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Love and Pancakes - MAY 15

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Bob has a surprise for Kara and Monica and Gee visit their house.

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Kara and Kelly were arguing about something is true sister fashion when Bob heard them come through the back door. He had been sitting in the living room waiting for Kara to get home for about fifteen minutes. It had seemed strange to him to be sitting alone in Gerard's moms house and he was glad Kara had finally arrived.
Kelly walked into the living room still yelling at her sister when he stood up from the sofa. She hadn't been expecting him and screamed. "Oh, Bob you scared me." She said feeling silly.
Kara was behind her, "Bob, you're early. I didn't see your car." She pushed her sister out of the way and moved quickly into his arms. "How long have you been here?" She looked around "and where is everybody?"
"Donna was gone when I got here and Gee and your mom were just leaving so they told me just to come on it and wait for you." He kissed her feeling happy to have her in his embrace.
"I'm just gonna change and I'll be ready." She said as she moved out of his arms.
Bob sighed and sat back down. Kelly looked at him wondering what it was about Bob that seemed different. He noticed her staring at him and smiled. "Hey, Kelly how was school?"
Kelly sat down in a chair across from the sofa. "It was OK." She studied his face, "So how are you?"
He looked surprised by her question because it sounded as if she really cared. "I'm good."
"My stupid sister really does love you." Kelly said softly.
Bob looked at her and blinked, "Well yeah, I know." He answered surprised by her comment because before they had arrived he had been sitting wondering if Kara loved him as much as he loved her.
Kelly shook her head, "No, you aren't sure. You have doubts cause she's so much younger than you." She smiled, "But you shouldn't. My sister is a pain in the ass to me but I do know her. She loves you Bob and she would make you pancakes."
Bob was speechless. How could she know what he had thought about that this morning? He was still staring at Kelly when Kara walked in the room. "I'm ready. Where are we going?"
He tore his thoughts away from Kelly and looked at Kara. "I've got a surprise for you." He stood and put his arm around her shoulder. He glanced back over at Kara's sister, "Uh, Kelly nice talking to ya."
Kelly smiled sweetly at him. He was a good man who loved her sister and would take good care of her.
As she heard the back door close, Kelly suddenly wondered if her mom knew Kara was going to Chicago. She knew that Kara sure didn't.
"Gee, I love the back yard so much, think about the parties we can have out here." Monica said looking out across the large expanse. They had checked out the inside of the house from top to bottom and had just walked outside onto the deck. "We should have our wedding reception here."
Gerard pushed off the railing and took her into his arms. "That's a good idea but it might be to cold." He reminded her that springtime in Jersey could be cool one day and nice the next.
"Gee I've been thinking about our wedding, with everything that has happened don't you think we should wait until you get back from the Canadian gigs? I mean you are only going to be gone for two weeks and that's really not enough time to plan."
"But then we are heading back to Europe and after that the Projekt Revolution Tour." The disappointment in his voice was evident.
Monica looked into his eyes, "But after that you have almost the whole month of September off." She reminded him. "We could get married and go away for at least a week. Just the two of us, we could go where no one knows who you are. We could be just an ordinary married couple." She giggled, "We could even make a back story, you could be a shoe salesman and I could be a librarian."
He frowned, "Are you sure you really want to marry me? You keep putting it off."
She laid her head on his chest, "Of course I want to marry you, I just want our wedding to be perfect, that's all."
He tightened his hold on her, "I love you so much. Whatever you decide is all right with me." He thought a minute, "Why a shoe salesman?"
Monica just laughed and ignored the question. "I love you, wanna go inside and make out in our bedroom?" She smiled at him and waited for his answer.
"More than you know, but I'm taking you back to mom's. You need to get off your feet and rest. I promised the doctor you would take it easy and I meant it."
Monica pouted, "But Gee, I would be getting off my feet." She rubbed up against him and smiled seductively.
Gerard groaned, "Oh no you don't honey. You get your cute little butt into the car, we're going back to mom's." He pulled her arms from around her and led her back inside. After locking up the house they strolled to the car parked at the curb. He glanced over at her and noticed she looked tired. "You know I would like to ravage you but taking care of your health is more important." He helped her into the car then sprinted around and got behind the wheel.
She sighed, "I know Gee." She leaned her head back and closed her eyes. She was asleep before they were half way back to Donna's. Gee smiled as he looked over at her. His phone broke into his thoughts.
"Hello" he said without looking at the readout.
There was only silence. "Hello" he said again. He didn't hear anything so he looked at the readout; PRIVATE was printed across the screen. "Hello" he tried once more.
"Gee" the voice was so quiet he could barely hear but he knew who it was.
He took a deep breath, "Liv". There was only silence, the connection had been broken.
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