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The Babies - MAY 19

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Frank and Jamia visit the doctor

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Frank looked around the waiting room and seriously wanted to hide under one of the chairs. He had never seen so many women glaring at him in his life. "Jamia I'm just not feeling the love" he whispered to her.

Jamia laughed, "Look most of these women are in their last trimester and are really tired of feeling big and uncomfortable. You are a man and a man is what got them here in the first place. Believe me I can see where they are coming from. I swear every morning I get up and look in the mirror and I just know I'm twice as big as the day before. And don't even get me started on my poor swollen feet."

No indeed, he thought I really don't want to get her started on that. "But honey, I didn't do this to them." He whined.

"Frank, you have a penis, that makes you the enemy." She replied trying to shift in the chair to find a comfortable spot. She was just over five months pregnant and already looked about seven months along.

Frank looked down at his lap and cringed, he wondered if he and his friend would make it out of here alive. "But Jamia.." he stopped in mid-sentence when Jamia's name was called. They were escorted to a room where they weighted Jamia then they had to wait again, but at least time there was no one glaring at him.

"Just wait until they do the ultrasound" Jamia said with a smile. "You are gonna freak when you get to see the little Naster- Iero's."

Frank frowned, "They should just be Iero's. But their mother won't marry their father and you can just explain that to them." He twirled around on the stool then glared at Jamia who was sitting on the examining table.

"Their mother had every intention of marrying their father so stop being such a baby about it." She snapped.

He had come to recognize that tone of voice, when he heard it he knew he was in trouble. "I just love you and want to marry you." He said in his most sincere voice, he even batted his eyelashes for added effect.

She rolled her eyes, "Not gonna work, Frank." She shifted as one of the babies gave her a sound kick. Frank saw her flinch.

"See they agree with me." He said in a triumphant tone.

She gave him a dirty look but ignored his comment. Frank was bored so he looked around the room. His gaze fell on the box of disposable rubber gloves. Rolling over on the stool he grabbed one and rolled back to his original position.

"Frank what are you doing?' Jamia hissed, "You're not supposed to take those."

He smiled, "I'm sure they won't mind." He began to blow into the glove like it was a balloon. When it reached the point where it would pop he tied a knot in it. "You like?" he asked her as he began to bat it around.

Jamia shook her head, "Oh Lord I have three babies. I suppose you're gonna show Dr. Klamm your toy?"

"Think she will like it?" He hit it so hard it bounced off the ceiling and came back down on the good Doctors head as she walked into the room.

Jamia was embarrassed, Frank looked sheepish but Dr. Klamm just laughed. "So I finally get to meet Daddy Iero." The older woman said with a smile. "Glad you could make this appointment."

Frank stood and shook her hand, "I'm Frank, glad to meet you." He sat back down and rolled himself over to the wall.

Dr Klamm spoke to Jamia, "So how are we doing? Any problems?" She attached the cuff to Jamia's arm and checked her blood pressure. Then she helped Jamia lay down on the table and began feeling her swollen belly.

"There was one day I thought I hadn't felt the babies move for several hours but a good friend of mine told me to drink some orange juice."

The doctor nodded, 'Bet that worked." She took out the baby heartbeat monitor and began to run it across Jamia's stomach. Frank thought it sounded like someone humming under water. Then he heard it, first one then the second heartbeat. They were a beat apart but strong and steady. He held his breath as he listened to his children's hearts beating. Jamia rolled her head to the side to see him. The look of happiness on his face brought tears to her eyes. "What do you think, baby?" she asked him softly.

He rolled his stool over right next to the table, "That's really them," he said in awe. That's our babies." He touched Jamia's face, "I love you," he whispered.

Dr Klamm smiled, "So would you like to see them?"

Frank looked at her and smiled, 'More than anything."

Monica woke up in bed alone. Last night had been very emotional and she still felt drained. It had been wrong of her to blow up at Gerard like she had. He should never have given Bob permission to take Kara to Chicago without talking to her first but she should never have said some of the hurtful things she had said to him. He had carried her downstairs to his old bedroom and tucked her in bed telling her it was OK and not to cry anymore. She had reached out and asked him to sleep with her. Kelly had spent the night at a friends house and she really needed Gee to hold her. He had laid down and taken her into his arms. She had fallen asleep listening to him softly sing lyrics to a song he told her he was working on in his head.

She slowly got out of bed and pulled on her robe. Upstairs in the kitchen she found a note from Donna saying she would be gone for the day. There was no sign of Gerard. He hadn't left a note. Monica poured herself a cup of coffee and sat down at the table. She couldn't shake the bad feeling she had from last night. Her words had deeply hurt him and she just prayed he had understood that her anger and fear had been talking.

The house phone rang, she picked up on the fourth ring. "Hello" she waited but there was no answer. Finally she heard a woman's voice.

"Can I speak to Gerard?"

"He's not here, can I take a message?" She asked, there was something familiar about the voice, something unsettling.

There was a pause, "No, no message." The connection was broken. Monica hung the receiver up and walked back to the table. She had just taken a sip of coffee when it hit her. The voice on the phone was the voice she had heard talking to Gee the night of the Christmas Gala. She felt a chill run down her spine, Liv and just called asking for Gee.

Frank felt a wave of excitement wash over him as he watched the screen. Dr Klamm pointed to the shapes as the nurse ran the instrument over Jamia's stomach. "There is one baby and here,,and here is baby number two. See?"
He could only nod not trusting his voice. Seeing his children growing inside the love of his life made it impossible to speak. He grasped Jamia's hand and squeezed.

"Now the question is do you want to know the sex of the babies? The doctor asked the parents.

Jamia and Frank locked eyes. "What do you think Frankie?" she asked him softly.

Frank looked back at the screen. It was amazing to him that the doctor could look at the shapes and tell something like that. He looked back at Jamia. "These babies were a surprise to us so why change now? I think we should wait until they are born and be surprised again."

Jamia, looking relieved, nodded her head in agreement. "Yeah, I agree."

Once more his eyes went to the screen, "Doesn't matter cause we love them." He said, "We love them."

Well, if you and Jamia want to wait a few minutes out front, we'll get the DVD of the ultrasound for you.

"Ah, Frank, their first home movies. Let's invite everyone over and show them. I know they'll want to see them."

"Careful, Dear. You'll turn into the stage mother from hell. Next you'll be calling agents and setting up interviews and going to casting calls." Frank chuckled to himself. Secretly, he was already planning a viewing of his own. He was determined to go thru the DVD frame by frame until he figured out the sex of the babies. He may have agreed to Jamia's wishes in the doctor's office, but that didn't mean he couldn't look at home.
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