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GIR's terrible night

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After spending a night in the Dog Pound, GIR needs some comfort from Zim.

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"Weeeeeeee!" GIR shouted as he bolted again from the dog-catcher.
"Aww... You little son of... I'll get you!" The dog-catcher muttered as he followed GIR.

GIR ran through the park and stopped as he sniffed the air.
He heard a bell and saw a man selling hotdogs!
"HOTDOGS!" He squealed as he ran over to the cart.

"What the...?" The man selling said, as he stared at the green and black dog.
"Want one?" He asked, as GIR nodded his head and stared up at the man.
"Here..." The man said tiredly; throwing a hotdog onto the ground.
GIR shrieked in excitement as he grabbed the hotdog and ran across the park with it.

He sat underneath a tree and gobbled the hotdog down in one bite!
He stared up at the sky and watched the clouds roll by...

"Aww... I miss my hotdog." He whinned a few seconds later.
GIR rose to his feet and was about to walk away when a net fell over top of him!

"GOT YOU!! Finally!" The dog-catcher said in euthasim, as he lifted the net up, with GIR swinging in the net.
'Uh oh... Master ain't going to be happy.' GIR thought sadly, as the dog-catcher threw him into a cage in the back of his truck...


A while later GIR was brought into the dog-pound.
He started wiggling; trying to get free.
"Oh calm down!" A orange haired teenager with the name-tag that read "Frank", yelled at GIR.

Frank pulled GIR out of the cage and held him close.
GIR liked hugs, but he knew he had to get home before Zim got home from skool.
He struggled in Frank's arms and was rewarded with being carried off...


GIR thought he was going to be thrown outside, but instead was thrown into a smelly cage.
"Maybe, now you'll calm down." Frank said, as he locked the cage door and walked back out.

GIR's eyes began to water and he sniffled out loud.
"I DON'T WANT TO BE HERE! AAAHHH!!" He screamed at the top of his lungs, before passing out...


GIR finally woke up from his "little episode", to notice it was dark.
He grabbed the bars of his cage and began trying to twist and break his way out.

"Hey! Calm down there you!" A voice shouted.
GIR didn't calm down; only trying to break the bars again.
"I warn you." The voice said.

GIR heard a weird buzzing and the next minute a shock filled his body.
"AAAHHH!" He screamed, clutching his burning shoulder.
"That'll teach you..." The voice said, as the person moved away from GIR's cage.

GIR sniffled, as a waterfall of tears poured out of his eyes.

"Master..." GIR said quietly into the cage, "Where are you?"
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