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Chapter Eleven

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Pete and Patrick just stood there. Pete was confused and Patrick was terrified.

"I hope I never get a chick pregnant." Patrick gulped. "And if I do, I'll remember to put teal toothbrushes in the bathroom."

Pete laughed. The doorbell rang, and Pete looked at the door confused. "Fucking A, that was fast." Pete opened the door. "Don't you guys have key-Patrick. I think it's for you." Pete said, turning and winking at him. Patrick walked over to the door and peers outside.

"Solar?" He questioned.

"Hi." Was Solar's very nervous reply, "You left your jacket at the bar." She held out her hand filled with Patrick's jacket and gave a weak smile.

Patrick took the jacket and gave a smile. "Thanks." He said.

Pete popped up next to Patrick and smiled at the girl. "Hello, I'm Pete, Patrick's friend and band-mate. Excuse his rudeness, please, come inside." Pete said, motioning inside. Solar walked inside and Patrick closed the door.

"Do you want some tea of something? There's eggs... and stuff." Patrick said, scratching the back of his head.

"No, I'm fine. I really just came to-" Solar was interrupted by the door flying open.

Andy and Joe fell in. Literally fell in. "Got the toothbrush!" They said in unison. They stumbled back up to their feet. Joe held the teal toothbrush up like a sword, panting for breath. "Oh, and Pete, I hope you don't mind, but I accidentally got you a speeding ticket, and I ran into a stop sign. Luckily, the cop wasn't around to see that..."

"What?!" Pete exclaimed, running outside to his car.

"Tina! I got your toothbrush!" Joe said, running into the living room.

"Who's she, Patrick? Is this the girl Pete saw you with in the bar?" Andy asked.

"Yeah, this is Solar. She came to return my jacket." Patrick said. "Solar, this is Andy. And the stupid one who just ran into the other room was Joe."

--"Andy you didn't save my character!" Joe called from the living room.

"Yeah, because Captain One-Eye is a retarded name!" Andy called back.

"No it isn't! Veggie Lord is retarded!" Joe called. You could hear the clicks of the game controller as Joe zoomed through the players. "I'm deleting him!"

"Don't touch Veggie Lord!" Andy ran into the living room and tackled Joe.

Patrick looked at Solar. "Video games." He told her.

"Really?" She asked, walking into the living room and picking up a controller. "I love video games. I used to play all the time with Johanna and Elizabeth back in college."

"Wait." Tina said from the couch. "Did you say Johanna and Elizabeth?"

Solar looked to Tina. "Yeah."

"Johanna and Elizabeth Reccos?" Tina asked.

"Yeah, you know 'em?" Solar asked. Joe and Andy had stopped fighting and their eyes were glued to the TV as Solar played their game so perfectly.

"Know them? They're my sisters!" Tina smiled.

"Really? They were my college room mates!" Solar laughed, killing the last alien and tossing the controller to Joe. He just looked at the score on the TV screen.

"Four-hundred and eighty-seven." He gasped.

Solar sat next to Tina on the couch.

Pete walked in the door and plopped next to Tina on the couch. "You guys owe me eight-hundred dollars." He said, glaring at Joe and Andy.

"Hey, you've got to play me!" Joe said, waving the green controller in the air at Solar.

"Eh, okay." Solar said, scooting off the couch and up by Andy and Joe. "I'm Solar, by the way." She told Joe as she took the controller and picked her character.

"I'm Joe." Joe said, picking his character too and staring the game.

"Actually, I knew that. Apparently you're the stupid one." Solar laughed.

"I'll have you know, that I'm not stupid. The person who told you that (which I'm guessing was Andy) is probably ashamed because I beat them." Joe told Solar.

"Right, gottcha." Solar gave him a thumbs-up while the screen was flashing.

"Ha!" Joe smiled, pointing to Solar. "I killed you!"

"No, I killed you. Look at the screen."

Joe looked at the screen. Solar-System: 12 kills. Joe-Shmoe: -4 kills.

"Minus four kills!" Joe yelled. "I have minus four kills?"

"No way!" Andy said, looking over Joe's shoulder at the screen. "Holy crap." Andy said, stunned. "Solar, you've got to play me next!"

"Ugh, whatever." Solar shrugged.

"You guys don't wear her out before Patrick gets her." Pete told them, making two particular faces blush, Patrick and Solar.

A while later...

"I can't fucking believe you!" Joe yelled, throwing the controller at Andy. "A fucking girl beat me at video games!"

"My turn." Andy said, scooting into Joe's spot. He picked his character and within minutes was killed.

Solar got up and walked over to Patrick. "Is there any water or something?"

"Yeah, come with me." Patrick led Solar out of the living room and into the kitchen.

Andy was stunned. He just sat there. Looking at the screen. He was beat by a girl, and faster than Joe had died.

The doorbell rang throughout the house and Joe looked to Pete. "Who could that be?"

"I don't know." Pete got up with Tina and they guys, and walked to the door where they saw that Patrick had already got it.

"Heather?" Patrick asked, looking at her, disbelief on his face.
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