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I closed my eyes for one second and the world has moved on

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Is brendon really ready to move on? Or is he just saying that... read and review please!

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My eyes flicked opened and I pain shot through my hand, I breathed heavily as I tried to regain my current state of mind.

"Must have been a bad dream," I muttered. My palm felt wet...sweaty almost, I raised my hand to my face and it wasn't sweat at all. Whatever my dream was about must have scared the shit of me since I had dug my finger nails into my hand. I opened it up and flinched in pain.

"You're awake." I heard a tender voice come from the doorway.

"Seems so," I whimpered while clenching my hand. She rushed over to me and grabbed my hand. I stared at her expression as she dabbed my hand over with a towel. "Thanks." I said shyly as her hazel eyes glanced into mine. She let out a shy smile.

"Okay...erm...I don't want to sound stupid or like a stoner but why are we on a moving bus? And who are you?" I said nervously while feeling my cheeks go slightly red.

"Well let me explain. You see you passed out after taking ecstasy...and your band had to go to a show so they took you on the bus, still passed out that is, and I am one of Hayley's friends, Jenna. Does that help?" She smirked while cleaning my wound.

"Pretty much," I smirked back. "Shit! I took ecstasy...I'm such an idiot." I said as the events of the other night had finally caved in on me. My fingers started to shake as she put a bandage around the palm of my hand.

"It makes two of us...I used to be an addict, but I overdosed and it woke me up. You're lucky you had your friends there for you when they found you in that parking lot." She explained subtlety. Her words where like water and my mind was like a sponge. I was actually listening to someone for a change rather than going on about myself.

"You know you're like a guardian angel...your words actually click, its weird." I said honestly while staring at my recently dressed hand.

"No unfortunately I'm not...sometimes it takes a big blow to see things in a different prospective." She smiled, I returned the gesture. She was a pretty girl; she had long glossy brown hair that just swept past her shoulder blades and her skin tone blended well her suttle black eye liner.

"Oh I see you're awake...finally!" Spencer called as he entered the room.

"No I'm asleep." I said sarcastically.

"I take it that drug didn't take away your hilarious sense of humour." He smirked.

"Obviously not," I replied.

"I take it you met Jenna then?" He said while nudging Hayley as she entered the room.

"No Spencer he was just talking to himself because he loves doing that." Jenna chimed in with a cute smirk.

"Oh I like doing that too." He smirked back. I sighed and got up; I walked over to the kitchen area and searched the cupboard for some Oreos.

"This what your looking for?" Ryan asked while waving a box in my face.

"Thanks." I smiled while delving my hand in the box.

"Think of it as thanks for not staying asleep present." He smirked while sitting down on the sofa.

"Where's Elspeth?" I asked curiously while taking a slurp of milk out of the fridge.

"She's on the fall out boy bus planning her and Pete's wedding." I spat out the milk when he said that. Ryan just sat on the sofa and laughed as I strung together a sentence.

"They what?!" I said breathlessly.

"Only joking!" Ryan said while collapsing into a fit of giggles. I scowled at him while wiping the milk that had formed a moustache around my lips; I felt the day old stubble forming round my face.

"I think I need a shave." I muttered under Ryan's laughing.

"What?" He asked while wiping his after reforming his usual self.

"Doesn't matter...seriously why is Elspeth on the FOB bus?" I asked seriously, not that I was expecting a serious response.

"You don't remember anything? Oh well let me explain." He said while indicating me to sit on the sofa opposite him. "Alright then...well basically Elspeth and you were in the hotel room and you said that you loved her. Then you took the pill...said some stuff...then you passed out." He explained plainly.

"Okay, okay, okay...I understand what happened now, but it still doesn't explain why she isn't on the bus. I mean she does sleep on here right?" I asked feeling a wave of confusion coming over me.

"Wrong. She is on the FOB bus now...she thought it would be weird between you two, and she wants some time with Pete too." He said casually while flicking through a copy of kerrang.

"Oh I see." I said sadly while getting up and walking over to my bed. I collapsed onto my bed and closed the curtain. Maybe it was better if she wasn't one this bus? It gives me time to get her out of my system, the hard and rational way.

"And will you tell all your friends!" I heard Hayley sing at the top of her voice. She opened the curtain and collapsed onto the bed next to me. She lay next to me, not too close, but close enough so I could get a whiff of her perfume. "You've got your gun to my head!" She continued to sing.

"Hey Hayley," I smirked while rolling onto my side.

"Hey...sorry bout that but I just love that song, no matter what Spencer says about it." She said softly.

"It's a great song and sung by a great person." I said while beaming at her.

"Who, Adam Lazzara?" She asked raising an eyebrow.

"No," I said while feeling my cheeks go red as her eyes layed upon on me.

