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I know this is gonna sound old but Cupids got me in a chokehold

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Please Review who would have known that Oroes can bring people together?

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"Hey Pete," I said sounding confused as he entered the bus with two bags.

"Brendon! Guess who have come to stay?" He said excitedly while tossing the bags onto the bunk above mine.

"Err...the gremlins?" I asked aimlessly.

"Do I look like a gremlin to you?" Elspeth asked as she walked onto the bus.

"Yes." I smirked. Her jaw dropped and she pushed me onto my bed. "I was only joking." I grinned and she stood in front of me. She sighed at me and walked off. This was going to be weird having Pete and Elspeth in the bed above me.

"Okay let's see, pop tarts...yuck, lucky charms, may eat them later." I heard Pete mutter from the kitchen. "Oreos!" I heard him shout.

"No! They're mine!" I shouted while getting up and wrestling the box off him.

"Dude, chill...we're all men here, we should be able to share-" He paused and we both loosened our grips. "But this time these fucking Oreos are mine!" He shouted while pulling the box out of my hands.

"Sly Wentzy, very sly..." I said while scowling at him as he smirked while slowly eating the Oreos. I glanced at my watch and I knew by the time I'd of got some from the shop the bus would be gone. I sighed and made my way to the back of the coach where Jenna was sat reading a book.

"What you reading?" I asked while sitting down next to her. I could see Pete down in the hall purposely eating the Oreos slowly and savouring every bite.

"Oh just that book Pete published ages ago." She said while putting it down.

"It's good...even if that evil Petey did write it." I smirked while then scowling at Pete.

"Since when has Pete been evil?" She laughed.

"Since when? Well since he stole my Oreos!" I said while screwing my face up into a hurt expression.

"Aww, poor Brendon," She said while wrapping her arms around me.

"He's evil," I whispered softly in her ear making her laugh again in the process. I glanced over her shoulder as she took her arms from around me, and there was a familiar delicious looking box.

"Is that a...a box of Oreos?!" I asked excitedly.

"Maybe..." She smirked.

"Please? Please? Please?" I pleaded while getting down on my knees.

"Hmm...I suppose so." She sighed while handing me the box.

"Thank you!" I cried while hugging her tight, I let her go and placed a kiss on her cheek. I don't know what came over me to do so but I did.

"Well if that's the reward I get...I think I may do that more often." She smirked.

"Hey, there's plenty of Brenny bear love to go around." I smirked while wrapping my arm around her and letting my hand rest in the side of her arm.

"Have you sorted things out with Elspeth?" Jenna asked as I played about on my cell.

"There isn't really anything to sort out...the other day my head was all over the place." I said seriously while munching on the Oreo's.

"So you mean that-"

"I don't love her anymore...I'm over her, and it
feels good." I smirked while glancing into her eyes.

"That's a good thing." She said while making herself more comfortable by resting her head on
my chest.

"What do you mean by that?" I asked curiously. I felt a warm feeling burn up inside me, causing a small smile to escape from my lips.

" two have been together, twice? And both times it's broken down, and she's had her chance and I think you'd be happier with someone else. That's all." She said while blushing slightly.

"I suppose you're right." I said simply. She smiled softly at me and I felt my heart race faster. She picked up her book and started reading it some more. It was weird, I wasn't quite sure how she was making me feel this way, and it was like when I first set eyes on Elspeth. I glanced up the hall of the bus and I could hear her and Pete laughing from their bed.

"I wish they'd shut up." Spencer muttered as he entered the room.

"Dude they could be fucking and there not. So count yourself lucky." I smirked.

"Oh trust me I do." He said while widening his eyes. He got down on his hands and knees and started searching through the large pile of magazines that had piled up on the floor.

"What you looking for?" I asked as Jenna got up and left the room.

"Porn," Spencer laughed.

"Dude if you're gonna look at the could at least keep it discreet, I mean who knows what you do." I said trying to sound disgusted but instead I ended up sounding like a retard.

"Well, if I know what I think you're implying your wrong. I'm not actually looking for porn...I'm looking for the latest issue of the rolling stone, I haven't read it yet." He sighed while sitting down on the sofa next to me where Jenna was sat before.

"I see." I sighed dreamily, my head seemed to be up in the clouds these days rather than back down at earth.

"Brendon, come back to reality and stop being an idiot." Spencer sighed irritably; he seemed to be doing that a lot around me.

"What do mean by that?" I asked while raising an eyebrow.

"You know exactly what I mean, dude you keep fucking up at shows and it's because your to damn shy to reveal your true feelings." He said while staring me in the eyes. I could never lie, not whenever people stared me in the eyes and unluckily everyone knew it was my weakness.

"Brendon just admit it, you like her. And you know who I'm talking about; I mean you had your arm around her earlier...ha-ha Brendon's in love!" Spencer cooed.

"Piss off! No I'm not...I don't like her like that." I shouted while standing up.

"Brendon I'm only trying to help you, you need a girl. And there's one that likes you and you like her, I'm only trying to help." He said calmly.

I rolled my eyes and walked out of the room and collapsed onto my bed. I closed my eyelids shut tight and exhaled deeply. What was I doing? I knew how I felt but I could never get it out right, ever since fucking high school. Of course I like her, she's pretty and I love the way she rolls her hazel eyes whenever I crack a dirty joke. I just want to comb my fingers through her soft silky hair, but how do I get what I want when I'm not even sure that this is real enough for me to deal with. I heard footsteps stop in front of my bed.

"Want some company?" She asked as I rubbed my eyes with frustration. Don't run from another conversation Brendon.

"Go on then." I sighed jokily as I moved over as she lay next to me. I rolled onto my side and pulled the curtain closed.

"It's a good thing those two have shut up." Jenna smirked as I flattened my hair down nervously.

"Yeah, I mean who knows what they were doing earlier? And it would be hell if the bed collapsed while they were having-"

"Brendon you really don't know when to shut up." She said while hastily placing her finger on my lips.

"I'm sorry." I smirked as she took it away.

"You really must be over her then?" She asked as I stared at her expression as she spoke.

"Just a bit," I sighed. She smiled softly at me and I felt my pulse begin to quicken; her hazel eyes locked with mine. I blinked quickly out of the trance I had fallen prisoner to. "Sorry about that." I said while feeling my cheeks go red.

"Whats there to be sorry about?" She asked while staring at me weirdly.

"Well, oh it doesn't matter." I sighed while rolling flat on my back. She rolled her eyes and rolled on top of me, supporting herself with her arms.

"Okay so if it's not important you wouldn't have bought it up." She said while laughing slightly at the uncomfortable position we had got ourselves into.

"I suppose your right." I said while staring into her eyes that were hidden behind her designer glasses frames.

"So?" She asked while smirking at me as I seriously stared at her. I felt my heart race in my chest and I took a deep nervous breath. "Brendon?" She asked while cracking an impatient smile.

"Please be quiet." I said hastily, before she could open her mouth I pressed my lips against hers like I had been wanting to all day. I didn't attempt to take it any was just a perfect kiss. I took my lips away from hers and now was for the hard part. The explanation.

hmmm...sorry bout the delay i was really uninspired for this chap but i have tonnes for the next one so...r and r please :D
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