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Chapter 47

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A BIRTHDAY PARTY TO REMEMBER... IN MORE WAYS THAN ONE ;-) i'm really getting back into my fics again and have written loads if you want to read them you'll have to et me know your still interested...

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I spent most of the next day getting ready for Benji and Joel's party; because I was stuck on my own in the hotel room all day I took my time getting ready. Because it was a really nice warm day I decided on wearing my new summery halter neck white floaty dress. The back was cut out, the front was really low scoop neck and it was short finishing about five inches above my knee. I wore my jimmy choo shoes that where silver with little diamond's on them. I'd had extensions put in my a couple os days ago and decided to straighten my hair for a change instead of curling it for going out. My make up was same as usually, natural which dark smoky eyes to make the crystal blue colour stand out.

When it was finally time for me to make my way to the party to them wait another hour before I could actually reveal myself to everyone. I got a taxi to the party venue and made my way to the kitchen like Tony had suggested. I had a good time while I was waiting talking with the really nice kitchen staff and tasting the food they where preparing. I heard the guests start arriving and the party starting. All I had to do now was wait for Tony to prank my phone to let me know that they where here.

Minutes later I got a missed call from Tony, my queue to go. I walked out into the dark filled room of the party blaring with music. I seen Tony, Joel, Robin, Sarah and Benji behind them, all stood at the entrance of the party looking shocked which meant it as time for my final surprise. I walked up behind Benji putting my hands over his eyes.

"Happy Birthday baby." I whispered into his ear then let him turn round removing my hands from over his eyes. He looked shocked and happy to see me.

"Sophie! I don't believe it did you do all this?" he said excitedly.

"Yeah course I did, with some help from Tony." I grinned winking at Tony making him smile. He leaned forward lifting me up hugging and giving me a kiss.

"I can't believe you made It." he smiled putting me down.

"Well you didn't think I'd actually miss your birthday did you?" I laughed.

"You had me going but thank you so much I love you." he said kissing me again. "You look fucking gorgeous by the way." he whispered into my ear smirking. Then I moved over to Joel.

"Happy Birthday Joel." I smiled giving him a hug.

"I can't believe you did this, thanks Soph." he smiled.

"No problem I couldn't have done it with out Tony though." I smiled.

"How are you? How's LA and the job?" he asked.

"Both good. The jobs great and you should see the apartment I've got, unbelievable." I grinned making him laugh.

"Well LA defiantly suits you, you look stunning." He said smiling looking at me.

"Thanks you look good to." I smiled then went back over to Benji who was talking with Josh, Sarah and Robin.

"Sophie honey you should have said you where coming I didn't know." Robin said.

"No one knew apart from Tony who helped me plan all this it was a surprise." I smiled.

"Well you did really and well you look amazing." Sarah said.

"Thanks how you doing?" I smiled giving Sarah a hug.

"I'm good how are you?"

"I'm great, the jobs good and the apartment is unbelievable." I smiled.

"Well I'm glad it's all worked out for you." Josh smiled.

"Well we'll leave you two alone for now." Robin said smiling at me and Benji. They went off into the party and me and Benji turned to each other.

"I've missed you so much and this whole party is fucking unbelievable I wouldn't have expected it in a million years thank you."

"You don't need to keep thanking me it's your birthday of course I'm going to do something special for you." I smiled.

"Come sit with me." he said taking my hand and leading me over to one of the corner booths. I sat by the wall sideways so I had my back to the wall and my legs over Benjis lap. He traced his hands in circles on my bare legs as we talked.

"So how are you, how's the job?" he asked.

"I'm good really good apart from missing you its wired living on my own mow after spending all that time with you all in Maryland. The jobs really good the store bigger than the one in Miami I was manager of but this ones much better and easier because there's more people to share the work with and there really nice to get along with. The apartment they gave is fucking amazing you should see it. It's decorated with all the top modern stuff and the view from the baloneys amazing and there s a mini bar and Jacuzzi on the balcony." I explained.

"Sounds like their spoiling you." he laughed. "I'm glad everything's ok though." He smiled.

