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Getting closer or getting more lost?

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'Just like your favourite scenes.' Yeah right.

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AN; Thank you again, everyone who takes the time to review and rate. The lyrics are from Rise Against's song called 'Swing life away'. I feel like I write my favourite bands in every chapter, is it just me? lol. Anywho, here you go. And as always, I'm asking you to tell me what you think. ^____^

Gerard rushed out of his room, to the elevator and he tapped his fingers to the cold, metal wall during the ride. When the elevator got down, after period of time that seemed way too long to Gerard, the doors opened and Gerard rushed out.. He stopped in shock.
Behind the counter wasn't Emily as he had expected. Instead there stood an older, grey-headed and wrinkled man, who read The Times. The man looked up, smiled politely looking at Gerard over his round glasses and looked back to his magazine again. Gerard stood on his place for several seconds, and when he finally got himself to move, he only took really slow steps. When he got the counter, the older man folded his magazine, took his glasses away and looked straight at him.
"Can I help you sir?"
Gerard was confused to the last limit. He opened his mouth to say something, but his head was empty. He had no idea what say.
"Sir?" The older man raised his eyebrows and said the word 'sir' as clearly as possible. Gerard shook his head, put his hands on the counter and looked at the man.
"Umm, where's Emily?" He let out slowly. His words surprised the other man, his brows popped even higher. "Her shift is over for tonight," the man said, " But I can sure you that I can help you just as well as she could." His tone was bit irritated, like he had thought that Gerard was mocking him 'cause of his age.
"Oh," Gerard said quickly, "I don't mean that you couldn't help me, it's just that.. I have to talk to her ..and it's kinda private issue. So umm, do you know where she is?"
"Yes," the man said and crossed his fingers. Gerard looked relieved for a moment before the man spoke again. "But I'm afraid I can't tell you."
Gerard's jaw dropped and stared at the man. "Look, I was really rude to her earlier, and I want to apologize, so could you like. . . call her? " His pleading tone got the older man, so he sighed and took the phone to his ear.
"What's your name?" He asked with the phone between his ear and shoulder. "Way," Gerard whispered in relief.
"Emily dear," the man spoke to the phone while still eyeing Gerard some-what suspiciously every now and then, "there's a quest named Way asking for you. Can I send him to you?"
Gerard couldn't hear what Emily said on the other line, but the older man dropped the phone quickly after she had spoke. "She tells me you know where her room is," the man said frowning, " and that you can go up there."

After thanking the man and practically running to the elevator and tapping his foot its floor, as that would make it lift him faster, Gerard stood behind Emilys door. He took a breath and knocked.
Emily opened and instead of asking him to come in, she leaned to the doorframe looking quite amused. Gerard took a deep breath again.
"I'm a jerk," he said making Emily chuckle, " I shouldn't have snapped at you, that was pretty rude. And I wanted to tell you that I'm sorry."
"Tell it then," Emily said and played with a strand of her hair. Gerard stuck his tongue to his cheek. "I'm sorry."
"I wasn't that mad, but it's cute you came to apologize," Emily smiled and was about to close the door already.
The phrase just ran away from Gerard's mouth, he surely hadn't planned on saying it. Or at least that's what he said to himself. Emily raised her other brow. "What?"
"Yea, I was just wondering, if you'd like to go out to eat something, like for a dinner, with me, that would like be compensation from me for being a jerk and I'm .."
They both chuckled and then looked at each other. "Sure," Emily said, "I'd love to get something to eat."

