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Chapter 49

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The next day I was up early to go to the airport to pick the guys up. Gabby was still in bed, I knew she was trying to stall so that she could 'accidentally' still be at the apartment when we got back.

I drove to the airport to pick the guys up. When I got there I waited for a couple of minutes until their flight landed. I waited at the gate for them and before long they all came walking over to me.

"Hey." I smiled at them Benji came straight up to me giving me a hug and a kiss.

"Hi I missed you." he mumbled into my shoulder.

"Missed you too babe." I smiled back. We pulled out of the hug and I turned to Joel, Billy and Paul.

"Hey guy's how are you?" I smiled giving each of them a hug in turn.

"We're good." Joel smiled.

"Glad to have a break." Billy said.

"And it's lovely seeing you." Paul smiled.

"Aw thanks." I laughed.

We went to get their luggage and then went to my car. I dropped Billy and Paul off where they where staying then drove me, Benji and Joel back to mine even though Joel wasn't staying at mine but I had to let Gabby meet him otherwise I'd never hear the end of it. We pulled up outside me.

"Erm, Soph you do know I'm staying at mine right?" Joel said sounding a little confused.

"Yeah I just really need you to meet my room mate Gabby otherwise my life wouldn't be worth living." I laughed.

"Oh ok." Joel nodded smiling.

"I didn't know you have a room mate?" Benji frowned. I actually had told him over the phone but he never seemed to be paying attention to me when he was on the phone either because he was tired or because he was in a mood with me because I choose to ingor his hits at me coming on tour with him.

"Yeah you do I told you on the phone." I pointed out.

"I don't remember since when?" he said still frowning.

"For three months, Gabby. Remember I share the apartment with her because she started working at the store and they needed some accommodation for her so she moved in with me." I sighed.

"Oh right." he said but mainly just to settle the conversation telling that his forgetfulness or lack of paying me attention was pissing me off.

"Anyway she made a deal with me she'd go and stay at Mike her boyfriend's house for the weekend to give me and Benji the apartment to our selves if I introduced her to you." I explained to Joel. He smiled and nodded.

We walked into the apartment and Gabby had two bags packed and ready to go at the front door. I could hear her in her room rummaging through something's.

"Gab's where here." I called to her and she came walking through seconds later.

"Gabby this is Benji and Joel and Guys this is gabby my room mate and new best friend." I introduce them, I put emphasis on the 'my room mate' bit for Benji. Gabby smiled and Hugged each of them, Joel smiled and hugged her back Benji did the same but seemed in one of his moods again, I swear he gets PMS.

"Soph do you know where I put my charger for my phone I can't find it anywhere?" gabby asked.

"I don't know you lost it and have been using mine for the past couple of weeks." I pointed out.

"Oh yeah well do you mind if I borrow yours?"

"Actually yeah I do because you'll take it to mike's loose it and I'll never see it again. I know what you like, you're just like me." I laughed.

"Fine I'll just have to borrow Mike's then." She laughed. "Well I'm all ready to go now; I'll give mike a call to pick me up."

"You do know you're only going for two days it looks like you've packed for two weeks." I laughed.

"You can never be too prepared." She smiled.

"Don't ring mike I'll give you a lift I need to take Joel to his house anyway." I said.

"Oh ok thanks."

We got into my car me driving, Benji in the front and Joel and Gabby in the back. Joel and Gabby seemed to be getting on really well they where deep in conversation during the whole journey where as me and Benji never spoke a word to each other and barely acknowledged each other the whole journey.

When me and Benji got back to mine we both still had 'a gob on' with each other. He walked straight in and sat in the sofas watching what ever was on TV.

"I'm just nipping in the shower, won't be long." I informed him. I just got a grunt back. I rolled my eyes them went for a quick shower.

When I came out of the shower Benji was still sat 'watching' TV still visibly in his mood which put me back into my mood slightly but I was more fed up with his attitude than pissed off at him. I went and sat at the other end of the sofa.

"You want to order a pizza or something?" I suggested. He just shrugged his shoulders not taking his eyes off the TV.

"Well do you want a pizza or not?" I asked sharply not liking his attitude.

"Whatever." He sighed still not paying any attention to me.

"Well I'm getting myself a pizza let me know now if you want anything or not." I said getting up to get the phone.

"Yeah alright I'll have whatever you having." He said as if he couldn't be assed.

"If you don't want it don't have it I'm just offering." I rolled my eyes trying to keep my temper.

"Yeah I'll have some pizza, what's the big fucking deal." He snapped that was it I saw red.

"The big fucking deal? There isn't one. It's you that's making it a big fucking deal. I'm asking you a question and you're sat there with a gob on. What the fuck's your problem? You've been in a mood since we got here!" I blurted out shocking him slightly making him turn to look at me.

"You wanna know what my deal is?" he said getting angry.

"Yeah I do." I said with an angry tone in my voice too.

"You! You're my problem." He shouted.

"Why what have I supposedly done now." I shouted back. We where starting to sound like usual hating each other Benji and Sophie at war.

"It's nothing just leave It." he said still sounding angry but his voice softening.

"No I won't just leave it it's obviously something and now we've started we might as well get to the real point." I said still pissed off.

"I said it's nothing just leave it and order the damn pizza."

"No don't tell me what to do. Your going to tell me what's wrong and your going to fucking tell me now." I said not shouting but still sternly with a pissed off tone.

"It's nothing I just miss you and I miss, missing everything that goes on with you. Yeah we get to talk on the phone but it's not good enough I need to see you be with you. Just a quick chat on the phone in my spare time when I've just came of stage shattered is no good." He said softly no anger in his voice any more. He sat on the edge of the sofa looking down at the floor.

"Benji I know it's hard it's hard for me but it's just how it is. You can't be selfish and want to keep me on tour with you like a pet." I said using the best metaphor I could think off on the spot. Making him smile slightly. I sat next to him on the edge of the sofa. "Look Benji I would love to be with you all the time on tour but it's not going to happen you've got to understand I like my own independence you should know that better than anyone. So following you round on tour and living off you would be my idea of hell not that actual being with you but the whole idea of it all. Do you understand Benji I'm not doing it just to get to you or to piss you off." I said softly to him trying my best to get my point across.

"I do understand and yeah I suppose I am selfish for wanting to be with you all the time and wanting you with me and to care for you and all that other stuff but I just love you so much."

"I love you too and it might not seem it but it for the best me staying here while your on tour, I'll come to visit when I can get time off work but I'm not giving up my job." I said he nodded things seeming to be settled... again.

"Right so are we getting this pizza or what? Cos I'm starving." I said lightly.

"Yeah I'm actually quite hungry now." He agreed. I ordered the pizza and we sat watching TV till the Pizza came. We ate the pizza and chatted normally. When we'd finished we cleared away all the pizza boxes and stuff then went back to sitting the sofa watching TV.

"So is there anything you wanted to do?" I asked.

"This." He said pulling me closer to him putting his arm around me.

"Oh really well how about this?" I said seductively standing up and straddling his lap kissing down his neck.

"That's good too." he smirked. We carried on, on the sofa then moved into my room.
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