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I Pray to God That You're Right before My Eyes: Part Three

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How did it get to this? The blood drips on the floor and my heart races in marothons...without you i fall apart. review and rate pleaseeeee

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Heres the final part of the three parter its pretty moving if you ask me r and r please

Brendon's POV

"Saffron put the knife down!" I demanded feeling the tears melt from my eyes as I saw blood drip coldly down Elspeth's face. They were far from the cliff's edge next to the lake; the cold hard rock, where Elspeth was lay quivering, had a slight stream of blood running gently along it.

"Oh I didn't think it would be long until you showed up." Saffron said while turning around and facing us. "Poor little Hayley came running to the rescue." She said sadistically.

"Take a long hard look at yourself and rethink what you're doing...Elspeth doesn't deserve one does." I said calmly while slowly edging towards Elspeth.

"She fucking does, you don't know anything about this!" She said spitefully while tipping the knife closer towards me.

"I do!" I shouted, "Pete told me everything...about how you two have been fucking each other, about you telling him that you love him...and about the fact that he ended it with you. But you don't need to kill Elspeth; it wasn't her that told you to sleep with Pete. You make your own decisions so just leave her alone." I pleaded.

"Don't you care that Pete cheated on you?" She asked Elspeth gloomily.

"I would if I loved him...I love someone else." She said letting the tears trickle down her cheeks letting the blood carry down with them.

"Yeah right...who then?" She said bitterly. Me and Hayley exchanged glances as the anger was continuing to build up in Saffron since Elspeth was refusing to tell her. How I longed it to be my name, all this heart ache would have been worth something. I wanted it to be me since the day I had met her, maybe it was something about the way she laughed, or the way her words seemed to roll off her tongue.

"Stop!" I heard Pete call as he ran over to us. "Saffron you don't have to do this! I love you and you're the one I want...not Elspeth." He said quickly while not even exchanging a look with Elspeth. Her face was cold, living a lie for the past six months must have been a terrible shock. I would never do a thing like that.

"No Pete your just saying that so I don't fucking kill her...but I've got this far so why stop now?" She asked angrily.

"Look I know this may not come up at the most best time, but I know Elspeth doesn't want him either." I sighed feeling my body fill with apprehension.

"How then?" Saffron sighed irritably.


"Because...Brendon and I slept together last night," Elspeth interrupted.

"What?!" Pete, Hayley and Saffron said in unison.

"Well that prick over there shouted at her and I found her on the floor crying...and well yeah." I explained noticing Saffron's attention draw to me.

"Look just leave Elsie alone because then me and you be together." Pete said as the tears fell from his hazel eyes. She just stood there her arm shaking with frustration I locked my eyes with Elspeth who was slowly edging closer towards me.

"Saffron please don't do it just put the knife down...don't be so selfish, you've already spilt some blood, do you really wanna get charged with manslaughter?" Ryan said while clutching Hayley's arm.

"Please Saffron just leave me alone." Elspeth pleaded while clutching her eye.

"Just shut the fuck up!" Saffron screamed while plunging the knife deep into Elspeth's stomach. I felt my heart skip a beat as she pulled it back out and the blood started to ooze from her deep wound.

"No!" I shouted while running over and pushing Saffron onto the floor. I felt the tears run heavily from my cheeks as I picked Elspeth up in my arms. "It's okay." I whispered hollow words in her ear. I placed my hand over her abdomen, which was seeping blood; I gently wiped it away ignoring the fact that Saffron was still holding the knife.

"Brendon!" Hayley screamed as she came at me with it she pushed Saffron, yet again, onto the floor. Ryan ran over to Hayley who was clutching her leg. "Brendon we need an ambulance." He said nervously.

"There's no time." I muttered while picking Elspeth up and starting to jog across the field. I heard Ryan's footsteps trail behind me, I looked back and stared at Hayley's bloodstained shirt. That was meant to be me.

"Brendon..." Elspeth muttered while wiping the blood from her eye.

"Your still here," I smiled weakly as I opened the back door to my car. I placed her gently on the back seat.

"No...stay with me." She said faintly. I bit my bottom lip and combed my fingers through her beautiful blonde hair. I stared into her blue eyes...they were the colour of the ocean, so deep and so blue.

"Brendon, where should I put her?" Ryan asked while panting slightly.

"In the front you're driving." I said while feeling Elspeth clutch my hand. Ryan nodded and placed Hayley in the front. Elspeth moved over to let me sit next to her. She rested her head on my chest, I didn't care that the blood from her eye was going on my shirt; I just prayed that she was okay. Ryan started the car, I knew we had left Pete behind but maybe he would be able to console Saffron. I felt Elspeth's eyes lock with mine.

"It's going to be okay." I said nervously as she struggled to open the slashed eye.

"I don't want to die Brendon...I don't want to leave you." She said quickly as her voice became panicky.

"Your not going to I'm right here I always will be. Home is where the heart is." I said while letting the tears run down my cheeks while placing her bloodied hand over mine and pressing against her chest.

"Brendon Hayley's bleeding is getting worse." Ryan said as his voice quivered.

"We're almost there...get off at the next exit." I said hastily. I looked down at Elspeth and I could see she was starting to drift off. I placed my hand under her chin and bought her face towards mine.

"Don't go to ...stay with me, I need you." I said while feeling the tears stream down my face. I placed my hand on her stomach and compressed the wound, which was bleeding heavily. "Elspeth just hang on..." I whispered in her ear.

"I love you." She murmured quietly so I was the only one who could here, we pulled up to the hospital entrance.

"Wh-what did you say?" I asked speechlessly. Her eyes were shut tight and her breathing was weak, I felt her soft skin growing colder. "! Don't leave me...I love you too, if your going in a hole I'll dig one just to lie next to you. I need you, without you I fall apart, you're my everything, my Christmas, my Elspeth."

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