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Chapter Fourteen

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Bob sat up, and put his arms around Rory, rocking slowly side-to-side shushing her and telling her that Gerard was just tired and he didn't mean anything.

Gerard sat on his bed, he was beyond angry, he was furious. He couldn't believe it. Had Ray and Rory been going on behind his back the whole time? Was this the end of their relationship Gerard had worked hours and hours on perfecting? Most likely, in Gerard's opinion.

Ray was sitting in the living room, going through Rory's movies and whatnot. He thought he was the only one awake, but he later found out Gerard was still awake when he came out of Rory's room and went into theirs. Ray decided that maybe a movie was better than sleeping; he probably shouldn't have had that coffee before he came home. Ray popped in a random movie and crawled back up onto the couch, watching what turned out to be Star Wars. He watched it for a while before his eyelids became heavy and closed on him.

Rory sat helplessly on her bed, sobbing into Bob's shoulder. Gerard didn't give her time to explain, or tell him about the horrible dream she had had. He just took his guesses and snapped at her.

Bob had no clue as to how long he sat there with Rory crying on his shoulder and dampening his shirt, but he knew it must've been a while, because the window in Rory's room showed the sun coming up and light starting to pour through the curtains.

Rory was chocking on her tears and sniffling when the phone rang and she calmed herself down to answer it and not burst into tears again as soon as she said hello. Because it was a little known fact that no one, not even Ray, could understand her when she was crying and talking at the same time. She slipped from Bob slightly as she leant over to the bedside table to pick up the phone. Her fingers gripped around the plastic telephone and she placed it to her ear.

Ray was still asleep on the couch when Gerard walked out and got a cup of coffee, he glared at Ray before slipping back into the bedroom.

Ray shot up from the couch as someone slapped his face. He opened his eyes to see Bob peering down at him.

"Did you just slap me?" Ray asked, glaring at Bob.

"No time to explain-Rory-"

"What about Rory?" Ray asked, getting up and rushing to her bedroom.

"She got a phone call and-"

"And what?" Ray pressed.

"Stop interrupting me and I'll tell you!" Bob yelled at him. "She got a phone call and someone told her-"

"What did they tell her?" Ray yelled again, earning another slap in the face.

"Her Grandmother just died!" Bob hissed, pushing him into her bedroom. Ray looked around and saw Rory in the middle of her bed, under a mountain of blankets, curled up in a ball.

"Rory...?" Ray whispered, sitting down on the bed, careful not to sit on her.

"Nan died, Ray." Rory sniffled. "She's gone."

"I know, I know," Ray hushed, pulling the covers off and climbing in and holding her in his arms. Ray knew her grandma; he called her Nana Ruby because he couldn't pronounce Rebecca when he was little enough to talk. Her grandma and Rory were very close ever since her Father got a divorce and her Mother got cancer and died. "It'll be okay, she's in a better place now."

"Her place was here!" Rory sobbed, tightly holding on to Ray. "Here with me!"

"It's okay," Ray tried calming her down. Didn't work.

"I can't believe it, she was always there for me; no one even told me she was sick..." Rory whispered. "Not even Charlie..."

Gerard was starting to feel sorry for being so mean to Rory, and decided to go talk to her. He got up from his bed and walked down the hall and walked into her bedroom. He saw Ray and her cuddled up under the covers. "That's it!" Gerard yelled, giving them both a jump and looking at him. "Rory, I'm sick and tired of it all, it's over between us!" Gerard turned back around and stormed back off down the hall and into the bedroom, he pulled his bag from under the bed and started packing his things back into the bag. Ray flew into the bedroom and ripped Gerard up and turned him around so they were face-to-face with each other.
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