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I Pray to God That You're Right before My Eyes: Part One

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Note: this is a three parter The room was quiet and the only thing that echoed through my ears was the occasional drip from the tap. Well this was true until the bone shattering thud came as the ...

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This is the first instalment of the three parter that all I will say is something that will reveal a many secrets and im not too sure how it will end cus i havent finshed it yet but BIG stuff will happen. After the end of this the story will have a new lets get started. Also I'm not sure whether to finish this story after this three parter becaus ei dont really see a future for it and no one seems to be r and r-ing.
well anyway here we go.

Brendons POV

I sat up on the bed and watched her chest gently rise and fall, I still wasn't sure if I had made a big mistake yesterday. Was Elspeth really the only girl for me? I heard the door knock and I froze on the spot. If it was Pete then I know that I'm gonna get another black eye, and if it was Jenna then I could lose her too. I really have got myself into a hole now. I sighed and jumped off the bed and opened the door but blocking the view with my body.

"Oh morning Jenna," I said while feeling my pulse race faster.

"Is that all I get? God Brendon you really are bad at this." She sighed.

"Sorry," I said sheepishly. She stood there for a while and tapped the floor impatiently with her foot. It's like the whole book of romance had been completely wiped from my body. I quickly knelt in and gave her a quick peck on the lips.

"You don't seem yourself this morning, and no shirt very unlike Brendon." She said suspiciously.

"Oh I got hot in the night...infact I don't feel to well so I think I may go back to bed." I said quickly.

"Well why don't I just join you?" She smirked.

"Erm it's only a single bed and I-"

"Okay, I get it when I need to fuck off." She sighed. I pulled back her arm and kissed her again deepening it this time.

"See you later." I said softly. She smiled at me and walked down the hall. I sighed irritably and quickly closed the door while hitting my head on it.

"Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!" I groaned quietly since I didn't want to wake Elspeth. Once the pain had started to get to me I stopped and turned around to face her resting body. I sat down on the bed as she slowly opened her eyes. "Morning," I said happily.

"Hey." She said while stretching on the bed. She stared at my worried, confused expression.

"What does this mean?" I asked nervously.

"I don't know." She said seriously. I lowered my eyebrows and flattened down my hair.

"Well we had sex...and we weren't under the influence or anything." I said honestly. He blue eyes stared into mine; whenever our eyes met it was like she had this power over me, her stare was so hypnotic and familiar.

"I know but...I mean you may be single-"

"I'm not." I interrupted quickly.

"What?" She cried, I knew I should have told her about Jenna but we have only just got together.

"I'm sorry, I would have told you but I thought
that I was over you but last night must have meant something?" I said trying to find a ray light in this consequence that could help me.

"Brendon, last night was, well, amazing but I don't think it could work...and we've been through this so many times, and maybe its just better if we stay friends." She said honestly. I wasn't going to be the guy that told her she was wrong because to be quite honest I just wanted to get myself out of this situation.

"Okay." I sighed.

"Alright then...I think I need a shower." She smirked.

"Yeah me too," I smirked back. Her eyes met mine and before I could move she swiftly got up and raced to the bathroom. She locked it tight while I was left pacing the floor...again.

Pete's POV

My eyes darted open as I felt something squeeze my ass, I rolled over onto my side so I could face the offender.

"Do you wanna not?" I smirked while my eyes stared deeply into hers.

"Well it is a fun way of waking you up." She smirked back. I gently knotted my fingers through her thick red locks as she nibbled on my collarbone.

"Saffron...a bit lower," I smirked, her eyes met mine and her devilish smile leaked from her lips.

"I think you had enough action last night." She laughed.

"True...should get up really." I sighed while rolling out of bed. I heard her humming on the bed as I combed all the gel out of my hair. My attention drew to my phone; I picked it up and checked my messages. "Nothing," I muttered under my breath.

"Whats nothing?" Saffron asked from behind me.

