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Chapter 46

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'planning a suprise'

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Ok so my first week in LA went really well, I love being back here. my apartment is amazing decorated with all the top modern designs and has the most amazing view with a balcony that's got a mini bar and Jacuzzi on it. In all I love it here. I'm now manager of the LA store which is slightly bigger than the one in Miami but a lot less stressful and more laid back. The people that works there are really nice and I get along with them really well. I've spoke to Benji over the phone a few times but we mainly got into a fight me feeling guilty and him in a mood that I wouldn't be with him for his birthday this weekend. Little did he know that me and Tony have planned a huge surprise party for him and Joel and that I was now actually on the plane flying out to them. I couldn't believe that we'd actually managed to pull this whole thing off without Benji or Joel finding out about it.

I landed and collected my bags then rang Tony to see where he was.

"Hi Hun I'm just down the road now I'll be with you in five minutes." He said.

"Ok thanks Tone." I said then waited patiently for him to arrive. He pulled up in his car getting out giving me a hug.

"Look at you, you get more beautiful every time I see you." he smiled. "How are you?"

"I'm good surprised we've actually managed to pull this whole thing off." I smiled. "How are you?"

"I'm good and don't worry I managed to keep it all a secret away from Benji even though it got slightly hard when Josh came and informed us that Robin and Sarah where arriving earlier this morning."

"Robin and Sarah are here?" I said shocked I knew Josh was going but Robin and Sarah.

"Yeah they wanted to come for Benj and Joel's birthday and they where planning meals and shit but I managed to put them off it saying Benji and Joel where to tired for all that and just wanted a quiet birthday. And don't worry everything arranged and sorted for the party all we've got to do now is turn up."

"Thank you so much Tone you really have no idea how grateful I am, I wouldn't have been able to pull this off with out you." I smiled.

"Do I get a kiss for it?" he asked with a cheeky grin. I laughed and kissed him on the cheek.

"Not what I was going for but it'll do." He laughed. "Come on lets get your stuff in the car and I'll take you to your hotel."

"A block away from yours?" I checked.

"Yep just like we planned." He smiled proudly.

"You the best Tone." I smiled giving him another kiss on the cheek.

"Hey I could get used to this." he laughed.

He took me to my hotel and helped me with my bags.

"Tone are you going to stay for a bit or do you have to go?" I asked suddenly feeling lonely because I'd have to hide in the hotel room till the party tomorrow night.

"Nah I can stay for a bit if you want." he said.

"Good because seen as your the only one who knows I'm here and we have to keep it that way I'm feeling a little lonely." I laughed.

"Well I can stay for a bit just as long as people don't get suspicious." He laughed.

"Ok so let's go over the plans." I said for the millionth time that week.

"If we must." He sighed.

"Sorry I just want this to be perfect." I laughed at my nervousness.

"Ok right the party's all set there's people who are going to set everything up exactly how you wanted it, I've got everything booked and ready. All you have to do is turn up at the party and hour before it starts so no one will see you arrive then hide in the kitchen. No one should go in there from the party but if they do the kitchen staff will help hide you. Then when Benji and Joel arrive with me after I take out to get them out of the way for a while and make sure they get to the party at the right time. Then you'll be in you place ready to give Benj his gift. That ok for you."

"It's better than ok but what about Sarah and Robin?"

"Well we can either send then to the party like everyone thinking it's just a little get together for Benji and Joel birthday or I can take them with me and Benji and Joel."

"I think it would be better you take them with you if that's ok with you."

"Yeah that's fine do I get another kiss now." He laughed. I laughed and kissed him on the cheek again. Then his phone started to ring, he looked at caller ID and then motioned to me to be quiet because it was Benji.

"Yeah...hey man...erm I'm just on my way back...yeah I'll be there in ten minutes...ok see you later...bye." He put the phone down and turned to me. "Sorry I have to go now but I'll see you tomorrow at the party and I promise everything will be fine I'll call you if anything changes though." He said

"Ok see you tomorrow." I smiled giving him a hug.
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