"So how are you how the tour going?"

"Good same as usual really only apparently I'm moping around more cause I miss you." he said.

"Aw well you can't miss me too much because you've only been gone a week how are you going to feel in a few months." I laughed jokingly but he took it a little seriously.

"Well I was hoping you'd have gave coming on tour another thought and then I wouldn't have to miss you."

"Benj we talked about this..." I sighed.

"I know I know I just really want you with me." he pouted.

"I know and I'd love to be but it's just not an option. Please let's not end up fighting about this again I don't want to be a bitch to you on your birthday." I said he nodded with a smile.

"That's better." I said giving him a quick kiss.

"So how long are you here for?" he asked.

"I leave tomorrow night."

"That soon?" he said a little disappointed.

"Yeah because I have to work Monday I can't keep having time off when I've only just started."

"Ok fine but you've got spend all day tomorrow with me." he smiled.

"Deal." I smiled back. "Come on lets dance." I said jumping up and he followed me his hands on my hips as we walked onto the dance floor.

We did our usually dirty dancing but a less x-rated version as his mom was at the party and she would probably be watching. We danced for a while and then he went talking to some of his friends and I continued dancing with Joel, Tony, Wes, Ryane and Sarah the six of us continuously swapping partners. After a while I decided to go find Benji again. I finally found him in a dark corner at the side of the bar talking with Matt, Zacky and Syn form Avenged Sevenfold.

"There you are I've been looking for you." I said walking up to him wrapping my arm around him standing next to him.

"Hey Soph is it possible that you got even more beautiful since the last time I saw you." Matt smirked.

"Quite possibly." I laughed. As he hugged me.

"How you doing Soph?" Zacky asked giving me a hug.

"I'm good thanks, you?" I smiled.

"Good too."

"Right well come on lets leave these two alone." Syn said. "Nice seeing you Soph." he said giving me a hug.

"Like wise." I smiled then turned to Benji.

"You ok?" Benji asked looking at me. I ran my hands around his waist under his shirt pushing him up against the wall leaning my body on him.

"Yeah I'm fine; I was coming to make sure you where ok." I smiled giving him a kiss.

"I'm good but we'll have a problem if you keep this up." he smirked. As I kissed him again.

"What this?" I teased kissing down his neck running my hands up and down his back under his shirt.

"Yeah this." He breathed.

"Oh really?" I grinned raising an eyebrow at him.

"Yeah you try being s...stuck on a bus with a load of g...guys for a week with female contact." He stuttered as I continued my assault on his neck kissing and sucking up and down it.

"Oh well I think we're going to have to do something about that then." I smirked.

"What we can't leave the party now though. Do you not remember the Wes and Ryane's engagement party?" He said.

"What that was fun." I laughed innocently and he raised his eyebrows at me making me laugh.

"Ok, ok Soph stop." He said.

"Do you really want me to stop?"

"No but we can't do it here."

"Yeah we can. Well we might not be able to do 'it' here...but we can to this." I said seductively into his ear unzipping his pants and turning round so that I was stood infornt of him hiding what anyone might be able to see. I stared to stroke him up and down knowing he'd love this especially with the excitement of being so easily caught.

"Fuck Soph." he breathed his breath hot on my neck sending shivers down my spine encouraging me to keep going harder and faster. It didn't take long until I felt him tense then a second later relax panting out of breath and leaning on me for support.

"Shit Soph I can't... believe you...I...we just did that." he laughed still slightly out of breath. I helped him by zipping his pants back up for him grinning at him. As he leaned on me until he regained his strength. When he stood back up I turned round in his arms and kissed him. Just then Joel came up to us.

"Hey there you two our mom was looking for you because she and Sarah have go to now." Joel said oblivious as to what he could have walked up on if he had come a few seconds earlier. My and Benji just laughed slightly then followed him to their mom and Sarah.

"What's funny?" he smiled curious.

"Oh nothing." I sighed but he knew there was something going on but dropped the subject anyway. We said bye's to Sarah and Robin and some other people that where beginning to leave too.
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