"Doesn't the word describe itself?" I said sarcastically. I heard her groan in the background and I knew that I had made a big mistake. Last night was a big mistake.

"Pete..."She said eerily.

"What?" I asked while staring at my reflection in the mirror.

"You, are you going to end it with Elspeth? I mean it's not the first time we've been in this situation." She said as she got up and faced me.

"I know...but...this has been on my mind for a while but I love Elspeth and you know I have feelings for you too. But-"

"But I'm not her." She interrupted coldly.

"'s just can you really be with someone who loves another girl?" I said while grabbing hold of her hand.

"But you don't love her you said so yourself last night." She argued.

"I know I may have said that...but people say things you wanna hear to get what they want." I confessed trying to break this off as easily as possible.

"Oh my god! Your such a know I bet if she was dead you probably would be with me, wanna know why? Because you can't keep your trousers will want me will." She spat coldly. I rolled my eyes and entered the bathroom. My body ran down the door and I held my head in my hands. I sat there for a few minutes; this proved that you can't rely on someone else to make you happy. The room was quiet and the only thing that echoed through my ears was the occasional drip from the tap. Well this was true until the bone shattering thud came as the door to the room slammed shut.

I paced the corridor as I tried to find Brendon's room, if anyone knew where Elspeth was, it was him. I kept my head down as I noticed a kid in a hoody coming at me.

"Pete?" He asked as he lifted his head up slightly.

"Ryan...hey," I said casually as we both stopped in the hall for a chat.

"Dude...are you looking for her too?" He asked raising an eyebrow.

"Who?" I asked. My head was filling with worry I hadn't heard from Elspeth all night...what if she'd had gone missing?

"Saffron...she finished with Jon about fifteen minutes ago and stormed off without anything but her car keys. We're all worried about her...she was really upset." He explained.

"Crap," I moaned while placing my hands behind my head and pacing the floor nervously.

"Pete, what have you done?" Ryan asked worriedly.

"Nothing...I've done nothing. Come on lets find her." I said hastily while running off down the hall.


Elspeth's POV

"Hayley I think we've already been this way." I said while stopping in my tracks.

"Argh...we're no good at this, are we?" She moaned while leaning on the wall.

"Not really." I smirked while standing next to her. I sighed and until this moment of peace and tranquillity it finally dawned on me that I fucked Brendon last night. Could I really go on with Pete now?

"So where did you stay last night...I hear you and Pete are on thin ice at the moment?" Hayley said sounding very concerned.

"Oh just in Brendon's room, no biggy." I said trying to trail off that subject.

"Oh okay...did something happen? I mean Brendon seemed weird with you this morning at breakfast." She said seriously.

"Oh yes Hayley something always has to happen, because whenever I and Brendon are put in a room alone we end up fucking. Who do you think I am?" I said sarcastically.

"Sorry...maybe we should check the parking lot." She said as we left the building through one of the side doors. I nodded in agreement, my eyes scanned over the lines of cars. We walked searching for her car.

"Hey guys!" I heard a high pitched screech call from behind us. We turned around in harmony to face non other than Saffron.

"We've been looking everywhere for you." Hayley moaned angrily.

"Sorry...I just needed a breather, you know, to figure out what to do." She explained. I glanced into her eyes and that look, I could see hatred I wasn't sure if I had caused it but if I had I didn't know how.

"Oh okay." I said finally.

"Hey since my cars here why don't we go for a drive?" She asked excitedly. Me and Hayley exchanged glances, "Aw come on lunch is on me." Saffron said convincingly.

"Fine," Hayley sighed while pulling me to the car. I sat in the back while Hayley sat in the front next to Saffron. The atmosphere seemed eerie as Saffron adjusted her mirror while glancing at me and exchanging a cold stare at her reflection in the mirror. It was only Saffron anyway what's the worst that can happen?

Okat please rate and review it would be highly apprechiated and the next chap will be up soonish and it will be more exciting and well i dont wanna give too much away so just read it wen it comes up.
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