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I'm sorry it took me so long, even if it is too late

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Pete has one thing on his mind, Elspeth has it on her mind...but not with Pete. REVIEW PEOPLE!

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Brendon's POV

She stared down into my eyes and didn't move I could see the confusion in her stare. It sent shivers down my spine.

"Please say something." I said with a whimper in my voice. She rolled off me and lat flat on her back basing all her concentration on the bottom of the bed above us.

"Is this what you really want?" She asked while glancing into my eyes.

"Yes...if it wasn't then I wouldn't have kissed you." I said honestly.

"Do you really mean that?" She asked while turning onto her side.

"Would I lie to you?" I said while raising my eyebrows. She smiled softly at me and I wrapped my arm around her. We just lay there, this scene felt so familiar; I didn't want to fall into the same trap as I did with Elspeth. I didn't want to fear this but I couldn't block it out of my mind.

"Brendon..." Jenna said openly.

"That's my name." I smirked.

"Does this mean we' know...together?" She asked curiously.

"If you wanna be?" I said seriously. She smiled at me and I returned the gesture, I found myself getting lost in those hazel eyes again, and before I knew it my lips were latched onto hers again.

Elspeth's POV

Pete worked his way lower down my neck allowing me let out a few gasps in the process. The bus stopped and obviously we were there. He took his lips away from my body but I could still feel the warmth of his touch hovering on my skin.

"I think we're here." I sighed irritably.

"Well either that or we burst a tire again." Pete said while pulling on his shirt covering up his beautifully tanned skin.

"Great." I muttered while he got down from the bunk to go and see what was happening. I lay back onto the bed and rested my head on the pillow that looked as fluffy as a marshmallow but was as hard as a brick. "Its just typical Petey getting the crappy pillows." I mumbled while closing my eyes shut tight.

"Well that's because Petey doesn't pan on sleeping." I heard a voice laugh from behind me.

"You're so funny." I said sarcastically as I rolled over and faced Brendon's smug looking face.

"I am aren't I? You might not want to go to sleep by the way...since we're at the hotel and everything." He said while walking off down the coach. I rolled my eyes and dragged myself out of bed. I turned around and closed the curtain while feeling someone's hands cover my eyes.

"Guess who?" The voice asked.

"Saffron!" I shouted while instantly turning around and wrapping my arms around her. It had been a while since I had last saw Saffron. Since she'd been on work she hadn't been able to come on tour with Jon.

"I thought you were working up in Seattle?" I asked curiously.

"No...I missed Jon too much so I decided to take some leave and see him for a bit." She explained while letting a sweet smile leak from her lips. She walked off the bus letting her perfectly curled hair bounce in the wind. Although she was a nice person there was always something sinister about her that I couldn't put my finger on. I bit my bottom lip and ran off the bus to catch up with the others.


"So we've got tonight to ourselves?" Pete asked while raising an eyebrow and wrapping his fingers around my waist.

"Yes...but how about we talk?" I asked. I saw Pete's seductive smile soon turn into a frown as I tried to get the subject off sex. "Oh come on we hardly ever talk Pete...and whenever we're together it's always about sex." I moaned as he paced the floor with frustration.

"No its not...I'm only trying to show you how much I love you, I don't wanna waste no more time arguing with you." He said reasonably calmly. I sat down on the bed and stared innocently at his abnormal expression. His eyes quickly turned there attention to something else. It felt like there was a wall being fast built between me and Pete. All we seemed to do was argue and it wasn't where I wanted to be.

"Okay be like that Pete. Just carry on being the self obsessed dick you've become over the last few days." I said while grabbing my suitcase.

"No! I'm sorry." He said while pulling back my arm. I loosened it and made my way out of the room.

"I need to re-think this whole me and you relationship thing." I shouted while opening the

"It doesn't sound like such a bad idea!" He shouted while slamming the door in my face. I felt the world rush by my feet for a second and then the smashing from the room that lay behind me awoke the reality. I felt a tear graze down my cheek, carrying some of my black eyeliner with it. I slid down the door like a raindrop races down a car window and I held my head in my hands. I heard footsteps approaching me along the corridor; I ignored them and sat there trying to hide the tears.

"Elspeth?" The owner of the footsteps asked while stopping in front of me.

I looked up at his worried face and he reached out for my hand and pulled me up into his arms. I cried hard onto his chest as he gently rubbed my back with his calm hands. He helped me with my suitcase and wrapped his arm around me as he ushered me down the hall.

He opened the door to his room and placed my suitcase adjacent to his on the floor. He stopped and stared into my watery blue eyes. His lips quivered and the determination on his face searched for the words of comfort I needed but yet he couldn't seem to grasp them. He placed his hands on my waist and hoisted me up into his arms and carried me over to his bed. I buried my head into his shoulder as he cradled me on his lap. I felt his fingers roll over my waist as he stroked gently my skin. It showed that even Brendon Urie was human. He waited a while so I could regain my self-control to speak without bursting out into tears again. I wiped my damp eyelids and sat up on his lap so I could maintain eye contact with him as we spoke. He placed his hands on my cheeks and wiped away the tears that had carried my eyeliner with them. He smiled at me trying to show some reassurance the situation, I placed my hand over his and moved the down and rested mine on top of his on my knee.

"Are you ready to tell me what happened yet?" He asked while staring deeply into my eyes.

"I don't really know how." I said quietly.

"You don't need to." He said reassuringly.

"I do Brendon...I'm just starting to doubt everything, and I don't think I love Pete." I said nervously.

"Oh that's a very big doubt." He said openly, Brendon never was the guy that was best at advice. "Look sometimes you think you know someone and basically you don't. Just...I dunno if your not happy jump ship...I know it sounds bad but sometimes you have to put yourself before others no matter how bad it may sound." He said honestly.

"I do see your point there." I said while letting a small smile escape from my lips.

"It's good to see that my almost one hundred percent crappy advise has helped." He smirked.

"Well I think that was the very minute almost." I smirked. He smiled back at me and I could feel his palms sweating as they linked with my hands. He stared deeply into my eyes and moved his hand towards my face. He gently pinned my hair behind my ears and he smiled at me some more.

"The perfect words never did seem come to my mind when I need them." He said seriously.

"Sometimes things don't need to speak words." I
replied while feeling a cold sweat come over me. He glanced out of my eyes for a second and returned bringing his lips closer to mine. He placed his hand on my cheek and paused as his lips brushed against mine.

"I can't wait forever." He said softly. He bought his lips closer and I suckled on them. He took his lips away again and I pressed mine against his deepening the kiss by exploring his mouth.

He pulled away for a second, "You want this? Because I don't want to take advantage of you," He asked seriously.

"I want this more than the world, and like you said you won't wait forever." I replied while continuing the kiss. He moved down my neck and we toppled onto the bed. This was what I wanted and it was where I wanted to be.

So i thikn that has spiced things up a bit...sorry i havent updated for a while but i like making you wait. Its a start of a three parter next chap. Sooo....REVIEW! :P
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