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Out of Reach

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I'm back!! And with three chapter's left XP

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A/N: I'm BACK! That's right dears, see! I told you I'd get it finished and I have! Seriously! Now all I have to write is the epilogue and you'll be rid of me for a while and put out of your misery! laughs But yeah, be prepared folks...
And can I just say a HUGE thank you to all the people who have given me ideas and helped me out when I've been stuck with this and especially big thanks to Caitlin, MyVengefulRomance, SafeFromRobots and Silvana. You guys have been awesome, thank you so much.
Disclaimer: I don't own, and I definitely don't own the awesomeness that is Tim Burton and his wonderfully gory 'Sleepy Hollow' for inspiring me to get this finished and inspiring me originally XP
Dedicated to: Caitlin, for bugging me endlessly! Here you go, finally updated!


Chapter 48
Out of Reach

She'd always had a buried hatred of him when he was asleep. He'd always looked too calm, too peaceful for his own good. He was asleep now; lying, curled up against the bedpost, his hands still chained behind him, blood in a stained pool on the carpet around his still form. Wrinkling her nose in something almost like disgust she lashed out with her booted foot and kicked him in the stomach. He groaned in pain and curled up tighter, burying his head, dark hair stark against his translucent white skin. So she kicked him harder, bruising his frail form as she yelled at him, caught by an unstoppable and unreasonable desire to cause him pain. "Wake up!" She screamed in frustration at him.
He moaned and huddled closer to the bedpost, his ashen legs, covered in goose bumps visible through the dozens of rips in his tattered jeans. It was near midnight two days after he'd lost the Melaina Walker he'd loved and it was frozen cold. Outside the first flakes of snow where beginning to float down from the heavens and in the corridors below Penny and Kaela huddled around the small fire in Penny's room - the palace rapidly getting colder as the winter drew in.
Melaina growled in anger as she knelt down in front of him and roughly grabbed his shoulders, dragging him forcefully until he was sitting up. Then she slapped him hard, her nails leaving more scratches across his cheeks as he bit his lip in pain. His hazel eyes flickered open seconds later, filled with pain and hopeless submission. "Leave me alone." He whimpered, turning his head away from her, sounding like a scared child. For a second something flickered in Melaina's stormy eyes as she realised how much like Kaela he had sounded, but it was gone in an instant as she jerked his head back around hard.
"Why?" She sneered at him, her black painted nails digging into his flesh, making him wince "Are you scared Gee?" She taunted her face threateningly close to his own, so that their noses were almost touching.
He whimpered and tried to move further back but he was already pressed up hard against the bedpost. "Leave me alone." He mumbled again "Go a-" He started but was cut off as she kissed him almost viciously. Blood swamped his mouth seconds later as she bit down on his bottom lip, and he squirmed in pain.
When she withdrew her teeth were stained slightly red and a manic grin was spreading across her pale face. Her eyes glinted as an idea began to formulate in her twisted mind. Taking the key from around her neck she unchained his hands from around the bedpost and then chained them back together behind him, knocking him down until he lay flat on the carpet. He whimpered in fear as she drew the dagger from her belt and then sat down on his stomach, her one hand dancing a trail across his bare chest as she traced his heart beat. He closed his eyes as she laid the knife against his frozen skin, pressing the tip into the centre of his chest just slightly so a tiny trickle of warm blood escaped.
"There's a song," She murmured in a mocking singing tone "That says 'Our names in lights across the sky'," She quoted, insanity raging in her stormy eyes "I think that's rather apt." Melaina mused "And so, soon will you."


Kaela's head jerked up to the sound of screams. She'd been sitting, huddled up next to Penny with her velvet cloak wrapped around her shoulders, lulled to sleep by the crackle of flames in the grate, their warmth dancing out in tendrils across the flagstones towards the pair. The little girl scrambled to her feet and hurried from the room, in the direction of the place she knew her mother and her father would be.
Bursting through the door she stopped dead at the sight before her. Melaina was sitting on her father's stomach, her dagger carving a pattern across his painfully thin chest. His head was thrown back in agony as her knife dipped into his flesh once more but was halted where it lay by his daughter's entrance.
"Kaela." Melaina started simply and then stood up, her hands dripping blood on the carpet "Say goodbye to your father."
The little girl didn't move, staying rooted to the spot with her eyes fixed on the lying on the carpet, his hazel eyes half closed.
"Well," Melaina prompted "What are you waiting for? Now or never child." She smiled sardonically.
Kaela glanced up at her Mama and then dashed forward, crouching down next to her father "Dada?" She whispered, a tear starting to run down her cheek as blood pooled into the cuts in his chest.
He opened his eyes slowly, full of pain and hopelessness. "Kaela." He murmured, a slight smile gracing his lips "Hey sweetheart." He whispered, his one hand reaching up to brush a tear from her cheek "I love you honey." The former rock star smiled at her, his dark hair hanging limply around his face - looking nothing like the man she'd seen enchanting the millions on MTV "And I'm glad I got to meet you."
She nodded, a lump forming in her throat "Thank you Dada." She mumbled, her small hand entwining with his blood stained ones.
"Love you Kae." He almost promised before smiling and closing his eyes, his head falling back against the carpet.
"You killed him..." Kaela whimpered, looking up at her mother "You kill Dada..." She cried, more tears rolling down her cheeks.
Melaina shook her head, the sardonic grin still resting on her red lips "No sweetheart." She beamed insanely "Not yet, now run along." She smiled "Go back to Penny darling." She giggled slightly.
Kaela, still with tears streaming down her pastel cheeks, took one look at the madness shining in her mother's eyes and fled.

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