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A Terrible Clash

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Jack decides to try a new tactic to defeat the Xiaolin Monks... and it works!! See what happens when Jack meets Jack and two new elements are discovered, PLUS a guest re-appearance!! NOTE: Takes pl...

Category: Xiaolin Showdown - Rating: PG - Genres: Action/Adventure, Drama, Humor - Characters: Chase Young, Clay, Dojo, Jack Spicer, Katnappe, Kimiko, Master Fung, Omi, Raimundo, Tubbimura, Vlad, Wuya, Other - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2005-11-18 - Updated: 2005-11-18 - 2615 words

A Terrible Clash
Chapter 1

"So tell me, Jack... what do you have in mind to defeat the Xiaolin monks??"
Jack Spicer glared at one of his few "allies", Tubbimura. "I'm not too sure," he replied. "We've tried practically everything we can think of. I even pretended to want to join forces with the monks to get their Shen Gong Wu. If all our plans have failed so far, what are we gonna do??"
"Well, Jack, if you don't think of something soon," Katnappe purred, "you'll find yourself short several allies... and also possibly in a world of hurt."
Jack frowned. Every idea he had some up with in his mind had been either used or too ridiculous to even bother attempting. "If there were only some way to find out about the Shen Gong Wu before they reveal themselves..." he muttered. Suddenly his face lit up. "I've got it!!"
"Got what??" Tubbimura demanded.
Jack grinned evilly. "Only the most evil and diabolical plan ever!! My friends, we are about to embark on the greatest quest ever known!!"
Katnappe smiled. "Purr-fect."

Kimiko Tohomiko sighed. She had just played Goo Zombies 5 for the umpteenth time. She and the other Xiaolin monks knew it had been weeks since any Shen Gong Wu had activated, and the tensions were running high. Master Fung had suggested the four separate for a while, but Kimiko soon grew bored of the silence and became restless to find more Shen Gong Wu.
Kimiko jumped, startled out of her thoughts. "Oh, Omi... it's only you. What's up??"
The small monk stepped closer to Kimiko. "I was just wondering if you notised how quiet it is," Omi began.
Kimiko nodded. "Yeah, almost too quiet. But when there's no Shen Gong Wu to find, we have nothing to do."
"Yes, but I am most worried about something else. Even though we are not searching for Shen Gong Wu, one would think someone like Jack Spicer would be trying to steal ours."
"Why would he even bother??" Kimiko asked. "I know Jack isn't very bright, but he should have enough sense to know all four of us are ready for him if he comes here." She smiled at Omi. "There's nothing to worry about. Now how would you like to play a video game??"
"Okay!!" Omi grinned.

Raimundo Pedrosa yawned and leaned back in his chair. "Dude, this is so boring," he complained. "To think I could be out catching some waves or playing soccer."
"I could be doing almost anything right now," Clay Bailey added, "but Master Fung wants us to wait till another Shen Gong Wu activates."
"Maybe Master Fung has something in mind for you guys," Dojo Conojojo commented.
"Would you know if he did??" Raimundo asked.
The tiny green dragon shook his head. "Nope, sorry. If he does have something planned, he hasn't told me."
"Aw..." Raimundo moaned. "This is definitely the biggest disadvantage of being a Xiaolin warrior."
"Hey, wait a minute." Clay looked over at Dojo. "Who's watching the vault??"
"Omi is supposed to be going over there right now," Dojo replied. "Why??"
"Just makin' sure we had someone over there," Clay answered. "Never know when Spicer or Chase Young might try to raid the Vault."
"I don't think we need guards against Jack," Raimundo joked. "He'd probably get himself caught."
Dojo laughed. "Yeah, but he has gotten past us before, so we do need those guards."
"Yeah, right," Raimundo scoffed.

"Everyone ready??" Jack asked into the walkie-talkie. He was positioned a good distance away from the Xiaolin temple.
"Ready," Tubbimura replied.
"I'm ready," Katnappe added.
"Same here," Vlad confirmed. "Are you in position, Jack??"
"Yep, I'm in position," Jack answered. "Remember what you're supposed to do." Although no one replied, Jack stayed hidden and watched the three forms of his allies advance on the temple. He grinned. "This has got to be the best evil idea I've ever had!!" He pressed a button on his watch. "JackBots... attack!!"

"What's that sound??" Kimiko asked, looking up from her computer.
"What sound??" Omi did not remove his gaze from the game.
"I thought I heard something being broken," Kimiko replied, "just like... whenever someone breaks in here!!" She looked down at Omi. "Omi, who's watching the vault??"
Omi grinned. "Oh, not to worry, Kimiko. It is my turn to guard the vault."
"Then WHAT are you doing here??" Kimiko demanded.
Omi stopped playing his game. "Oh... oops." He jumped to his feet. "Quickly now!! We must go see who is breaking into the vault!!"
"Now we're talking." Kimiko stood.
Once the two made it to the main grounds, they discovered Raimundo, Clay and Dojo were already there. However, they weren't alone. Katnappe, Vlad and Tubbimura were standing across the grounds from the Xiaolin monks. "So, where's Spicer??" Raimundo asked.
"We don't need that whiner," Katnappe replied. "We're on our own. Now hand over your Shen Gong Wu!!"
"If you think we're just going to give you our Wu," Kimiko said, "you're crazier than you look. Everyone!!"
The four monks gathered together. "Wudai Orion Formation!!"

