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Broken Radio Promises

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Looks like Mikey needs a new radio...

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Booyakasha!!! So ya, I'm updating again already. I actually wrote the eight chapter at like one in the morning, the same day (well not technically but whatever) as I wrote seven. I banged out two chaps in one day. Im pretty proud of myself. So read Dorks! I didnt mean it, your not Dorks I love you guys... lol.

"I'd give anything just to hold you in my arms" Groan, next channel. "And I'd give up the world to touch you" another annoyed groan, next channel. "You were everything, everything that I wanted, you were meant to be supposed to be but we lost it" Exasperated sigh, groan, next channel. "Next up, Misfits" Keep fucking with me, real funny radio... " Followed shortly by, Black Flag." Damn you! I hate your existence!!! /Crash/... no more radio.

I can't even listen to the fucking radio, there's nothing that doesn't remind me of Frank, I can't even look at the stars anymore. Since that day at the mall I haven't seen him once. That was two weeks and three days ago, yes I counted make fun all you want, you would too if the love of your life was suddenly gone.

In Frank's absence I noticed just how much I needed him. I had become a hermit again. Mikey noticed my sudden depression and the rut I was once again falling into, when he asked where Frank was I flew off the handle and shouted. I honestly didn't mean it but I was so on edge about the whole thing I couldn't help freaking out upon hearing the very sound of his name.

"He's not here okay Mikey! He's gone! Gone forever it seems! I don't even know what I did! There was some fucking fight and he lost it and now he won't even speak to me! I don't understand Mikey! Why!?" Mikey's eyes were wide as he was shouted at.

"I..I d-don't know Gee..." he managed to stutter out, a bit intimidated. Mikey always saw Gerard at his happiest when he was around Frank, and those two were tight as anything. How could this have happened he wondered to himself.

"Maybe he's just like everyone thought and none of that shit was true with you know, like an act he was putting on." Mikey immediately regretted that statement once it left his lips, not to mention he didn't even really believe it himself to be perfectly honest.

"Fuck you Mikey! Frankie wouldn't do that to me! He was always up front with me always! How you could assume such things!" I shouted at my brother and his horrible assumptions.

"I didn't mean it Gerard... I was just thinking out loud, I was way off. I don't even believe that and I was the one who said it, but whatever the case you need to sort this out. All you do anymore is lay around. You never smile, you never talk to me anymore, and you don't even draw anymore! That's a HUGE deal when Mr. I'm gonna be a comic book artist when I grow up, show up all the kids in my art class, pull this amazing talent out of my ass Gerard doesn't wanna draw, drawings your life.

"Not anymore Mikey, now Frankie's my life, err was my life... now I'll just live in the past. Relive old memories. Man having a broken heart really hurts." Mikey raised an eyebrow. This sounded a bit deeper then /"just friends"/, and he knew of his brothers sexual preferences even if his brother didn't just yet.

"Hey Gerard, you know how in the movies the girl always finds that one guy that's everything she wants in a guy and they instantly connect and fall fast into love with one another, that guy that from the minute you err she meets him she's knows he's that special someone, the one she wants to spend the rest of her life with, and they live happily ever after?" Mikey explained in detail to test his hypothesis and see what sort of response he would get out of his older brother. Sure enough tears started to form in Gerard's eyes as he solemnly nodded yes.


"Y-ya..." I mumbled out now holding the threatening tears back, why did he have to ask me that stupid question anyway?

"Frank's that someone isn't he?"

I took a deep breath; I didn't wanna admit it nor think about it especially not to my younger brother. How did he find out anyway? Was it that obvious? I came to the realization if I had already been found out I might as well just put it in words.

"Well, uhm... y-ya...kinda"

"I KNEW IT!!!" Mikey yelled victoriously making me flinch just a bit.

"Sit your scrawny blonde ass down... how did you know?" I said kinda annoyed but more surprised and interested.

