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Chapter 48

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After the party most people stayed at the hotel where GC where staying at while stopped on tour, I stayed with Benji in his room. When I woke up in the morning Benji was already awake watching me quietly. When I opened her eyes and noticed him I smiled stretching.

"I miss this." He said quietly.
"Mmm me too, let's make up for in now." I smiled leaning closer to him, wrapping my arms around him and cuddling up to him as he pulled me in closer too.

"Maybe we would have to make up for it if..." he started I knew where this was going...again.

"Benj don't start this again." I sighed.

"I'm sorry but..."

"No. no buts can't we just enjoy this time together tonight I'll be leaving for my job and you'll go back on the road with your job and we'll talk on the phone and visit then when the tours over we can go back to normal."

"But what if I don't want that."

"That's just how it is Benji." I said sternly. I didn't like having this attitude with him but he really needed to stop getting at me.

"It doesn't have to be." He shot back.

"Yeah it does I'm not leaving my job." I sighed.

"I but can't you just..."

"Benj stop now, please." I snapped but sounding more upset than mad. He just stopped and went quiet for a moment, getting that it wasn't getting anywhere apart from upsetting me. "Thank you." I said quietly muffled slightly against his chest. We spent the next hour just cuddled in bed together in silence. Then we got up for some breakfast/lunch. We hung out just talking nothing was said about the whole me leaving my job to follow Benji round. He drove me to the airport and we reluctantly said goodbye to each other.

For the next three months I was in LA working and really enjoying my job. I occasionally bumped into Liam when he was over to check up on how the store was doing and I had to see him in meetings held every month. whenever we where around each other we where surprisingly civil and he was acting like we'd been friends for ages and that all the engagement shit had never happened; which I was thankful of, it was nice to be getting along with him instead of fighting which I hoped it wouldn't come too. I had made a lot of friends and a new best friend in my new room mate Gabby. In the short three months that me and Gabby have lived together we got to know everything about each other and we seemed to have similar personalities and interests the only difference was that I was a little more out going where I'd say what I thought, Gabby would think it but not necessarily say it unless she felt the need to. Me and Benji talked almost every day if not every day, every other day. The subject of me of leaving my job and following Benji round was never brought up but Benji kept hinting which I chose to ignore. Gabby knew all about the on going disagreement between me and Benji and she agreed with me. She agreed that it wouldn't be any life for me being dragged round on tour with Benji. Yes we'd get to see each other more but what kind of life would I have, no freedom, no independence and no money of my own yes Benji was more than willing to pay for anything I wanted or needed but that wasn't the point. I needed my own life like Benji had his and it was just selfish of him to ask that of me.

"Gab's I'm home." I announced to Gabby when I'd just came in from a long day at work.

"In the kitchen." Gabby called where she was making herself something to eat.

"Hey." I smiled sitting down at the breakfast bar watching her making her food.

"Hi hard day at work?" Gabby asked.

"Tell me about it some people are just unpleaseable." I sighed rolling my eyes.

"You want any?" Gabby asked motioning to the food.

"No thanks, I'm fine I had something on the way home." I smiled.

"Ok. Hey isn't it tomorrow Benji comes here?" Gabby asked.

"Yeah he's coming home for the weekend."

"Want me to stay at Mike's for the weekend then you two can have to place to your selves?" Gabby asked with a smirk appearing on her face. Mike was her current boyfriend note current she never kept the same guy for longer than 'five minutes'. She was always bouncing from failed relationship to failed relationship she just wasn't ready to settle down any why should she, she was young and free why get tied down too early. Gabby was a few years younger than me and reminded me a lot of me when I was her age.

"I couldn't ask you to do that?"

"No I don't mind in fact I'd actually prefer it if you two where getting up to stuff with me around."

"Well if you don't mind that would be great." I smiled.

"OK I'll call Mike tonight, he won't mind, and I'll get something's and go tomorrow."

"Thanks Gab's"

"No problem I'm sure you'd do the same for me."

"Of course." I smiled.

"Oh yeah there's just one stipulation," Gabby said grinning.

"What's that?" I laughed knowing she was up to something.

"You've got to introduce me to Joel."

"Benji's brother?" I asked a little confused.

"Yeah, how many other Joel's do I know?"

"Well there's..." I started to list how Joel's she did actually know.

"Ok, ok I get the point but you've got to introduce me to Joel, your Benji's brother, Joel."

"OK but why?" I agreed but still confused.

"Cos." She smirked. "Well he's Benji's twin right?"

"Right." I said not sure where she was going.

"And there supposed to be identical?"

"Yeah." Still not sure where she was going.

"Well after all the stuff you've told me about Benji, Joel must be similar so..." I finally got where she was going.

"No way! You're not getting your hands on Joel." I laughed I knew how she treated guys and she wasn't going to treat Joel like that he was a good guy and didn't deserve it.

"Why?" Gabby asked trying to act innocent but failing.

"Because I know how you treat your guys and Joel well Joel's like a brother to me and you can't treat him like that. Joel's more sensitive and you'll hurt him you're not using and abusing him." I said.

"Fine I'll be good but you've still got to introduce Me." she sighed.

"As long as you promise to be good."

"Brownie's honour." She laughed fake saluting her.

"Fine deal." Sophie smiled rolling her eyes at her friend. "Anyway I thought you where with Mike." I pointed out.

"Yeah well you know things can change." She shrugged.

"You mean if you like Joel and he's interested you'll ditch Mike for him." I smiled I couldn't believe what she was like; actually I could because I was like that.
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