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I Pray to God That You're Right before My Eyes: Part Two!

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I always had nightmares as a kid that there was a knife welding maniac after me in a field. It was my worse nightmare. Please Review this chapter leaves a major cliff hanger so reda and review p...

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A guilty conscience is like a slate left unwiped and when four minds are clogged up with worry someone is bound to get hurt...even if it wasn't aimed at them. REVIEW LOL

Pete's POV

"Ryan, I know we're meant to be looking for Saffron and everything...but have you seen Elspeth?" I asked nervously as we walked down a familiar looking corridor...although all the
corridors looked the same in this hotel.

"No I haven't seen her, well not since she went off with Hayley to look for Saffron." He sighed as we both left the hotel and entered the parking lot.

"Oh I see." I mumbled as we stopped in the empty parking space that Saffron had parked her car in last night. I knew this because we went out to a bar got drunk and then had sex several times in my hotel room, and now the guilt trip was kicking in since this wasn't the first time this had happened.

"You need to come clean Pete." Ryan said out of the blue.

"What? Dude I have nothing to come clean about." I said whilst lying every single word through my teeth.

"Its gonna come up soon you know...I know your cheating on Elspeth, you can tell these things, especially with you Pete." He said seriously.

"Just shut up okay, so I've made a huge mistake, it's not your business." I said angrily.

"Hey guys, you found her?" Brendon said from behind us with Spencer in tow.

"Nope," I said simply.

Brendon's POV

I stared at Pete's agitated look as we all stood in the middle of the car park in silence, I wasn't ever the best at reading people but I could smell the tension in the air. The words were written all over Pete's face and I felt like the clueless idiot in this situation. The noise that came from my pocket broke up the silence; I pulled out my cell and read the name on the screen...Elspeth.

"Where are you?" I asked quickly.

"I don't know Saffron's gone mad." She said with the fear echoing through her voice.

"What? Okay erm...describe where you are." I said nervously, leaving Ryan and Pete completely oblivious to the situation.

"I dunno...there's lots of trees and there's a lake she parked her car in the lay-by-" She paused I heard rustling noises in the background and someone else's voice on the phone.

"Brendon don't try coming to find them, it's too late anyway." I heard her voice say coldly.

"Whats too late? Look whatever's wrong I'm sure we can sort it out, just don't hurt her or Hayley." I said feeling my stomach twist into knots.

"There's nothing you can do Brendon...I don't want to hurt you but he fucking hurt me." She said while hanging up the phone. I knew who she meant, that's why there was so much tension.

"If she are gonna pay." I said coldly while walking over towards my car. Ryan ran up to me and got into the passenger seat. I opened the car door and turned around to face Pete who was stood in the middle of the car park.

"Are you coming or not?" I called to him.

"Where?" He asked oddly.

"To find Elspeth and Hayley before it's too late." I said while sitting down in the car. Pete ran over and made himself at home in the back of the car. I thrust down on the accelerator and we sped off on our way on one of the shortest but yet longest journeys ever.


Elspeth's POV

My heart was racing in my chest as me and Hayley ran as fast as we could over the field. I kept checking back to see how far away Saffron was behind us. She had always had a strong athletic figure and now I really wished she didn't. I didn't have a clue why she wanted to hurt us because I and Hayley hadn't actually done anything that we were aware of. I noticed Hayley start to fall behind; I sighed anxiously and grabbed her hand so she could run at my pace. I felt tears run down my cheeks I wasn't sure if it was because oh my hay fever or I was uncontrollably crying because of the fear of dying.

"Elspeth I can't run much longer." Hayley moaned.

"Well where are we supposed to go?" I panted. We both stopped and lay down on the ground conscious to the fact that we were being chased.

"I give up." Hayley sighed with tears streaming down her face.

"I just wish I told him the truth." I muttered but somehow Hayley managed to hear me.

"Told who?" She asked as I heard Saffron getting closer to us.

"Yeah Elspeth share your secret with us." I heard Saffron say eerily. Me and Hayley both jumped to our feet as the psychopath stood opposite us.

"Why were you running?" She asked innocently.

"You know exactly why, now just leave us alone we haven't done anything!" Hayley begged.

"No YOU haven't but she has." She said bitterly. I felt my mind dart in circles; as she pulled a knife out of her pocket her cold stare sent shivers down my spine and my life flashed before my eyes.

"Saffron...I don't know what." I stuttered.

"No you wouldn't because your beloved little Petey hasn't been completely honest with you..." She trailed off leaving a cold smile engulf her lips.

"What?" I asked feeling my eyelids fill with tears. I felt all the pieces of the last twenty four hours fix together in my head, Pete didn't love me, only for sex anyway. I felt sick of the thought of him with her.

"I think you know what me and him have been doing, he doesn't want me...he wants you. And I can't deal with that, so if you're not around then he's mine." She said while leering at me with the knife I dodged out the way and found myself backed up against a tree.

"You don't need to do this." I begged. "Pete's yours I don't want him! I was gonna leave him anyway!" I cried.

"Oh and isn't it convenient that you say this now." She laughed sadistically.

"Saffron I'm being real...just ask Brendon, he helped me open my eyes." I said as the tears gently grazed my crimson face.

"Why should I listen to you?" She said while continuing to laugh. I seriously didn't see any funny side to this, it felt like my life was hanging on by a thread and the one time I needed someone they weren't here. Hayley had frozen on the spot and her face had gone pale, she had a pale skin tone but it was haunting seeing her like this. I couldn't just run away and leave her. My mind went blank as Saffron came closer at me with the knife. I always had nightmares as a kid that there was a knife welding maniac after me in a field. It was my worse nightmare. It chilled my head and I never thought I'd be put into this situation in reality. I saw her coming at me and I quickly jumped onto the floor.

"Run!" I called to Hayley as Saffron turned around.

Brendon's POV

I jumped out the car and noticed a small figure running over the horizon, I ran over to her leaving Ryan and Pete following me at a much slower pace. Her eyeliner had run carrying a black line down her pale toned skin. She ran into my arms and sobbed heavily on my chest.

"Where is she?" I asked anxiously.

"Back there." She whimpered while pointing to where she had ran from. I grabbed hold of her hand so she could lead me to Elspeth. We ran across the plain of long grass to a tree with a skeleton frame stood. The sun was setting before our heads as we came face to face with Saffron who was stood over Elspeth's quivering body with a blood stained knife clutched tight in her hand.

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