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Chapter Fifteen

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Ray was fuming at Gerard. "What the fuck?" He yelled at him. "What's your problem? I know you've got a few, but Rory's broken, Gerard. In case you didn't know, I was just in there comforting her because her grandmother died. Did you know, that her grandmother took care of her since she was three and a half because her mom got cancer and died, and her father ran out on her? Did you know her grandmother was there for her when she got her first kiss, her grandmother was there for her when she almost got pregnant. Her grandmother was there for her during all of her hard times, Gerard." Now, Mikey, Maddi and Frank where in the doorway, listening and watching the fight take place between the two band mates. "Her grandmother gave her this house. No one told her her grandma was sick, not even her own brother. Her brother hates her. And she's barely got anybody in this God-forsaken world. She's only had me and her grandmother and Maddi, then I bring you guys along. She fell for you Gerard, and she fell hard. But you didn't catch her..." Ray stopped, wiping his now tear-stained cheeks.

Mikey sighed and grabbed Gerard's shoulder, jerking him up and pulling him down the hall to Rory's closed door. "You fix your mistake, Gee. Or you'll loose your first real love and your little bother. Maybe even your friends." Mikey hissed, glaring at him and stalking off down the hall.

Gerard was going to admit, he felt REALLY bad. And he should say he was sorry. He griped the doorknob to her room and turned it, and slowly walked in, seeing Bob rocking her back and forth, her crying into his shoulder.

"Rory, I'm sorry." He said quietly, playing with his fingers.

"It's okay, she was only my everything." Rory said, every word dripping with sarcasm.

"No, not that-well, yeah, that too, but mostly when I yelled at you. I didn't know how much you'd been through. I thought you and Ray were doing stuff behind my back... I got worried."

"I would never do that, Gerard!" Rory yelled, standing up and walking over to him. He could now see that her eyes were red and puffy, for a small girl, Rory sure had a lot of tears in her body, and more where pouring down like a waterfall. "I would never do that to you! Not to anyone! Why does everyone think I'm a whore?"

"No one thinks you're a whore! Don't ever say that about yourself!"

"Oh shut up, Arthur." Rory said, calling Gerard by his middle name. One thing Ray did tell him about her, was that when she got REALLY mad at people, she called them by their middle names. "You know you thought it too."

"I did not! I have not! And I certainly would not! Ever!" Gerard got up in her face too. "Don't think that you know me, because you don't! You may have heard the things Ray has told you about me but that doesn't mean you know me!"

"Oh, but I do know you Gerard! I know that your first girlfriend's name was Sarah and she cheated on you with a football player, I know that your best friend when you were younger was, and still is your brother Mikey, I know that your grandmother also died and you broke down, I know that you were on anti-depressants for a while and you were drinking, when the band first started getting big, somewhere in between you started doing cocaine and you became suicidal, I know that your manager Brian helped you with it, he told you to talk to your tour manager and you've been clean and sober for a few years, I also know that you don't love me! And you never have!" Rory stopped and began to turn around, but Gerard pulled her back and made her look him in the eyes.

"That's where you're wrong, Rachelle, I always loved you. How could you ever doubt that?"

"Because, I've been in bad relationships before, and they always turned out horrible. When I was younger, I wanted a movie romance, you know, like on I Love Lucy. Lucy and Richard where so in love on that show."

Gerard had no clue why, but when Rory said that, all anger was washed away from him and he smiled.

"Well, I don't know about Lucy and Richard, but we sure could be like Morticia and Gomez."

Rory smiled and giggled. "Dun, na, na, na," She started.

Gerard snapped his fingers twice, imitating the theme to The Adams Family.

They both laughed and smiled. Gerard looked back in Rory's eyes and she looked in his. Gerard remembered something his grandmother had told him before she died, and decided to share it with Rory, "In the end, it is said, the only thing more enduring than death is love."

Rory stood on her tiptoes and kissed Gerard, Gerard placed his hands around her waist and pulled her closer and deepened the kiss. Rory's arms found their way around Gerard's neck and they knew from that moment on, that they would be, forever and ever, together.
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