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Chapter 21

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Futuristic fic about the reincarnated Erik living as a very successful music artist in America, after a botched pyrotechnic episode on stage Erik came away with a bad injury to the right side of hi...

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Annette shook her head gazing down as the party below her raged on; things seemed to have spiraled out of control since her conversation with Nick. Erik had not only pulled away from Christine but also hadn't been seen in two days. Doubt started to creep into her subconscious about keeping quiet, her eyes scanned the entire scene looking for Meg and Christine; she felt like a mother hen searching for her chicks.

"Such a serious expression for a party," A male voice exclaimed walking up behind her startling her.

Annette jumped yelping at the intrusion on her deep thoughts. Spinning quickly she let out a long sigh, "Oh Erik!" rushing forward she pulled him into a tight embrace. Pulling back she smiled up at him, "Luv where have you been?"

Erik smiled running his hand through his hair, "Ah yes well that would be one of the 7 circles of hell...dealing with the demons I created." A sad smile crossed his lips, "I finally accomplished what you've been asking me to do all along."

Squeezing his hand Annette replied, "You realized that is wasn't the end of the world...that you've family and friends to help you through this."

Erik nodded, "Well yes there is that...but also to stand and be a man." Bowing his head a bit, "It's taken a long time I know...but I saw clearly for the first time last night what I was doing to myself...and you: not to mention this tour."

Annette nodded, 'Maybe Nick was right...perhaps it was what he needed.' "What brought this on?" She questioned innocently.

"Elizabeth...I've been tormenting myself since the accident attributing our separation to it." Moving to the balcony rail Erik started to lean again it. "Then the other night I saw a magazine about us and I went crazy..." He decided it best to leave the part about Christine out for tonight.

Shaking her head Annette understood his torment, "So how did she make you realize this epiphany?"

Erik lifted his head and sighed turning slightly to stare at the festivities below them, "Because if she truly loved me then this wouldn't have stood between us..." He exclaimed gesturing to his mask. "This thing isn't who I am, a friend taught me that." Scanning the group below, he located his band sitting in their normal spots with a few girls surrounding them.

Annette placed her hand on his shoulder giving it a reassuring squeeze. "We all knew it would take time mon ami, we just were worried you'd never let yourself heal."

"Trust me I had help," He smiled and put his arm around her. "Now there is a party down there that we should attend and I have an apology to make." Erik smiled and nodded towards the steps.

Shaking her head she leaned against Erik for a second, "I have some things to attend to love go...enjoy."

Taking her hand she brought it to his lips giving it a soft kiss, "Thank you." He whispered, taking his leave down the stairs towards the party.

~At the Party~

Christine had been hanging with Meg and Raoul the entire night, Methos and Antony had kept her company on the dance floor when the two love birds danced together. She was having a nice time meeting all the new people on the tour, but there was always that inkling in the back of her mind thinking about Erik. Shaking her head she mentally chastised herself for letting someone bother her as much as he did, she couldn't seem to get him out of her mind. "Hey Guys I'm going to go grab a drink real quick anyone want one?" She offered to the group laughing as everyone held up a glass or bottle to signify they were good, the entire group was more interested in a dance off between two of the backup dancers. Shaking her head she smiled and made her way to the refreshments table. Standing at the table she ordered her drink and turned observing the rest of the party.

"That is the best thing about a party for a tour," a gentleman's voice exclaimed behind her. Turning, she beamed a bright smile at her company. "Free entertainment." He said tilting his glass towards her.

"Hi Z! How are you?" She questioned, glad to see a familiar face.

"Wonderful, you seem to be enjoying yourself. Are we still on for tomorrow?" Nick asked taking a sip from his rum and coke.

Christine nodded, accepting her drink from the bartender, "Thank you...of course Nick have you come up with a time?" She asked wanted to make sure she cleared her schedule for the entire time not wanting to rush an opportunity like this.

