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Sexy Smile

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AUTHORS NOTE: this is the first sex scene I have ever written which is why it is a little short. I hope it is good though. please comment! x0x0x

Frank and I laid together on the couch. I was playing with Frank's hair as I watched him wiggle from my touch. Everyone else had been asleep for about three hours so I knew they were all deep in their sleep. Then Frank turned to face me, our faces only inches apart. I pulled him closer so our bodies were firmly pressed together as I passionately kissed him. Because of a reaction to the kiss or pure instinct, Frank grinded against me. I gave a soft moan as I gave little nips and kisses down his neck. He wrapped his arms around my neck, his fingers becoming tight in my hair. I brought my lips back to his, our tongues clashing together. Eventually we broke apart, both of us out of breath. Frank managed a tired but sexy smile for me and I returned the favor.

"" Frank panted as he rested his head against my chest. I wrapped an arm around him so he couldn't fall off the couch.

I took a couple of breaths before answering "I want you too baby but we got the other guys so close, especially Ray. Its way too dangerous"

"But baby...."

I gave Frank a little kiss "Don't worry, I got a little plan. Just follow me"

I stood up and grabbed my key card from the table. As I opened the door Frank appeared at my side, ready to follow me anywhere I would go. We quietly went down the deserted hallway and went up to the fourth floor. All along the way Frank watched me, looking for an answer as to why we were wandering around the hotel. I finally found a room that I was sure to be empty. In just a second the door was opened. Frank gave me a puzzled look.

"Oh, I was just checking out the hotel and I found out that some of the key cards work for different rooms. Most people don't realize that" I said as I held the door open for Frank and then shut the door.

Frank hopped onto the bed as I eagerly followed him. I straddled him so he couldn't move. Frank looked up at me with those shining brown eyes. I was in control and thats how we both liked it. I was quick to get rid of Frank's shirt as well as my own. I teasingly trailed my tongue down his chest then softly sucking on his nipples, making him moan loudly. I then continued to run my tongue until I met his belt. Frank bucked his hips to tell me to continue.

I slowly undid his belt buckle and then started to work on his pants. I slipped them off him completely and saw that he wore nothing underneath his tight jeans. I gave him a playful smile.

I gently ran my fingers down his left leg "So Frankie, I can see you were expecting something tonight"

Frank opened his eyes and looked up at me "Please Gerard"

"Please what?" I asked teasingly

"Fuck me please. I'm dying here" Frank moaned lightly

"Alright but I need a little convincing first. So come on and give me your best stuff sweetie" I said as I climbed off of him.

Eagerly Frank crawled over to me and his fingers flew over my button and zipper. He almost tore my jeans from my legs and I watched the jeans fly across the room. He then tore off my boxers. Pouncing on me, Frank showered me in kisses on any part of my skin he could get at. I gave Frank a sexy smirk and laid Frank on his stomach. I ran a finger down his back, making him shiver. His hips once again bucked instinctively. Without any preperation or warning, I thrusted into him. Frank cried out in pain. I stopped for a second so that he could adjust to the feeling. This was only the second time we had ever done this. I then continued, driving into him, loud moans coming from both of us.

"Uuuggghhh...Gerard..faster and harder" Frank moaned.

I followed his request, knowing I was going to come soon. I grabbed Frank's member and began giving him a hand job as best as I could. Frank's and mine moans got louder until I finally came with Frank coming seconds after me. I pulled out of him and collapsed next to him. He curled up next to me as I wrapped him in my arms. We laid there for hours until we eventually had to go back to the room we were supposed to be in. As we shuffled sleepily to the room, there was nothing we could really say to each other. The smiles exchanged between us said it all.
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