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Tape Three

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Rory indeed had her eye on Gerard. Infact, she couldn't take her eyes off him. It was like some force (maybe his good-looks) was pulling her gaze toward him.


Gerard grinned as he waved at the two girls.

Rory, the girl he saw in the picture, looked even better in person.

He stepped inside the house more and shut the door behind him, softly.

"Rory. I have something for you." Ray said, pulling Rory outside, with Maddi.

Ray walked over to the mailbox and picked up a plastic box.

"Oh, Ray, you didn't." Rory gasped.

"Oh Rory, I did." Ray smiled, pulling a small golden puppy out of the crate.

"Oh my God, Ray!" Rory rushed over and picked up the small puppy, it bagan licking her face. "You didn't have too."

"I needed to. After what happened to Cuppy..." Ray said.

"It's name shall be Caliber!" Rory smiled.


Bob, Mikey, Frank and me stood around, just doing nothing, as Ray and the girls come through the door, Rory had the small puppy Ray got her in her arms.

Ray looked over to me and laughed. "I'm so sorry," He said. "Rory, guest rooms?"

Rory smiled and motioned for us to follow. "Two in each room." She said, pushing open a door. "Ray? Gerard? How about you guys?" She asked.

"Sure." Ray said, looking over to Gerard, who had been quiet the whole time. It wasn't like him.

She walked down the hall further. "Bob? Frank?" Rory asked.

"Why bunk me with him?" Bob said, pointing a finger at Frank.

"Just bunk with me." Frank sighed, pulling Bob by the arm into the room.

"And last but not least. Mikey gets this room." Rory pushed open a door and walked inside. "Bathroom's down the hall on the left. The last door."

"Awsome. So, what's to eat?" Mikey asked, Ray hit him over the arm.

"Ray, it's fine. Um... How about... Pizza?"

"That sound good. Let's do that!"

Everyone was gathered and sent to the living room, where when the pizza arrived, was eaten. Soon after, everyone went to bed.

The next morning, Ray woke up, and traveled out into the kitchen, stumbling over empty pizza boxes. He noticed Rory was in the kitchen. "Hey Rory, got any coffee?" Ray yawned.

"Yeah, want some breakfast? Eggs and toast." Rory offered him a plate, he smiled and took it, sitting down at the small, round table. Rory fixed herself a plate and got them both coffee, sitting down too.

"Sleep well?" Rory asked Ray.

"Yeah, I guess." He replied, taking another bite of food.

"Hm..." Rory hummed. She finished her food and left to the living room, where she sat down and flipped on the TV.

Ray heard laughing in the living room, he asumed that Rory saw something funny, like Gerard falling on his face, or something like that, until he heard his name being called.

"Ray!" Rory called, rolling on the floor, laughing so hard tears ran down her face. Ray ran into the living room to see Rory on the floor, rolling around laughing her ass off.

"What?" Ray asked.

"Look what's on!" Ray turned his gaze to the TV and chuckled. "I knew someone had the camera on us."

On the screen was little Ray, and little Rory, playing outside in the mud. Ray smiled as memorys came flooding back into his brain that he thought had long gone. "I hated those over-alls." Rory laughed. "The button would always get stuck."

Little Ray jumped around in a puddle of mud, while Rory was aimlessly trying to build a mud-castle. Without luck. Little Ray turned to her and sat plopped down in the mud too, helping her with the task of making the castle.

"Ha, I remember that. We never did get that thing up." Ray smiled.

"Yeah, and I got a cold from it raining so damn hard." Rory laughed.

The screen flashed to a slightly older Rory, banging on the bathroom door. "Ray, give him back! Please!"

You could hear Ray's muffled voice from behind the door, "I'm doing you a favor!" He called.

"No, you're not! Give him back!" Rory called again. The door to the bathroom opened and Ray stepped out, holding and empty fishbowl. "You flushed him!" Rory squealed.

"He was dead--" Ray said, trying to calm her down.

"No he wasn't!" Rory cried.

"Didn't you notice him floating on the top of the water?" Ray asked.

"He wasn't dead... He was just playing...." Rory sobbed.

"No he wasn't--" The TV flipped off. And Ray turned his head to Rory, who was wiping her eyes on the back of her hand.

"I'm sorry about Cuppy." Ray said, shyly.

"No, you did me a favor. The bowl would've started to stink. And besides, you got me Caliber."

Ray laughed, sitting down beside her and bringing her into a hug. "You're welcome."

For a second, Rory almost planted one on him right then and there, but held herself back, unwillingly.

Bob and Frank crashed out of their bedroom and both faught over who got the bathroom first. Bob ended up winning and Frank was left to do the potty dance outside the door. "But Bob... I gotta go peeee!" Frank whined.

Gerard came out of his room too and grabbed a cup of coffee, sitting down in the living room on the carpet and started to play with Caliber.
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