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See What Else I Bought MAY 24

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Good times, good times

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The temperature was beginning to drop even more as Monica sat on the deck waiting for Gerard to emerge once more from the house. When he did she noticed he looked slightly confused and not as happy as he had earlier. She also noticed he tried to hide the look from her as soon as he saw her watching him. "So want to see what else I bought today?" he asked.

"Ahhh, you took off your apron." she giggled.

He smiled, "I only wear that when I'm Grill Master Way." He reached out and pulled her up.

"So who are you now?" She looked deeply into his eyes trying to read his emotions. Something was different but she was afraid she would break the spell of the perfect evening if she asked what it was.

He pulled her to him and hugged her tightly. "I'm just Gee." he whispered. "Just a guy in love." He said nothing else but took her hand and led her back inside. Silently they walked up the back staircase then down the hall to the master bedroom. Gerard pushed open the door and stood back so Monica could see past him. The master bedroom was now completely decorated. There was a large mahogany bed, matching dresser and two nightstands. There were also lit candles covering the tops of the dresser and nightstands.

"Oh Gee, it's so beautiful." she said while gazing at it all. She walked over to the bed and lightly ran her hand over the midnight blue satin comforter." You picked this all out yourself?"

Inwardly he slightly relaxed, he had been hoping she would like his choices, "Yeah, at first I wasn't sure I should pick out our bedroom stuff without you."

She twirled around the room and noticed he had even hung various art prints. "I love everything. Thank you"

He was surprised by the 'thank you'. "You don't have to thank me."

She walked over to him, "Of course I do. You did this for me. It's a wonderful surprise."
He grinned, "Well I maybe did it for me too. An actual bed of our own. Not my old bed at Mom's, not a tour bus, not a hotel bed."

"Not a car in the Wal-Mart parking lot" she added to his list.

He paused a moment, "Wal-Mart parking lot, good times, good times" he smiled at the memory then nodded in agreement. "Right, our own bed. A place where we can make love that belongs to us."
Her heart caught when he said where we can make love. It was what she wanted so badly her body vibrated with need. "Gee, are you gonna make love to me in our new bed now?"

He smiled, "For sure, I am." He turned her around in his arms and they walked together towards the bed. Once there he slowly undressed her, her bruises were fading and much less noticeable in the candlelight. She stood complacently as he pulled off the last pieces of material so that his eyes could drink in the sight of her. "You are so beautiful," he whispered.

"So are you." she said as her hands began to undress him. He closed his eyes and willed his body to slow down. He wanted this night to be special. Once they both stood naked and facing each other she spoke again, "Gee, I'll love you forever."

"I'll love you forever" he said as he pulled back the comforter and they climbed in the bed. The coolness of the satin sheets couldn't extinguish the fire that consumed their bodies. Gerard lay down and pulled her onto him. "Baby, tell me what you want. I know your body is still hurt so you have to lead."

Monica smiled as she brushed the dark stands of hair that had fallen in his eyes. The fire burned in his eyes, she could feel the heat. Part of the heat came from him but most of it flared from inside her own body. Her blood flowed rapidly; it began to sing through her veins. It caused her breasts to swell, her thighs to ache with want.

Their mouths touched and she relived the thousands of kisses they had shared before. His taste filled her senses, crashed into her brain. His response surprised her. Instead of overwhelming her with hot, hard desire-filled kisses his lips brushed hers in a sweet almost innocent touch. He exhaled with her name on his lips. He reached up and cupped her face in his hands, "My love" he whispered.

He didn't try to deepen the kiss instead he simply continued to brush her lips with his with featherlike tenderness. Her body began to tremble and she clung to him. He gently rolled her off him then leaned over her. He tilted her face to his and dropped kisses on her forehead, eyes, nose then he recaptured her lips. His tongue stroked her bottom lip and sensation shot through her. Monica opened her mouth to him but instead of entering, his tongue continued to tease, his teeth nibbled on her lips making her feel the want so much more. She could take no more, her own tongue pushed foreword and he parted his lips, she slipped inside.

Her body knew it had been too long without him inside, and it began to ache in anticipation. His mouth moved from her lips and travel to her neck, the moist heat of his kiss left its mark. He moved lower nibbling at the skin under her collarbone, then lower yet to her breasts. Her nipples hardened, just waiting for his touch. He smiled when he saw what he was doing to her. Briefly he ran his tongue around each swollen nipple before moving further down her withering body. When his mouth found her most intimate place she gasped. "Gee, I'm on fire" His tongue moving back and forth, in and out did nothing to quench the fire. The moist heat and flicking of his tongue made her want to scream. Her hands reached out and clutched at the satin sheets. She withered against him, rotating her hips as the pleasure raced through her. He reached up and his fingers took the taunt peak of one breast and rubbed it between his thumb and forefinger.

"Gee you are driving me insane" she said breathlessly." My body aches."

He looked up at her, "Baby, my body is always calling to yours." He gently touched a finger to her most secret place, dipping it into the waiting heat. Her hips tilted toward him.

"Slower, baby" he chanted, "Let the feeling build." His fingers now parted the protective folds, exposing her to his gaze. Monica didn't care, all thought had left her brain, she could only feel now. He leaned over and touched her with his tongue. He tasted her, licking gently as if rediscovering a favorite treat. He heard her say his name again and again.

Muscles tensed in anticipation of her release. His tongue continued to move lightly, quickly as one finger slipped inside her. She was beyond speaking now. The fire was consuming her. Suddenly just when she was to the point of no return he drew back. "I want you to cum while I'm inside you." his voice was rough, his breathing uneven.

He moved over her and knelt between her thighs but didn't take her right away. He locked eyes with her, "I love you," he said from his heart before lowering himself to her. Monica's hips rose, urging him forward and he slid into the welcoming warmth. They reached ecstasy together in their very own bed.
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