"Come on Gerard, it's kind of really obvious, you never used to cook, now you cook every day for him, you always spend like an hour in front of the mirror when you know Franks coming over, and you have this look about you and this happiness whenever your with him. Especially the way you reacted when I went into that stupid story about the girl in the movies, I always knew you were gay." Mikey simply said, he took all of this so casually it was weird, not like my brother. Usually he freaked out about shit like this, not to mention how did he know I was gay before I even did? He really amazed me sometimes.

"I don't understand how you knew before I did... I mean, it's my sexuality is it not? I should be the first to know right?" I asked in more of a confused tone now then an annoyed or upset one.

"Nah, you're blind to a lot of things... kinda like the topic at hand right now." Why did Mikey suddenly seem so smart I wonder?

"How and what am I blind about here? I lost the person I'm in love with, and now I'm pretty miserable about it... end of story." I said rather bluntly surprising myself at how I sounded.

"Well yes, for some reason he isn't around for the time being, but that doesn't mean you lost him, I'm sure he's thinking about you just as much and is probably just as miserable.

Frank rolled his eyes listen to his Dad argue with his Fourth "Mom" of the month. Ever since his Mom and Dad divorced, his dad felt he needed to fill that spot with someone. He always picked the easy ones and as always they never stuck around for more than a week or so. Frank missed his real Mom but she disappeared to somewhere in the world living with her new husband now. 'She's probably already forgotten about me' he thought sadly. The only really good thing that had happened in Frank life since that day his mom left was Gerard. A smile tugged at Frank's lips at the thought of Gerard, he made all the bad things in the world go away and leave only the good, which was really only him and Frank. Frank could feel his cheeks warming up as the smile grew larger but then began to be replaced with a look of sadness. He hadn't seen Gerard in two weeks and three days, yes he counted and didn't care how lame it was he missed him to death and only wanted to see him again. Frank could never tell Gerard, but ever since that day in Gee's back yard when their eyes connected Frank felt more than friendship. He never thought he'd ever be gay, he was a completely straight guy and had slept with plenty of girls in school but this was different. It wasn't sexual attraction, it was the feeling he got whenever he was around him, or how they connected so well all the time. Though how would he ever tell Gerard how he felt, he'd be freaked out and never wanna talk to him again, not that they were talking much now anyway. Frank heaved a heavy annoyed sigh as he was called downstairs. They always involved him and he hated it. "What mom number four..." Frank said lifelessly, uninterested. "Franklin Iero! You will address her nicely...! Ever since you stopped hanging out with that boy you don't give a damn about anything!" His dad yelled the preppy annoying chick eyeing him down. I never did Dad... and I don't even know her name you have a new one like every week..."He watched his Dad grew a bit red in the face. "Your son dresses a bit girly don't you think?" Number four asked in regards to Frank's tightly fitting jeans and clothes, Frank only rolled his eyes. "Hey you like birds?" Frank asked the woman. "Sure I guess..." she replied in a snobbish tone. "Well here's one for you... look at it go...." He waved his middle finger flashing the "bird" at her and then headed for the stairs again. As he was being scolded by his dad who was now yelling up the stairs at him, god forbid he ruined anything with Mrs. Clueless and Mr. Insecurities thoughts of Gerard filled Frank's head and he zoned off not even paying attention to his Dad's words before finally slamming his bedroom door closed. What he would do to just get back to his Gee's house.
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"Nah... I don't think so..." I replied to my brothers seemingly encouraging words shooting him down once again. "He's probably happy to be rid of me... plus, how would I even tell Frank something like this. He'd probably be super freaked out and maybe not even wanna talk to me ever again!"

"Not that you guys are even really talking right now anyway... but that's beside the point."

"Mikey! You're not helping! Like, at all!" I shouted now getting frustrated.

"Look Gerard you need to call him... you need him back and he needs you back, you guys like even each other out. He's to outgoing and you're not outgoing enough. You're perfect for each other! This is your movie Gerard!"

For the first time in a while, my brother was actually really right. Usually his advice was stupid but this time he really was right I couldn't let this chance slip by even if it meant just being Frank's friend forever and painfully nothing else, at least I'd have him with me. Only one problem, Frank wouldn't answer his phone and what's a teen to do without a car?

Things seem to be looking up for our favorite couple in question... maybe... comment cause you love me...
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