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Destroy What You Love - May 13

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Mikey and Alicia spend the morning together and Ray talks to Bob about Liv.

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"Oh, for the love of God, Mikey what are you doing?" Alicia looked around the kitchen at the powder-covered counters and waited for an explanation. She looked much better than she had last night. The fear in her eyes had faded.
"I'm making pancakes." He felt such a surge of love when he saw her. "What's it look like I'm doing?" He asked with a smile.
"Honey, did you forget you're a Way brother? Granted you're not as bad as Gee but still, the kitchen is not your friend. How did the pancake mix get all over?"
He grinned, "You now how sometimes you try to open a bag and you pull on it and it kinda explodes? Well, that's what happened. I wanted to surprise you with breakfast in bed so I thought I'd just make pancakes."
Bunny jumped up on the counter but the powdery substance made her slide right into the sink. Mikey and Alicia both laughed as their cat simply sat there. "She's giving us that 'I meant to do that' look," Alicia said.
Mikey scooped Bunny out of the sink and gently sat her on the floor by Pumpkin who had wandered in to see if food was being served. "So why don't you go back to bed and when it's ready I'll bring it to you?"
"Mikey I'm OK, you don't need to baby me," she said softly.
"I'm not" he protested, "I just want my wife to understand that she is the most important person in my life, I just want to be the kind of husband she deserves."
Alicia looked at him, he looked so adorable with pancake mix clinging to his tee-shirt and hair. She once more thought to herself that she had the much better-looking Way brother although she realized Monica would probably disagree.
"Why are you staring at me?" he asked.
Alicia smiled, "I was thinking how sexy you look."
"Oh, yeah baby." She pushed him against the counter and pressed her body against his. "Forget the fucking pancakes," she purred in his ear.
"Uh sorry just getting my cell" Bob dashed into the kitchen grabbed his phone off the table and backed out. He had so many questions about last night but obviously they would have to wait.
Mikey laughed, "Bob where you heading?"
Bob was by the door, "Going to stop in and see Ray then I'm supposed to pick up Kara, she has a half day at school. See you guys later." He dashed out the door.
"Now where were we?" Alicia went right back to purring in his ear.
"Does this mean you don't want breakfast?" Mikey asked trying hard to concentrate on pancakes. His mind was trying but his body was not cooperating at all.
"The only thing I want for breakfast is right here." Her hand moved down his body and she smiled when she felt the evidence of his interest.
"Fuck the pancakes" he said as she began to stroke and tease.
"Pancakes no, me yes".
Bob sighed as he reached the rental car. Staying with Mikey and Alicia was OK but he knew he was in the way. They needed time alone especially after what they had gone through last night. Whatever had happened it had brought them even closer together. He drove to the hospital thinking about Kara and how he wanted that kind of a love with her. He wanted to make her his wife so they could care for each other and share their lives. Would she make me pancakes he wondered?
At the hospital he was surprised to see Christa walking out looking upset. "Hey, Christa, you OK?"
She forced a smile, "Bob good to see you. Gerard just told Ray about Mikey and Alicia. How are they doing?"
"They are OK" he answered because it was really all he knew. "I'm just gonna visit Ray for a few minutes. He in his room?"
"Yep, that's where he is being pig-headed." She said, " If he asks where I went tell him you don't know."
Bob smiled, "Well I won't be lying cause I don't know."
Christa sighed, "Look Bob maybe you can figure out what's wrong cause he won't tell me. Something happened last night while I was gone. I could tell as soon as I walked into his room. He had such a strange look on his face. When I asked him he said it was nothing. This morning I asked again and he got pissed."
"Well are you sure something really happened?" He hated to think that Christa and Ray were fighting over nothing.
"I'm sure especially after one of the nurses asked me this morning if my sister had found Ray's room."
Bob gave her a surprised look, "You have a sister?"
"Nope, no sister. So I decided to pretend I knew what she was talking about. I asked her what time my sister had been around to see Ray. It was when we were over at Donna's. So I'm guessing 'my sister' upset Ray."
