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Chapter Twenty

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"Wow, Solar's been out there for a long time..." Tina commented, staring at the back door.

"Yeah, someone should check it out." Joe said, getting up and dragging Andy away from the movie.

"Hey, where are you taking me?" Andy asked.

"We, are going to check on Solar. Come, Patrick, come Pete." Joe said, pulling Pete off the couch and Patrick with him.

"Um...Okay. Leave me by myself. I don't care." Tina folded her arms.

"Good, 'cause that's what we're doing." Andy said, who was the last one out the back door.

Tina sat there in silence for a few minutes...

"Shit, shit, shit, shit." Pete said, returning inside with his hands running through his hair.

"What?" Tina said, standing up.

"Oh, nothing, babe." Pete said, waving his hand around.

"Peter, tell me." Tina tapped her foot as Patrick paced around the house.

"It was nothing, really," Pete insisted.

"Peter, I am seven and a half months pregnant, my feet are swollen, my back is killing me, I've peed fifty-three times today and you do not want to know that's happening to my nipples." Tina said through clenched teeth while glaring at Pete.

"Can I guess?" Pete asked.

"Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz the third--"

"Okay! Okay... God." Pete sighed. "Solar's missing."

"SHE'S WHAT?" Tina screamed.

"Yeah, and this is what's left." Pete handed Tina a small, damp piece of paper.

Tina read aloud, "Hello, I'm sorry I had to take your precious Solar. But it had to be done. Just for you know, whatever I need her for. Signed, Jake Pierce." Tina threw the note on the ground. "DAMN IT!"
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