Jack grinned. He had moved to the temple wall while the others were fighting. "This is great!!" he whispered, holding up a small grey cloak. "Shroud of Shadows!!" He drew the cloak over himself, making him invisible. Although he could not be seen, he knew he could still be heard, so he carefully made his way to the temple grounds.
Jack stopped when he heard Kimiko shout, "Omi!! Go to the vault!!"
"Why??" Omi asked.
"Because I think Jack's planning to sneak into the vault while we're fighting," Kimiko explained.
"But Katnappe said they weren't working for Jack anymore," Omi protested.
"Dude, they're probably lying," Raimundo said. "For all we know, Jack could be here already." When he saw Vlad advancing on him, Raimundo shouted, "Sword of the Storm!! Wind!!"
"Incoming!!" Clay yelled, pointing at the sky.
"Oh, no," Kimiko moaned. "I knew it. Those are Jack's JackBots!! Omi, go to the vault now!!"
"Right!!" Omi turned and ran towards the Shen Gong Wu vault.
Jack tried to keep from laughing. 'I'm not going to the vault,' he thought. 'I'm doing something nobody would ever expect!!' He resumed heading to one of the other temples while keeping an eye on the fight and Omi.

Omi checked the locks on the vault doors. "Jack has not broken the locks," he observed. Once he entered the vault, he descended the spiral staircase and looked for the Shen Gong Wu. "All our Shen Gong Wu is here, but if Jack hasn't come after the Shen Gong Wu, what is everyone else doing here??" Suddenly Omi heard a distant crashing sound. "What was that??" He raced up the stairs and out of the vault. He looked around, notised the fighting had stopped and followed the other's gazes to the skies. Omi gasped. "Jack Spicer!! Kimiko was right; you were here!!"
Jack grinned, hovering several feet above the tops of the temples via his HeliBot. "Yep!! Jack Spicer, evil boy genius, is indeed teamed up with my evil dream team. But wait, that's not all!! I also have my wonderful JackBots to help out, as you can see. Now if you'll excuse us, we'll be on our way. Later, Xiaolin losers!!" Jack began laughing as he flew away. The other three villains also left, but by ground.
Before they knew it, the Xiaolin warriors were alone again. "I don't get it," Raimundo said. "Why did they attack us??" He turned to Omi. "He didn't get any of the Shen Gong Wu, did he??"
Omi shook his head sadly. "No, and that is what confuses me. I do not know what Jack had planned by coming here and leaving empty-handed."
"Do you think he tried to fight Master Fung??" Kimiko asked.
"I don't think he did," Clay answered. "Dojo would've let us know by now."
"So Dojo's investigating the cause of the break-in," Raimundo observed. "But like Omi said, this is weird."
"Guys!! Guys!!"
The monks turned to see Dojo emerge from one of the temples. "What is it??" Omi asked.
"I found out what Jack was after," Dojo replied. "He... he stole several of the ancient scrolls, including the Ancient Scroll of the Shen Gong Wu!!"
"All of them??" Raimundo asked in surprise.
"No, but he got a lot of 'em. Jack probably used the Shroud of Shadows to hide the scrolls, making it look like he had nothing."
"Oh, no!!" Omi dropped to his knees. "This is worse than stealing all the Shen Gong Wu. Jack can learn all about the secrets of the Xiaolin; even some we don't know!!"
"What if Jack doesn't just read them??" Kimiko pointed out. "What if he decides to give them to Chase Young??"
The other three gasped. "So what can we do to get the scrolls back??" Raimundo looked at the others in hopes of a reply.
"We'll have to fight fire with fire," Kimiko replied, "and I think I have an idea of how to do that."

"I've gotta hand it to you, Jack," Katanappe said, fingering a scroll, "that was an excellent strategy."
Jack beamed with pride. "They don't call me evil boy genius for nothin'. I knew nobody would be guarding the temple with the scrolls, although they are the key to knowing about the Shen Gong Wu."
"And the different ways to participate in a Xiaolin Showdown," Tubbimura added.
"So when do we get to read the scrolls??" Vlad asked.
"I guess now's a good time as any," Jack replied. "And afterwards, we can share our new-found knowledge with Chase Young."
The four villains each opened a scroll and began to read the information written on them.