"Did you just ask him? I mean you could tell him you know someone visited him and see what he says." Bob wondered why people never just did the easiest thing.
Christa sighed, "I could I guess but I guess I was just hoping he would tell me straight out." She shook her head, "Anyway, I've got to go home and check on some stuff. I'll be back in about an hour."
Bob watched her walk across the lot to her car. He really liked Christa she was a good person. He walked to Ray's room wondering if he should get involved in this situation. Ray was sitting by the window when he walked in.
"You and Christa have a nice chat?" Ray asked without turning around.
Bob hadn't realized he had been watching them. "Not really, she's hurt you won't tell her what's wrong."
"It's just something I don't want to talk about with her, at least not right now."
"So who was the mystery woman?" Bob pulled up another chair and sat by him.
Ray was surprised, "How do you know about that?"
"Christa" Bob answered
"How the fuck does she know?" He turned to stare at Bob,
"One of the nurses asked Christa if her sister had found you room yesterday when she was at Donna's."
"Oh hell." Ray said, "Shit, now I'll have to explain it to her and I know what she'll say. She's gonna tell me I should tell Gerard." He tapped his fingers on the arm of the chair nervously.
"OK you lost me. Mystery Woman, tell Gerard. What the hell?"
"Last night Liv came to see me."
"Liv? As in Gerard's Liv?" Bob was shocked. There was no love loss between Ray and Liv. Ray had always hated her and the feeling was mutual. "Why would Liv come to see you?"
Ray shook his head, "I have no fucking idea. She stood by the door and said that she had a message she wanted me to give to Gerard."
"A message?"
"Actually she said that she wanted me to tell him something." Ray stood slowly and began to pace the room.
"What was the message?" Bob asked.
"She said 'tell him I loved him and that I'm sorry'." Ray looked over at Bob, "What am I supposed to do? I don't want to bring up Liv to Gerard. He doesn't need any more shit to deal with right now." He stopped walking and waited for Bob's answer.
"OK so if that's how you feel, don't tell him." Bob said but then added, "Unless not delivering a message will make you feel guilty." Bob really didn't know what advice to offer him since he only knew Liv through what the guys had told him.
"Fuck, I don't know what I feel. Something about her was weird. She fucking looked like she was gonna cry. I felt bad after she left about some of the things I said." He began pacing again, "I mean this is the fucking woman who messed up Gerard. She was mean and hateful to all of us. Now I feel bad for her?"
"Did she say anything about her kid?" Bob asked. "Gerard won't talk about it but I got a feeling it really is his."
"Yeah, I think so too but I don't want to believe it. No, she didn't say anything else really. I don't know what to do." He grew tired of pacing and sat back down.
"I know one thing you gotta do. Explain to Christa what's going on. She's hurt that you are keeping something from her."
Ray thought a moment, "Yeah, you're right. I just know that she'll think I should give Gerard the message. She didn't see the hell he went through so she won't understand."
Bob nodded, "From what I've heard Liv was bad news for everybody. It was like she would sit and think up ways to hurt Gerard. She was always trying to think of what she could do that would hurt him the most and then she would do it."
Ray agreed, "She knew how close Gerard was to his grandma so she wouldn't go to visit her with him or go to her funeral. She had to know that hurt him. She tried to drive a wedge between Gee and his mom and dad; she tried to make him pull away from us. I've never seen someone try so fucking hard to destroy someone as much as she did. Fuck, all the guy did was try to love her."
Bob wondered out loud, "Why would you try to hurt someone who loved you" Then it came it him, "Cause you hate yourself that much. Liv hated herself so much she couldn't let herself have his love."
"Why would she hate herself?" Ray said turning Bob's idea over in his mind.
"I don't know but it's like Mikey said. She would look at Gerard with love in her eyes and then turn around and do something vile to him. She did love him I think, but yet she wanted to destroy what she loved to hurt herself."
"Well, fuck. Where does that leave me? Do I tell him or not?" Ray really wanted Bob to make the call.
Bob shook his head, "I'm glad it's not my decision."
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