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Our House - MAY 14

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Gerard tells Monica about the robbery and Ray and Christa talk about something important.

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Monica looked down at the man she loved and tried to stifle a giggle. He hadn't gotten back from Mikey and Alicia's until almost two in the morning and was still sleeping. When she had gotten up earlier he had moved over and was hugging her pillow. His mouth was open and he was snoring. She thought he looked so damned adorable. She took one more look and went into the kitchen where Donna was seated at the table.
"I just got off the phone with Mikey. He and Alicia are doing OK he says but there is something in his tone that worries me." Donna said as she watched Monica move to the counter and pour herself a cup of coffee. "I would have done that for you. I know it must be hard to do with one hand."
Monica looked down at the cast on her hand and shrugged, "I'm kinda getting good at doing things one handed. I'm just glad it's my left hand." She took a seat across the table. "Gee didn't talk much about the robbery last night. I kinda got the feeling it was pretty traumatic for them but I didn't want to press him for details. He looked so wiped out when he got back."
"I can't imagine having a gun pointed at me." Donna shuddered. "I asked them if they wanted to come over tonight for dinner but Mikey said they just wanted to stay home."
"Well, they will have some time alone cause Bob is picking up Kara at noon and they are supposed to have a whole day planned." Monica smiled, "She said she would be home around mid-night."
Donna laughed, "That's a whole day, all right."
"So what are we doing today?" Gee asked walking in and going directly for the coffee pot.
"Can we go look at the house again?" Monica asked.
Gerard took a seat by her, "Only if you stop calling it 'the' house and start calling it 'our' house." He took a sip of coffee, "I promised the doctor you would take it easy but I guess going out for a few hours would be OK."
"Don is picking me up in an hour and we're going to visit some old friends." Donna said looking into her coffee cup. Gerard noticed she was avoiding looking at him.
"What old friends?" he asked.
Donna looked uncomfortable, "Oh, no one you would know." She got up, went to the sink and rinsed out her coffee cup. "I'll make dinner when I get home."
After she left the kitchen Gerard looked at Monica and whispered, "They are up to something."
Monica laughed, "Up to something? Why do you think that?"
He frowned, "I can just tell." He took a sip of coffee and continued to think about his parents until Monica spoke.
"Gee, what really happened last night?"
He sighed, "This is just between us, OK?'
Monica nodded.
"There were two gunmen. One of them was planning on raping Alicia."
"Oh, my God. She's alright, isn't she? I mean he didn't?" Her heart went out to both Mikey and Alicia.
"No, her friend Steve who works there lied and said he had set of a silent alarm. The robbers got spooked and took off. I talked to Mikey last night but he was really messed up about it. He thinks he should have done something to protect her. The guy had put a gun to head and told him that he would shoot him and rape her anyway. There was nothing he could do but that doesn't change the way he feels."
"God, I feel so bad for them." Monica said with sadness in her voice.
"Yeah, I hope he can let it go." Gerard said looking down, "but Mikey has a problem with letting things go."
At the hospital Christa had just arrived and was carrying a big bouquet of flowers. "These are from some of your fans." She said setting the vase down.
"How did you get them?" Ray asked.
Christa looked over at him and smiled, "They asked me to give them to you."
He was puzzled. "How would the fans know to give the flowers to you?"
Christa shrugged, "I'm not sure. I was walking in and three girls came up and asked if I would take the flowers to Ray. I was surprised but they were so sweet I didn't want to say no." She stopped smiling, "Is it bad that they know I'm your girlfriend?"
He was looking at the flowers and didn't answer right away.
"I am your girlfriend, right?" He had a strange look on his face and she was beginning to be concerned.
"No, Christa. You're not my girlfriend." He looked directly into her eyes, "You're my fiancée."
Christa felt her heart start beating again, she was sure it had stopped. Emotionally, Ray was one of the hardest people to read that she had ever met. "Oh, really? Well, Mr. Toro I don't remember you asking me to marry you." She teased.
Ray smiled, "I didn't ask you, you asked me."
Christa rolled her eyes, "Well hell, if I waited around for you to ask I'd be old, gray and unwed." She moved to sit in the chair next to him but he grabbed her arm and pulled her down onto his lap.
"Old Maid Christa. That would be bad. That's why I'm marrying you cause I don't want you to be an old maid."
"Oh very funny, Ray. I think I'll just go right back home. You're not being very nice to me at all today." She started to get up but he put his arms around her and held her tightly.
"That's something we need to talk about." He said leaning down and kissing her neck lightly.
Christa giggled, "What do we need to talk about?"
"As soon as I can I'm getting back on the tour, you know that right?" he looked into her eyes to see her reaction.
"Oh course, I know that." She kissed his lips lightly because they were close and tempting.
He broke away reluctantly, "So the wedding will have to wait for some time, you understand don't you. I mean when we get married I want it to be special and I want to be able to have the time for us to have a honeymoon."
Christa smiled, "I understand, Ray." She leaned into another kiss but he pulled away again, "You really make it difficult to talk, not that I'm complaining."
"Sorry, what else?"
"I'm getting out of here on Friday."
She cut him off, "Ray, that's great, I'm so happy."
He nodded, "The doctor finally agreed with me. However, the thing is I'm happy to be getting out of here but, well," he tried again, "The thing is I'll be going to my apartment and, well...."
Christa reached out and touched his face gently, "I'd be happy to move in with you."
Ray smiled, he loved the way she seemed to know what he was thinking. "I love you, babe".
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