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Chapter 50!!

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The next day we sleeped in late refusing to get up until we absolutely had too. We lay cuddling and talking. Then when we finally got up we went for lunch with Gabby, Joel, Billy and Paul. The six of us hanging out, catching up and having a laugh. Later that night when it was time for the guys go catch their plane back to the tour I drove them to the airport. We said our goodbye's and see you soon's. Surprisingly Benji didn't bring up the me going with him thing again which I was grateful for and we said a reluctant goodbye.

It was now two months later meaning that the guys had been on tour for five months now and I've only seen Benji twice, this will be the third time. I am on the plane right now on my way to meet Benji and they guys on tour. I will be staying for a weekend I managed to get a couple of days off work.

When I landed Benji and Joel where at the gate waiting for me. Benji had a huge grin on his face when he was me which made me smile. I walked quickly up to him dodging all the people. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he picked me up and twirled me round in a huge hug. When he put me down we kissed. When we pulled apart I said hi to Joel and gave him a hug. We went to pick up my luggage then made our way to Joel's car. Benji got in the back with me. He sat on my left and had his left arm around my shoulder and his right hand on my leg.

"You two better not get up to anything in the back of my car." Joel warned with a laugh.

We arrived at the hotel the guys where staying at ten minutes later. When we got there Billy and Paul came down to great us.

"Soph it's good to see you again." Paul said giving me a hug.

"Nice to see you guys too." I smiled.

"How are you?" Billy smiled giving me a hug too.

"I'm good thanks."

"We're just going out for some lunch you guys wanna come with?" Paul asked us.

"Yeah sure." Joel agreed.

"I'm ok I had something on the plane I'm not really that hungry." I smiled.

"I'll stay here with Soph." Benji opted.

"Benj you can go with them if you want." I said.

"No I wanna stay here with you." he smiled putting an arm around me.

Joel, Billy and Paul left and me and Benji went up to the hotel room that I had booked for the two days that I would be here. Originally Benji and Joel where sharing a room and Billy and Paul where sharing a room but for the two days I am staying with them Benji's moved into my room giving Joel their room to his self.

When we got to my room I left my bag on the floor next to the table then flopped don on the bed. Benji flopped down next to me. He rolled on his side wrapping his arms around my waist cuddling into me.

"I missed you." he mumbled into my neck making me shiver as his breath tickled me.

"Missed you to babe, been to long." I said rolling onto my side so I was facing him. I started kissing him.

"Aren't you g...going to un...unpack first." He said.

"You know I never unpack what's the point in unpacking to pack all over again." I laughed then went back to kissing him down his neck. "Besides why are you bothered about unpacking when we can be doing this." I said pushing him down on the bed and straddling him, kissing down his neck to his chest unbuttoning his shirt and kissing down his chest as I moved down. Earning multiple groan and moans from him.

"Someone's happy to see me." I smirked at him.

"All I can say is two fucking months." He laughed. I raised my eyes brows at him seductively then worked on removing his pants and kissing him. When I'd finally removed all his cloths he suddenly sat up and flipped us over so he was on top grinning down at me. He looked so fucking sexy when he was like this making me smirk.

"A little impatient?" I grinned seductively.

"You're wearing too fucking much." He said noticing that he was wearing nothing and I still had all my clothes still on. He then started doing to me what I had just done to him kissing down my neck and then pulling me up slightly to get my shirt and bra off kissing and sucking on my shoulder and collar bone making me moan too. Then he lay be back down kissing down my belly to my pants. When he finally removed all my clothes he moved back up so he was hovering above me.

"It's been way to fucking long no messing around this time." He smiled then thrust straight into me. We both needed this we needed each other so much and enjoyed every moment of it.

When we'd finally finished all three times. We lay on the bed next to each other completely exhausted.

"You guys have a show tonight?" I asked him.

"No night off tonight, got one tomorrow. You coming?" he asked hopefully.

"Yeah sure but I'll have to leave right after to catch my plane." I said sounding a little down at the fact I would be leaving him so soon.

"Well we'll have to make the most of the time we've got together until then and I promise no mentioning of the forbidden subject." He said and I smiled at him. I could tell it was still bothering him but was glad that he noticed that it was causing problems between us him keep brining it up.
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