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Words of Anger - MAY 17

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Monica is angered over Gee's decision.

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Frank crawled into bed trying not to disturb Jamia. She had been overly tired the last couple of days and he knew she needed to rest more. "Frank, what time is it?"

"Not late, Gee just left to go home and face a firing squad." He moved to take her in his arms. His hand rested on her stomach in hopes of feeling movement. Each time he felt the babies move it touched his soul. He and Jamia had created life times two. It still blew him away.

"Firing squad? What are you talking about?" She shifted slightly and snuggled deeper into his embrace.

"Gee told Bob it was Ok to take Kara to Chicago without clearing it with Monica. She called and is pretty pissed. He went home to talk to her."

"Oh hell, why didn't he talk to her about it?"

Frank smiled in the dark, the babies had just pushed on his hand. He answered her, "Don't know, he didn't say."

"He should have talked to her about it." Jamia yawned. "I just hope she realizes how hard it is for him to suddenly be a parent. He's been trying so hard, wanting the girls to accept him."

"Yeah, Monica and the girls have changed his whole life. If someone had told me four or five months ago that Gee would be marrying a woman with two teen-agers I would have laughed. Not only that he is trying to be a father to them. He told me tonight there are times he feels overwhelmed by everything. The old Gerard would have drank all the insecurities away. It's got to be fucking hard for him."

"He loves her so much." Jamia said quietly, "He just wants to be everything she need and wants. I worry about him."

Frank agreed, "And he loves her girls he's just worried about fucking up. It's just so much uncharted territory for him." He kissed her cheek, "Enough about Gerard, you need to get to sleep. We've got a doctors appointment tomorrow.

"We" Jamia giggled, "That sounds so cute. "We have a doctors appointment tomorrow."

Frank laughed, "Well, we do. All four of us that is."

Monica was sitting on the sofa staring at the blank TV screen when Gerard walked in. He could tell by her posture she was still angry. Her words confirmed it.

"Why did you tell Bob he could take Kara to Chicago without talking to me first?' She said in that deadly calm tone that told him that it didn't matter what his answer was - he was still going to die. She turned to face him.

Gerard sat down on the sofa next to her, "Look, Bob came to me yesterday and asked it I thought it was OK for him to take Kara to Chicago to meet his parents since she didn't have school until Monday.

Monica nodded, "So you just said it as OK without asking me, her own mother?" She was trying to remain calm but it wasn't easy.

"But," he hesitated a second, "don't dads make decisions too?"

"!" she ground out. "And the way you are acting, you never will be." Her voice picked up speed and volume. "What kind of father would let a teenage girl fly off to Chicago on the spur of the moment? With a 28 year old man? In the middle of winter. What if she gets snowed in? Did you even check the weather reports? And where are they...?" Monica's voice broke and she collapsed in tears. She felt Gerard's arms around her, but she jerked out of his embrace. Gerard gave an audible gasp. The surprise of finding out Kara was in Chicago, coupled with the stress from the robbery and car accident had left her an emotional wreck. She continued to cry for several minutes but gradually became aware of quiet weeping. She looked up to find Gerard looking absolutely desolate. 'Oh, God. What had she done?' She had lashed out at the man.

"Gerard?" He didn't look up. She knelt down at his feet and laid her head in his lap. "I'm so sorry" she said while her tears started again. "I'm so sorry" She felt his hand stroking her hair, setting off a fresh round of tears. "I'm so (hicccup) sorry. I didn't (hiccup) mean it (hiccup)." She sat up and looked into Gerard's eyes and started to cry again. "You'll (hiccup) be a great dad. (hiccup) You are a (hiccup) great dad." She started to say more, but Gerard cut her off, "Shhhhh" he said, drawing her to him. She quietly hiccuped as he rocked her in his arms.

"It's OK honey, I'm sorry what I did was stupid, I had no right to tell Bob is was OK to take her to Chiacago." He said sadly. "and you're right about all the other stuff too."

Monica sat up and looked into his eyes, "You do have a right to make decisions about the girls. They are your daughters and they are my daughters, they our ours. We need to make decisons together." She had caused him pain and it tore at her heart. "Gee, I know that you are trying your best to be a good father to the girls. But you have to understand that for so long it's only been the girls and me. They're still my babies. I'm not used to having someone else to rely on.

"But my best just isn't good enough." He said looking away.

Monica felt tears begin to form again, "That's not true. You just didn't think before you made the decision that's all. Lord Gee, I've done that so many times.Being a parent is hard. You are wonderful with the girls and they love you. Don't let my anger make you doubt yourself."

"Monica I just want you to believe in me, I want you to believe I will be good father to them." He looked her in the eyes, "I would do anything I could do to keep them safe, I would protect them with my life. I just want you to believe that."

She reached out and stroked his cheek, "Gee, I already believe that. In the hospital when I was afraid I was going to die I asked you to take care of them. It gave me peace because I knew that you would. Gee, I'm so sorry for my words but they were words from anger not words from my heart. I trust you with my life and the lives of Kara and Kelly. Promise me we will always make decisions together, that I will always have you at my side."

He leaned forward and brushed her lips with his, "I promise".

She kissed a trail to his ear and whispered, "And Gee, you are a good dad."
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