"Let's do this," Kimiko said. She and the other three monks were outside the residence of Jack Spicer. "Manchurian Musca!!"
"Changing Chopsticks!!" Omi called out.
"Jet Bootsu!!" Clay said.
"Longi Kite!!" Raimundo held up his Shen Gong Wu.
Kimiko's Shen Gong Wu transformed her into a fly, Omi's made him tiny, and Raimundo's and Clay's enabled them to fly. Using these four Wu helped them get past the JackBots patrolling the yard. They could have easily destroyed the robots, but they didn't want to attract attention to themselves. Inside Jack's house, Kimiko and Omi positioned themselves in inconspicuous places in the basement. Raimundo and Clay had to stay outside, but they tried to stay close enough to the basement in case anything went wrong.
Inisde the basement, the villains were busy reading the scrolls Jack had stolen. Jack was taking notes in addition to reading, as he knew he would have a hard time remembering everything he learned. He paused in mid-writing and looked up. "Hey, did anyone hear that??"
The other three looked up from their scrolls. "Hear what??" Tubbimura asked.
"I could've sworn I heard a buzzing sound," Jack replied before shrugging. "Eh, maybe I'm just hearing things."
"You're always hearing things," Katnappe teased.
Jack growled angrily, but resumed reading his scroll. Kimiko breathed a sigh of relief. As a fly, she tried to keep quiet, but she had gotten a sudden impulse to fly someplace else in the basement. She was able to stay put, but not before her wings fluttered, giving off the buzzing noise Jack had heard.

Chase Young smirked evilly. "So you have the Yang Yo-Yo, Wuya?? Why wasn't I aware of it??"
Wuya held up the Shen Gong Wu. "I... guess I forgot to tell you," she lied. "Anyway, I found out that someone we both know is in the Ying-Yang World."
Chase grew thoughtful. "Everyone we know who went into the Ying-Yang World came back out eventually." He turned to Wuya. "Who are you talking about??"
Wuya traced a finger around the edge of the Yang Yo-Yo. "Well, when the monks first entered the Ying-Yang World with only the Ying Yo-Yo," she explained, "Jack Spicer was holding the Reversing Mirror. When they left, they had both Yo-Yo's, so only one person was affected-Jack. That's what made him good."
"So Jack's evil chi is still in there??" Chase guessed.
Wuya shook her head. "No, because he re-entered the Ying-Yang World with the Ying Yo-Yo and the Ring of the Nine Dragons. Since Jack is back to normal, that must mean he used the Ring to make an extra copy of himself and left behind there."
"I see," Chase said. "So Jack's good self-along with half the power if the Ring of the Nine Dragons-is still trapped in the Ying-Yang World. All we have to do is use the Yang Yo-Yo to get the good Jack out and have both Jacks try to destroy each other. Meanwhile, the Xiaolin monks are distracted." He grinned. "Brilliant. Give me the Yang Yo-Yo, Wuya."

Jack looked up from the scroll again. "Okay, now I know you guys heard that."
The other three wore blank looks. "Now I know you are hearing things," Katnappe commented.
"No, I definitely heard something," Jack whined. "First, there was a buzzing, just like a... fly..." he paused. "I'll bet there's at least two Xiaolin monks here," he declared.
"What makes you say that??" Tubbimura asked.
"First, I heard a fly buzzing," Jack explained. "Duh, the Manchurian Musca!! Then I heard a sound like someone sneezing. That must mean someone's using the Changing Chopsticks!!" Suddenly his watch beeped. When he looked to see who was contacting him, Jack gasped. "I knew it!!" he cheered.
"Knew what??" Katnappe demanded.
Jack pointed at his watch in triumph. "Look, my JackBots have captured two of the monks: Raimundo and Clay."
The others gathered around Jack's outstretched arm. "Amazing," Tubbimura said. "Normally they would be destroying the robots."
Jack grinned. "Yeah, well, I made a few modifications to my JackBots." He grew quiet when he heard another noise. "And... lookie here!!" He knelt down and picked up something from under the table. "I found a pipsqueak monk!!" Jack straightened up and held out his right hand. When he opened his hand, the others saw a miniature Omi standing on his palm.
Omi glared up at Jack. "You may have captured Raimundo, Clay and myself, Jack Spicer, but you will never find Kimiko!!"
"Oh, I beg to differ." Jack looked to his left. "JackBot, if you will..." One of the JackBots in the room flew to its master's side. "Show our tiny Omi your prize."
The JackBot raised one of its mechanical arms, revealing a small Kimiko-fly. Omi gasped. "Kimiko!!"
Jack laughed. "This is just way too easy!! First I get several of the sacred scrolls, and now I've got all four Xiaolin monks as my prisoners. This day can't get any better!!"
"Quite the contrary," Katnappe replied. "You don't have any of their Shen Gong Wu..."
"... and you haven't paid us for our servies," Tubbimura finished.
"Ah, I'll get to 'em." Jack waved his free hand dismissively. "Since we have everything else, we can get the Wu later." Everyone jumped in surprise when they heard a knocking on the basement door. "Now who could that be??" Jack wondered as he closed his hand around Omi and headed to the door. "Anyone expecting company??"
"No," Katnappe replied, "but you might want to watch out, in case it's Chase Young or Wuya."
"I'm not worried about them," Jack scoffed, his hand on the doorknob. When he opened the door, he gasped.

Author's Note: So, what did you guys think?? Pretty kewl, huh?? This is actually my first XS fic; I'm currently working on writing a fanseries for XS, too. Once I get each chapter up, I'll be posting them here. Let me know what you guys think, K?? Thanx!! ^_^
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