Half an hour later, which included Emily changing her clothes, even Gerard didn't think there was something wrong on her previous outfit, few glances from the old man when the two left the motel and ten minutes walk, they sat in a booth in a small family diner. There, at the smell of all food, Gerard realised how hungry he was. After all, last meal he ate was the breakfast.
Emily didn't even look at the menu, she told Gerard she ate here so often, she remembered it without looking. When middle-aged, friendly-looking waitress came to them, she smiled to Emily from far.
"Emily," she shrieked, "How nice to see you again. How's your father? Still grumpy at Donald, is he?" Emily did her best on answering, but when the woman noticed Gerard next to her, she wouldn't have cared less what Emily said.
"OH, you have company! How nice, how nice. It's good to get back on your feet, my dear. And if you don't mind me telling, this one here's much sweeter-looking than Matt.." The woman kept on talking and Gerard felt like poodle. Emily patted his knee under the table and kept her answers as short as possible. When the waitress finally came to their orders, Gerard was promised with best currychickenrisotto he had ever tasted.
"Sorry 'bout that," Emily smiled to him. "She's a friend of my dads, so.." Emily did airquotes with her fingers on the word 'friend'.
"It's okay," Gerard said and smiled back. "Who's Matt? If you don't mind me asking."
Emily searched Gerard's face for a moment, deciding whether to tell him or not. "We were going to get married," she said plainly, like talking about weather, and sipped her water. Gerard didn't know what to say. He couldn't read from Emilys face if this was a taboo to her, or if she needed to talk about this. "Oh," was what he managed to say.
Emily looked at him, and smirked lopsidedly. "Don't worry. I'm over him already, so you don't have to listen me ranting about that."
"Okay," he said. It was little awkward that Emily could read his thoughts so well.
"So, what does an artist like you do in small motel in the suburbs of New York?"
Emily didn't think long to answer. " 'Cause of my dad. He and mom owned the place, but when mom passed away, he was pretty lost. He doesn't exactly trust people, so it's just easier when I work there. And when I get to live there for free too, it's pretty good deal. And I've never like really considered the art world."
"That's highly respectable," Gerard nodded, "but you should definitely consider 'the art world'."
"Thanks. I don't know, it seems so cold in a way. Artists want the right people to tell them their work is nice, and then they wish to get money from them. Lot of artists just start to make something they know will sell. There's nothing wrong in that, 'cause they need food on their tables too. I just don't want that kind of dishonesty on me," Emily stated in a wondering tone.
"Yeah, I get what you mean. That happens a lot in music industry too," Gerard said, "There are a lot of bands, who make the same safe records everyone else is making, 'cause it's safe and it'll sell enough, and they don't take any risks. Even that only taking the risks they could make something huge, instead of kinda big."
Emily smiled and nodded. "Is that what you do for a living? Music?"
Gerard was rescued from answering when the same waitress brought their dishes. He dug in to his risotto. It was good, but much like he had expected, it didn't beat his mothers food. When he sat back to drink his water, he glanced at Emilys plate and was surprised by the amount of food on it. His risotto-portion was quite big, but Emilys veggie-pasta and Caesar-salad would have been enough for them both. Emily noticed him staring. "HWhath?" She asked mouth full of the first mentioned.
Gerard smirked and Emily giggled at herself also. After swallowing she asked again.
"You're so thin and still you eat like a friggin.. Horse," he said.
"Yeah, God gave me high metabolism," she said nodding, "Balanced it with no boobs, but - I never wanted to be in Playboy anyway."
Gerard stared at Emily, which made her laugh. Her laugh made her face lighten up, like switching a lamp in a dusk room. Gerard studied her face, and liked what he saw. She was wearing a plain tank top and a hoodie with knee-long fitting jeans and she was stunning to Gerard.
"So," her voice drew Gerard back from his thoughts again, "You avoided my question nicely earlier."
"Oh did I ? That must be amended, " he said in a such poor English accent, it was funny. Emily chuckled, but didn't let herself get distracted this time. "What do you do for living?"
"That's a hard question," Gerard heard himself say. Why didn't he just tell he was in a band? He didn't know. "I'm on the music business, but I've also published a comicbook, and then I travel a lot and meet people."
Emily frowned and was pretty muddled by his answer. "You're not going to tell me?" She asked. "Well," Gerard leaned closer to Emily, "I could tell you.. But then I'd have to kill you." He kept his face serious and looked straight to her eyes. She stared back and Gerard smirked and winked.
Am I flirting? The thought popped to his head. Am I flirting? I'm flirting. Oh fuck.
"Aren't we mysterious," Emily said smiling but her tone was a little hurt. She didn't understand why Gerard didn't tell a thing as simple as that to her, when she had told him pretty personal and deep stuff.
"Hey," Gerard said and touched her hand. Yea, I'm definitely flirting. "I'll tell you eventually, I promise. But my work isn't me, I'll tell you anything else you want to know. And the other stuff is way more important than my job."
Emily looked away for a moment and then to Gerard's surprise sang quietly a part of a song Gerard knew. "..and I've got some friends some that I hardly know. We've had some times I wouldn't trade for the world.."
"Rise Against," Gerard said and smiled. Emily had a sweet voice. "Yeah," Emily nodded," I love them. And that song."
"They make good music. And those guys are great," Gerard slipped before realising what he had said. Emily stared at him, totally forgetting that her fork full of salad was on its way to her mouth. "You've met them? You've met Rise Against?"
"Uhh yeah, I went to their show and met them afterwards," Gerard said, praying that he sounded convincing. At the same time he hated himself for lying. Emily didn't deserve it, but he wanted desperately keep the whole 'singer of THE My Chemical Romance' status out of his forehead. Even if Emily didn't know him by his name, chances were pretty big that she'd remember hearing the name 'My Chemical Romance'. Gerard was so sick of meeting people, who didn't want to know him, but know the Gerard Way. He was so sick of going on dates, set-ups and ones, he arranged himself, only to notice how women were attracted to the famous Gerard, instead of him. Now that he had found someone, who didn't knew anything about him beforehand, he wanted it to stay that way.
Emily saw from his face that he hid something again, but let it go. She enjoyed herself, and it had been a long time since she had enjoyed a company of man this way. Matt had screwed her up big time, and even if it all had happened almost year ago, she hadn't had anyone serious after him. She hadn't known Gerard even for 24 hours, but already she felt better with him than all those asses, who thought they were Gods gifts for women, and she knew, 'cause she had dated those asses, trying to convince herself that Matt didn't bother her anymore.
"Hey, I believe someone promised me that I could ask anything I want," Emily smiled and brushed her lips with napkin now that she had finally finished eating. Gerard had also finished, and he nodded.
"Do you know why dust looks white in black socks but dark in white socks?"
Gerard stared and his jaw dropped. Emily just giggled.

The way back to motel, that normally took ten minutes, expanded to almost 25 minutes, when Gerard and Emily walked the streets in the dark evening stopping; to look at something, or for no reason, every now and then. Emily asked questions from Gerard and likewise. It could've been one of those scenes from romantic comedies, where the camera goes around and round the couple, they do goofy faces and all cute things, a perfect popsong plays on the background and then the camera slowly slides to the level of rooftops and higher and then the song ends. And the scene ends.
Gerard realised how RomCom-moment it was as they lived it. And as much as he hated pretty much all movies like that, he couldn't help but to enjoy his own scene.
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