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We're Here

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They get to the hotel

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It was about 12pm and we decided to stop for lunch quickly. We wanted to get through the boring part of the trip - driving through places we already knew. So we stopped at a dinky diner, you know, the one that looks like it needs a new paint job and the waitresses who were those short pink dresses with the aprons and had an accent for some reason. Anyway, after our little meal, I took the role of driving with Frank sitting beside me. Mikey took the second row and Ray took the third row. They both wanted to fall asleep so they wanted a whole row for each of them.

"So Gee, where are we off to?" Frank asked, still staring out the window by what I could see. I usually liked to concentrate on the road.

"Ummm....I think to New York but by the look of that sign, we're headed to Rhode Island", I answered, now realizing I had to get on the right track, "Could you look on the map and tell me which exit to take so we can go the right way?"

Through the corner of my eye I saw Frank dig around the messy van and finally come up with a road map. He studied it for a second and immediatly told me the exit. I silently thanked that Frank was up. I can't read maps - I don't know why. They're too confusing if you ask me. We now headed in the right direction. I then heard Frank groan.

"Lover, when can Ray drive again? I'm bored when you're being a good driver and not playing with me", Frank said to me, whining ever so slightly.

"After the next time we stop, whenever that is. And I'm sorry that I'm a good driver and don't want to crash this van and kill us all", I said with some amusement in my voice. I could see Frank smile.

"At least that would be a good death with a happy last memory", Frank informed me.

"True but I'd rather keep you alive", I said with a smile, now trying to focus once again on the road.

Frank rested his hand on my leg. Not in a sexual way, but just something sweet. No sooner that happened and Frank also fell asleep. Oh well. I hope New York was close.


We arrived in New York around 2pm. I parked our van outside of the hotel. Yes, we were staying in a hotel. It was pretty cheap that we could afford one room and a little room service. And we wanted to make this trip memorable. I turned to look at everyone sleeping and decided to wake up Frank first, mostly becuase he was closest. I planted a soft kiss on Frank's lips, causing his eyes to open. Frank gave me a smile and gave me a kiss as well.

"Hey Gorgeous, we're here", I said softly to Frank who was leaning as much as he could on me, considering he was still in his seat.

"Finally Lover. Can we do something fun now?" Frank asked me.

"We have to wake up the other two and check in first", I told me.

Frank nodded and without talking we already had a plan as to how to wake up Mikey and Ray. Frank unbuckled his seatbelt and carefully crawled to the third row where Ray was sleeping. I did the same, only staying in the second row so I could wake Mikey. We gave each other a smile.

"WAKE UP FUCKERS" Frank and I yelled in unison.

Ray and Mikey immediately jumped to a sitting position with confused looks on their faces. They then instantly changed to pissed off faces. They flipped us the finger as they got out of the van. I only smiled at Frank.

We grabbed a few of our bags from the trunk and headed inside the lobby. It was pretty nice, simple with a few tasteful things here and there. Ray checked in for us and we headed to the third floor where our room was. We went inside, closing the door, and dropping the bags near the door. Then a grin appeared on Mikey's face.

"I call the bed!" Mikey yelled as he ran into the only bedroom.

Ray set down one of his bags "I call the floor"

We all looked at him with a wierd look, even Mikey who poked his head out from the bedroom. The whole point of us calling stuff was so you wouldn't get the floor. Ray saw our faces and gave us a quick explanation.

"My back is killing me and the junky couch would just make it worse. Besides, I roll in my sleep and its nice to sleep on the floor", Ray explained to us.

"Well then I call the couch", I said as I sat down on my newly claimed couch. Frank gave me a fake pouty face.

"Where am I supposed to sleep?" Frank pretended to whine at me with a smile.

I patted the seat next to me "I guess you'll just have to sleep with me Gorgeous"

AU:sorry it took so long. i tried to post it two times but it kept messing up. anyway, I hoped you enjoyed!
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