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Something Real...Make It Timeless

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So you know this chapter goes a bit wierd and im sorry i cut it off the way i do i just want to leave some secrets to be revealed in future chapters. And please tell me what you think...

Ryan's POV

"No I don't want to play." I moaned jokily as Jon passed me the guitar.

"Yeah you do...I can it see it in your eyes." He smirked. I sighed and started to play along to the music. I noticed Brendon re-enter the room in the corner of my eye and he looked totally pissed.

" many have you had?" I asked curiously while quitting the game.

"I haven't had anything." He laughed.

"Well you've certainly had look stoned and pissed." I said while sitting down next to him. He just continued laughing and pointing. I stared into his brown dilated eyes and new exactly why he was so happy.

"You've taken something haven't you?!" I said angrily while raising my voice slightly.

"Dude I haven't taken shit, all I can say is that where I am now is a lot happier than trash Ville. So stop pissing on my parade." He slurred while getting up. I rolled my eyes and lent back in the chair. How could he do this to himself? He was fine before he went upstairs with Elspeth. ELSPETH. I carefully searched through the room of people. And there she was hand in hand with Pete. I stood up I could feel the scowl engulfing my face; I stood opposite them, both smiling at me.

"Hey Ryan," She said cheerfully.

"Don't you hey Ryan me! You've really gone and done this time...I knew you and Brendon never should have got back together. So just leave him alone, he's only just put his life back together and you're trying to ruin it again!" I shouted.

Pete's POV

"What are you on? Stop fucking accusing my girlfriend of this shit!" I shouted so loud that the room silenced.

"I'm not on anything; wish I could say the same for Brendon though." Ryan said coldly while running out of the room. Elspeth let go of my hand and quickly followed him out of the room. I sighed and then followed both of them. I hope Ryan was joking about what he just said, even if he was it was a slightly sick joke. I found them, Ryan and Elspeth and a dark figure, which was lain on the floor.

"Guys, can we just sort this out?" I asked reasonably.

"Dude I think its pass that!" Ryan cried while pointing at the figure on the floor. I slowly paced towards the motionless body. Elspeth was on her knees checking his heart for a pulse. His shirt as covered in vomit, it didn't look good. It looked like someone had attacked with a tub of tomato ketchup, the sick was that red.

"He's still breathing." Elspeth said while holding his hand.

"Give me a hand Pete, we're gonna get him back up to his hotel room." Ryan said while heaving him up. I froze and stared at Ryan awkwardly. "Well are you gonna help me or not!?" Ryan shouted angrily.

"Dude, he doesn't need to go to his hotel room he needs to get to hospital." I said seriously. Ryan was really worrying this was really out of character it's not the sort of thing he'd usually do. Is he so blind that he can't see the blood in the vomit on Brendon's shirt? I rolled my eyes and since he was reluctant to listen I helped him carry Brendon up the stairs.

"Ryan I really think you should listen to Pete." Elspeth begged as we opened the door to Brendon's room.

"Look I don't care what either of you say! He's done this because of something you two have done!" Ryan shouted.

"Hey don't talk to my girlfriend like that, we didn't tell him to take the pill! So if you're not gonna be reasonable then just piss off!" I shouted this kid was just filling me up with rage. He glared coldly at me, he moved out of the dark stone-cold room into the light of the corridor. I stared at his shadow follow him down the hall, it haunted my mind. I hastily shut the door and helped Elspeth put Brendon into the recovery position.

"Don't you think we should get his shirt of and clean out his mouth?" I asked caringly.

"Yeah," Elspeth said while stroking his soft fringe. I helped her carefully take off his jacket, it smelt terrible. I took it over to the bathroom room sink and rinsed it through with water. I made my stomach get sick from just looking at what was being washed off. I couldn't take it; I never had the strongest of stomachs and this proved it.

"Pete are you alright?" I heard Elspeth call from the other room.

"Yeah," I gasped for air. "It's all a bit too much for my stomach...that's all." I panted while leaning against the wall.

Elspeth's POV

I stared at Brendon's troubled face his eyes were shut tight, the sweat dripped from his forehead making the tips of his fridge curve slightly at the ends. His eyebrows were creased and the look of worry formed on his faced, his expression was like a lost little boy. I opened his mouth to check that his airway was clear. His breathing pattern was hypnotic...its what sent me off to sleep last night.

"I'm going to go back to our room." Pete said while coming out of the bathroom.

"Okay I think I'm gonna stay here, encase anything happens..." I sighed sadly.

"Alright...I would give you a kiss but well me just being sick-"

"I get the picture." I smirked as he blew me and kiss and left the room. As the door closed shut I could finally let my mind to run free on the events of the last twenty four hours. I'd finally seen what I had been doing to Brendon; I can't believe that it took this for me to take off my blindfold. I rolled my fingers over his sweaty forehead; his skin was oh so soft. I placed his fringe to the side so I could dampen his forehead. He looked so calm when he was sleeping. I gently stroked his soft skin. I looked at him and I saw that the ground I was standing on was false, maybe it wasn't Pete that I loved. I suppose seeing Brendon like this kind of jogged my memory on what it truly wanted. I sighed and walked out onto his balcony as he lay sleeping quietly on the bed. I stared out onto the horizon the dark horizon had spots of light splashed aimlessly over the place. I thought I had got Brendon Urie out of my system months ago...and I'd let Pete in. But obviously I was wrong, how could I of been so naive. I suppose it will always be Brendon...and last night it just all felt so right, his arm protected me like a shell and I wanted to feel that again. I never get that feeling with Pete. I looked up into the sky, the full moon shinning down upon me. I looked into my heart for a change...I needed to find a way that would be real and timeless. And that way is with-

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