"Aww, so sweet," She said while placing a kiss on my warm cheek. I felt my cheeks burn up; I didn't usually get this attention from Hayley, any girl in fact...well apart from Elspeth.

"You don't need to go shy...well I know you would if Jenna did that to you." Hayley said suggestively.

"Oh my god, I've known the girl two minutes and you've already booked the church!" I sighed.

"No I haven't I'm just saying, I mean it's about time you got a new girlfriend and she's perfect for you." Hayley said while smirking at me. I lay flat on the bed next to her and sighed.

"You wanna know something?" I asked her seriously.

"What?" She grinned back.

"Maybe it is about time I found someone else...I mean Elspeth is history, and I don't think Pete and her are gonna break up." I sighed feeling
sad at the end of that sentence.

"Really!? That's great Brendon." She said while giving me a hug. She then got up since the bus had stopped. I rubbed my eyes and slowly stood up, almost bumping into Jenna on the way.

"Sorry." We both said in unison. We both found ourselves smirking awkwardly at each other.

"Well this is weird." She said openly.

"Err...just a bit." I laughed. "Wanna know a fun way of getting off the bus?" I asked excitedly.

"Okay." She said willingly.

I turned around, "Jump on my back." I laughed. She sighed and I hoisted her legs around my waist and she linked her arms around my neck.

"One, two three...go!!" We said in harmony. She was really light so I whisked through the bus dodging Jon who stared at us intriguingly. I got down the steps, and her still on my back, we both laughed so hard.

"You're pretty strong for a skinny guy." She said trying to regain her usual character.

"Well you're pretty light for a cute must be natural beauty, not any of that cosmetic shit." I said while letting her off my back.

"Thanks Brendon...I think." She smirked while I noticed her cheeks go slightly red.

"I did mean that you are beautiful." I said truthfully. I heard two sets of footsteps approach from behind me. I turned around and stood next to Jenna.

"Hey Brendon," Elspeth said awkwardly while letting go of Pete as he carried on walking.

"Oh hi Elspeth," I said hoping that she hadn't just heard what I said to Jenna.

"I'm Jenna." She said while shaking her hand with Elspeth. I glanced into her gem stone eyes and I could see something...something different from when I last stared. She smiled weakly at me and walked off.

"She seems a bit weird with you." Jenna said nervously.

"That's because she's my ex...and I kinda told her
something I shouldn't of." I sighed while sitting down on a nearby bench, she followed me.

"I know you don't know me very well but if you want to talk, then I'm all ears. I know how it feels to have tonnes of problems on your shoulders; it feels like your carrying the world." She said while staring into my eyes. I felt my heart race as I prepped my mind for what I was gonna tell her.

"Basically I told her how I felt...I told her that I loved her...I always had. But note I'm using the past tense here because I don't think I love her anymore, I think that pill woke me up...up to the true reality. I was deluding myself. I did love her but not anymore...and I suppose Hayley's right...maybe it is about time I got a new relationship?" I said, as I spoke every word it felt as if all the pressure was slowly being drained off. It felt good.

"If you don't think you love her then you need to be sure. I mean there's one way in which you can find that out." She while glancing into my chocolate brown eyes.

"And what would that be then?" I asked curiously.

" gotta take her hand, look her straight in the eyes and just search for something anything, just ask yourself do I feel the same as when I was with her before? Then you'll know." She said seriously.

"You know something that actually makes sense." I smirked.

Elspeth's POV

"Pete sound checks are so boring...can't we go out for lunch instead I'm starving." I moaned as he paced the floor going over his tab.

"Sorry baby...I can't this is one of those things that has to be done." He sighed irritably. I could tell that the tour was getting to him. He would normally jump at the chance of having just me and him time, but it was out of his power. The power of time was in his management's time. I'd lost count of the times that I'd woken up alone since he'd gone off and done interviews.

"Why don't you ask Brendon if he can take you? His sound check isn't until later...I don't think it is." He said while grabbing his bass and checking it was in tune.

"Okay. See you later." I smiled while pecking him on the lips. I practically skipped off to the bus depo where he had been earlier. I noticed him and Jenna sat at a bench I stopped behind the bus just so I could catch the end of there conversation.

"Then you'll know." I managed to hear her say.

"You know something that actually makes sense." I heard him reply. What makes sense I'm so totally confused...again. They'd stopped talking so I came out from behind the bus and I stopped in my tracks as they were sat hugging on the bench. I let my jaw-drop, why was I acting like this? I don't even want to be with Brendon...I'm acting like the jealous ex-girlfriend. No I am the jealous ex-girlfriend.

Soooo is there a chance of Elspeth still having feelings for Brendon? Or is it just the shock of seeing him finally get near to someone else...well review and i may put the next chap up! lol
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