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Chapter Two

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Lilly, Pete and Tina walked from their spot under the oak tree and into the cafeteria with their food trays. Lilly had just gone through a whole half hour of Tina and Pete trying to get her to talk to Patrick. Of course she refused, and said that if they didn't stop asking her she was never going to do it, so they stopped. Lilly returned her tray and spun around, followed by Pete and Tina doing the same. Lilly glanced at the popular table. Patrick was there. Lilly thought it was amazing Pete wasn't there with all the attention he got from all the girls. But it wouldn't matter anyway because he was with Tina and he wasn't going to cheat on her with anyone. No matter who it was.

Tina and Pete looked at the table too. "You know, I don't like that table. It makes me feel like I can't even look at it..." Lilly muttered.

"Yeah, I agree." Tina said.

At the table, Patrick laughed with his friends and turned his head, he caught Lilly's eyes and they locked for a moment. But only for a moment because Lilly turned sideways and broke the contact. "Come on guys, let's go meet Andy and Joe." Lilly said, walking slowly from the cafeteria. Tina and Pete followed her into the halls and down to Andy's locker. Andy and Joe were leaning up against it, talking and laughing. Andy looked over Joe's shoulder and ran to them.

"Well, you guys got done early." Andy laughed.

"Yeah, well that's what you get when you don't pack a lunch." Pete smiled.

The bell on the wall rang and Joe took off without even a good-bye. "We should get to class before the flood of Lunchers come through." Tina warned.

"Okay, see you guys!" Lilly called over her shoulder as she walked down the hall toward her next class, which was her best subject, algebra. She was very good in English too. She walked into the class and only a few people where sitting in their seats because the flood of 'Lunchers' as Tina put it, weren't in there yet. Lilly smiled at her teacher, Mr. Perez and continued to her seat.

Lilly stared at the pencil on the floor. It had fallen off her desk ten seconds ago, it was only three feet away, yet, it seemed to get farther and farther away with each tick of the clock above the green chalkboard. She glared at it, willing it to move. Lilly tried her best to activate the Jedi within. Yoda, be my guide... Nothing. She rolled her eyes and leaned to her side to pick it up, but an evil hand snatched it up before she could lace her fingers around the small wooden writing utensil. Lilly slowly peered up at who had evilly snatched her pencil, and ended up gazing into the eyes of a smiling Patrick. "I got you your pencil." He said, handing her the pencil.

"Thanks." Lilly smiled at him, lifting herself back up into her seat and taking the pencil. She paid no attention to Patrick after that and just went back to her work.

Finally, all of Lilly's classes were over as school ended. She waited at the front of the school for Tina, who she always walked home with. Tina and Pete came out the front doors and smiled at Lilly.

"Hey, Lilly." Tina said, linking her arm with Lilly's and walking down the cement stairs and through the grass. "You should join the Drama Club..."

"What? Why?" Lilly asked.

"Because I hear your favorite play is coming up." Tina said, smiling at Pete.

"Romeo and Juliet." Pete smiled back at Tina. "I'm even going to be in it."

"And since you're such a good actress it just fits." Tina finished.

"I really don't like the spotlight-" Lilly lied, before Pete rudely interrupted.

"No you don't. You love the spotlight." He said. "Your grandma wouldn't stop telling me about how when you were little, you'd dance on a footstool and when you were done if no one clapped you'd get really mad."

Damn Grammy... "She was lying. She was just trying to impress you."

"No, because she told me too." Tina laughed.

"Please at least try out! For me? For us?" Pete pleaded.

"I'll try out for you guys, but I don't know what to tell you if I don't get a part." Lilly shrugged.

Lilly parted from Tina and Pete as she unlocked her door and walked into her house. Her grandma was at Bingo, so she wouldn't be home for a while. Lilly walked into her room and pulled her homework from her bag. She needed to do it all because she was going to try out for Romeo and Juliet tomorrow. She was really excited about being in the play. She would have ever even said she would do it if Pete wasn't going to be in it as well. She wasn't going to humiliate herself alone.
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