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GIR needs comfort

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Zim gets GIR back from the dog-pound, not realizing that GIR is hurting more than usual...

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~~ After skool: Zim ~~

"Stupid humans, dying because of stupid rats." Zim said out loud, as he open the door to his "freakish" home.
Zim laughed at the thought of the bubonic plague before he realized the house was eeriely quiet.

"GIR?" Zim called, knowing usually the robot was always sitting on the couch or running around the house when he got home from the human skool.
"Probably outside somewhere. He'll come back." Zim said out loud to himself.
"Well... I'll be able to have some peace and quiet before he comes home..." Zim said, as he headed down towards his "secret" base.

~~ Later that night ~~

"Grr... where is that stupid robot?" Zim shouted out loud.
It was now 9 at night, and no GIR had showed up.
"Stupid GIR! I'll find him tomorrow. Gawd, that stupid robot!" Zim curse out loud, as he headed towards bed...

~~ Next Day ~~

GIR woke up the next day in the same cage.
He edged towards the back of the cage and cowered there.
His left shoulder hurt and throbbed where he had been shocked by the guard last night.
'Master... where are you?' GIR thought sadly to himself.


Frank snored a little at his desk, but was awaken by the tingling of the bell.
An old "short" guy walked in and began glancing around.

"Can I help you sir?" Frank asked, eyeing the man carefully.
"Yes. I think you might have my dog..." Zim said.
"What does your dog look like?" Frank yawned slightly.
"He's short, and probably a different color than other dogs; he's black and green." Zim described for Frank.
"You're that dog's owner?!" Frank asked bewildered.
"Unfortuantly... yes." Zim replied grimly.
"Let me go get him..." Frank said as he grabbed his keys and head towards GIR's cage.


GIR shuddered as Frank picked him up.
"Oh it's okay little buddy, your owner's here for you now." Frank said as he latched a leash on GIR's neck.
'Zim's here?!' GIR thought happifully.
"Whoa." Frank yelled as GIR started to bolt down the hallway...


Zim was busy looking at the pictures on the wall, that he didn't noticed the green ball of fury running and tackling him to the ground.
"Ouch. GIR get off me." Zim yelled, as GIR hugged him close.
"Seems like he missed you..." Frank noted as he return to the desk.
"Come on GIR." Zim said, as he pulled GIR outside...

~~ At home ~~

"GIR don't leave the home when I'm not home anymore. I don't want to find you there again." Zim warned the robot as they came into their home.
"Okie dokie!" GIR shouted joyfully.
"Now watch some t.v. or something while I go down to the lab." Zim said as he headed downstairs.

GIR looked around and headed towards the kitchen window and stared outside...


Zim came upstairs later and was wondering why it was so "quiet".
"GIR? Where are you?" He asked out loud.
He looked around and found his robot staring out the window.
"What are you looking at GIR?" He asked heading towards the robot.

GIR's left shoulder was hurting pretty bad, and he kept reliving the "awful" moment with the gaurd.
As Zim neared GIR, he noticed the robot dicarded in some kind of pain.
"GIR what's the matter with you?" Zim asked as he tried to touch GIR.
"AAAGGGHHH! DON'T HURT! AAAGGGHHH!!" GIR screamed as he ran from Zim and ended up hitting his head on the front door; knocking himself out.

Zim stood there bewildered before heading towards the knocked out robot.
"What has gotten into you?" He asked as he stared at GIR.
He pulled GIR into his arms and cradeled his head like a little kid.

He headed towards his own bedroom and carefully laid GIR down.
He looked at the robot and thought, 'He's so stupid... but...'
Zim bit back on the other thought he had of GIR.

"Now what is wrong with you?" Zim asked as he removed Gir from his puppy suit.
"Oh my Gawd!" Zim shouted as he saw a GIR's left shoulder burnt badly...
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