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A Promise

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Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama, Romance - Characters: Frank Iero, Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Ray Toro - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2007-06-11 - Updated: 2007-06-12 - 515 words

AU: I know I haven't updated in a long while. I'm not gonna give any bullshit about having tests or crap - I just haven't felt like writing really. I am sorry about not updating though. Anyway, this is a bit of a filler but some good smut will be coming up. If anyone wants to help, contact me.

After settling into our room, our little group headed out to go look around. We mostly went into expensive clothing stores, trying on stuff we could never afford until store managers would tell us to leave. And of course we couldn't have the real New York experience without getting mugged. Well almost mugged. The four of us were heading down a deserted street when a crazy looking dude tried to jump us. Only that crazy dude didn't know where Ray came from and that he was able to deck someone and knock them unconscious. As we chatted amidly about random things, a man leaning aganist a wall called to me.

"Hey baby, wanna little fun tonight?" the man said to me with a smirk. I was shocked by this statement. It was incredibly creepy and downright weird.

"What?" I answered back. The rest of the guys were standing behind me, except for Frank who stood almost to my side.

"Thats right sweetie. I could show you a good time" the man answered, looking me up and down.

Before I knew what was happening, Frank flew at the guy, knocking him to the ground. I guess violence was in the air tonight. At first we watched the little show. It was quite funny when you think about it. A short little fifteen year old kid trying to beat the crap out of some thirty or so year old dude. Eventually we decided to break it up. Ray helped me pull Frank from the guy, still trying to get at the startled man who was backing up into the wall.

"You don't go and try to sleep with my boyfriend!! You're too ugly and old to get someone as beautiful as him!! I'm gonna get you!!" Frank snarrled at the man, "This'll teach you not to do this again"

Ray, Mikey, and I were now laughing as we dragged Frank back to the hotel and up to our room. Frank was still fuming. Mikey headed into his bedroom while Ray headed into the bathroom. I sat down on the couch and forced Frank into my lap. I gave Frank a gently kiss on the lips. He immediatly was silent.

"Do you know just how sweet you are? A little crazy but incredibly adorable and sweet", I softly said to Frank, giving him little kisses on the neck.

Frank gave a little moan and answered "Well I couldn't just let him say that to you. I love you and no one is allowed to say that to you"

"Something special will be in your envelope", I playfully replied.

"Is that a threat?" he responded.

"More of a promise really" I told Frank with a playful nip to his neck.
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