Why did he seem to care so much about how I viewed him anyway? When did he ever care about beating the shit out of someone when they deserved it. Obviously Gerard was different to him.

"Frankie, come on, what happen back there isn't gonna change how I look at you. If anything it will make me think higher of you because you stood up for me like that. Nothing will ever change my feelings towards you." I said with a sort of a hidden meaning
I suppose. Those feelings ran deeper then he thought.

"I'm just sorry.... You mean a lot to me. I've never connected with anyone like I did with you before. I... I uhm..." he paused and I waited anxiously to hear what was to come next.

"I gotta take you home... I'm so confused about a lot of things" he finally said and once again my hopes were crushed. Frank meant more to me then he would ever know, and he just risked a lot to stick up for me. He messed that guy up bad. Though even though I had witnessed what had just happened, all I still saw was a gentle guy with those soft brown green eyes and that smile I loved so much.

Unfortunately Frank took me home but didn't stay like he usually would he just left without another word. I stood there blankly in my drive way watching him leave. I'd call him tomorrow; he just needed time, though he didn't pick up the next day, or the day after that or the day after that. My heart was broken into a thousand little pieces that only Frank himself could put back together. Was this it? Would I go back to invisible Gerard no one cared about? Was this the end of me and Frank? My special someone was gone.

LYKE OMG WTF!!! Thats what your thinking right? Lol... dont be mad at me, there had to be some kinda drama somewhere it was to perfect. Love you all review and I'll update kay love you bye.
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