Shaking his head Z pulled out his phone, "I've meetings the majority of the morning and afternoon but I will call you." He exclaimed checking a message he had on his phone, he squeezed Christine's hand and gave her a peck on the cheek. "Sorry hon I've got to run, I'll talk to you tomorrow." He winked at her and made his way past her back towards the house.

Watching him go she could barely control her excitement, she took a sip from her drink and turned from the table. Before she could even take a step she practically bumped into someone, "I'm so sorry I wasn't..." Her voice trailed off as her eyes connected with two deep emerald eyes. "Erik..." she whispered softly gazing up at him.

A soft smile graced his lips, "They said I might find you here," he explained gesturing over his shoulder to the group behind them. Meg and Raoul waved at her and Christine just shook her head as she looked past him. "Can we talk?" He questioned timidly, his voice somewhat unclear and low.

"Well I know I can talk and since there are words coming out of your mouth so can you," She teased him with a serious tone in her voice, hoping to keep her cool with him. At the look on his face she sighed, "About what?" She took a sip out of her cup and turned her eyes from him. She'd spent the entire night previous building herself up, providing the courage to not care and the strength to walk away. Yet with his three little words, and the pained yet hopefully expression in his eyes all of her resolve flew out the window.

Reaching for her hand he caught her eyes again asking with his sad expression more than words could ever convey to her. Offering her hand to him she allowed him to lead her away from the party down towards the rose garden. The two traveled hand in hand silently, both glancing at one another as they walked.

The sounds from the party quieted down to a dull roar, all the voices had died away and now only the music remained. Hesitantly he released her hand gesturing towards a stone bench.

"No, I'll stand," Christine waved her hand declining the invitation.

Erik nodded and took a seat himself, taking a few deep breaths he leaned forward and slowly began to rub his hands. "Christine.." he sighed attempting to gage the best way to start this conversation, "About the other night."

"Erik, you don't have to explain anything it is fine." She retorted quickly.

"Christine please! Let me get this out," Erik cut her short before she could continue on, "I think this entire situation has been one big misunderstanding. The way I acted...what I said: Lead you to believe there was something there that it meant something more to me than it did...but it didn't!"

Christine gawked at him, she couldn't believe he had dragged her down her to actually say this to her. She couldn't hide the hurt expression on her face, "Wow! You needed to be alone to tell me that, thanks!" She practically cried out to him and started to storm off.

Erik groaned as her words replayed in his mind, getting up quickly he grabbed her hand hoping to stop her retreat. "Wait, Christine please...that came out so terribly wrong it's not what you think."

"Yes...I think it's exactly what I think. LET GO!" She yelled pulling on her arm to try and free herself.

Using her lack of balance against her Erik pulled her towards him, spinning her as she tripped a bit, "Please just let me explain what I meant.." He begged her holding her struggling form to him, crossing her arms across her chest. Leaning forward his head rested next to her ear, "Don't go..." he whispered to her, "Everything I just said was in regards to something but it wasn't what you think."

Inside Christine a war wagged on, part of her wanted to run but the other was reveling in the feel of being in his arms never wanting to leave. Shaking her head she continued to struggle, "I think you've made yourself quite clear now!"

Nodding Erik released his grip on her, sighing as she pulled away. "Christine, I'm not engaged...I'm not even seeing anyone and..." Taking a few deep breaths he looked up at her, "And I can't stop thinking about you."

*A/N: I apologize for the delay in posting this chapter; I was on vacation (I had to delay my vacation because of my car accident.) Yes, I am an evil person for leaving a cliffy but I promise to update before Saturday. Hmmm...Will Christine listen to what Erik has to say? Or will she slip from his grasp again? You'll just have to wait for this weekend to see....As always thank you to everyone who is reading my story and THANK YOU ALL! Who have reviewed and showed me you enjoy the story as much as I do. I own nothing pertaining to the POTO characters. Please leave love or hate just let me know you are reading it! Thank you, Lady!
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