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Tape Four

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Ray and Rory watched as Gerard rolled around on the floor with Caliber, smiling and laughing. To Rory it was cute, a different side of his dark, and mopey world.

Rory dug her head into Ray's neck, breathing deeply, taking in his scent. Ray was doing the same, until a crash stopped everyone.

Frank had burst through the door to the bathroom and Bob was yelling at him from the shower. "Bob, I have to pee. End of story." Frank shut the door again.

Ray laughed and Rory smiled. "Gerard, there's food if you want any. Mikey, you too." Rory said, getting up and staring at them. Gerard got up and followed her and Mikey into the kitchen, Rory showed them around, and eventually they ate thier food with little interruptions, except for Maddi coming back over and and Frank, who stuck his fingers in Gerard's food several times.

The rest of the day was just filled with random, and boring stuff.

Rory was sitting on the couch, string into space, Gerard sitting next to her, but not string into space, at Rory. Maddi and the guys were playing Guitar Hero.
Rory got up and sighed, pulling on her hoodie and zipping it up. "I need to smoke." She said, pulling open the front door, letting Caliber out too, and shutting it behind her. Gerard slowly got up and opened the door, stopping outside and next to Rory. She looked at him and gave a confused look, "What're you doing out here?" She asked.

"I smoke, too." Gerard said, pulling out his cigarettes and lighter, lighting one up.

"I never would've guessed." Rory laughed.

"I'd say the same."

"Wow, I'm amazed you've said more than a word. The most I've gotten out of you was a smile."

"I take a little while to warm up to people." LIE! Gerard screamed in his head.

"Well I didn't expect it to take you two days." Rory rolled her eyes.

"It didn't take two days," Gerard said, blowing smoke out of his mouth. "It took two seconds."

Rory laughed. "Ray showed you the wallet picture, huh?" Rory smiled, putting her cigarette to her lips again.

"Yeah, you look better in person, though." Gerard put his cigarette out and walked back inside, leaving Rory with a smirk on her face.


Gerard walked back into the bedroom him and Ray shared, sitting down on the bed and pulling his sketchpad out of his back and into his lap. He began to doodle, not knowing what would pop out of his mind and fly onto the white sheet of paper.
His mind began to wonder while his hands still held the number two pencil, while it painted a picture for him.

Gerard thought back to the conversation on the plane.

"She's not any of you guys' type. She's been known to... Break a few hearts. if you know what I mean." That couldn't be true, she was such a nice, good-looking girl, it just couldn't be true.
Gerard pushed the thoughts away, but they came back as Rory. He knew she was off-limits, because of Ray's little pep-talk on the plane, and because all the guys knew he liked her. Who wouldn't? Even Rory's friend Maddi was a looker...
With those thoughts, Gerard had just about enough, he was tired of being told what to do, who to like, he was going to go after Rory, and get her. Even if it meant loosing a friend, or even a band-mate. He was going to show Ray that all Rory really needed was the right guy.
Gerard came out of his thoughts, and got to see the picture his mind drew for him, Rory.


Rory was now in with the guys, playing watching them play Guitar Hero. Frank and Ray had the highest scores, Mikey's was pretty high too. Maddi was last, but with a pretty high score herself.
"Come on, Rory, play with us!" Frank and Maddi whined.
"Nope, I'm fine." Rory said, shaking her head.
"Rory," Ray coaxed. "Please play. It'll make me happy." He gave her the pouty face and she gave in.
She got up and took the black and white guitar form Mikey's hands. "I pick song."
"Fine by me." Ray smiled
"I pick 'Killing in the Name'. I'm the best at it." Rory smiled.
"Yeah, you go Rory!" Maddi encouraged.
By the end of the song, Rory was in the lead.
"Damn Rory, you beat me..." Ray laughed.
"Yes I did. That's why I didn't want to play with you guys. I play it too much, I'm too good for you." Rory smiled again.
Way to good for me... Ray thought, and he didn't mean the game. Rory could easily have any guy she wanted, why would she pick someone like him?

"I'm hungry. Let's go out to eat." Rory said, pulling the plastic guitar off and set it down in a near-by chair. "Of coarse, my treat."
"Sure." Maddi agreed, getting up and heading for the door.
Rory started to walk out the door, but stopped and turned to Ray ,"You comin'?" She asked.
"Yeah, I'll get Gerard." He said, watching her turn away.
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