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They woke up and find out that the girls were kidnapped in the night. Kenshin get's so angry that the Battousai comes out and he isn't happy either. They then go to rescue the girls.

Category: Rurouni Kenshin - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Fantasy, Romance - Characters: Aoshi, Hiko, Kaoru, Katsu, Kenshin, Megumi, Misao, Saitou, Sanosuke, Yahiko - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2007-05-25 - Updated: 2007-05-25 - 991 words

"Kenshin wake up! The girl's have been kidnapped!" Sanosuke yelled from the other side of the hallway but it's enough for Kenshin's eyes to snap open. "Kaoru-dono?" Kenshin asked as he sped over to the others and he watched as Aoshi stood by where Misao had clearly slept. There was a kunai carelessly hanging from halfway underneath the futon. Kenshin rushed over to a futon where there was a blue ribbon. His blood went ice cold and he felt such rage, such hatred wash over him. Someone had taken Kaoru and they were going to regret doing that.

"Kaoru-dono." Kenshin whispered and the others stared at him as he bent his head forward his hand clentching the sakabato. Hiko watched and wasn't surprised when Kenshin lifted his head up his eyes were golden amber. Sanosuke and Yahiko were so shocked that they actually stumbled backwards. Saitou seemed surprised but didn't do anything but it was Aoshi who said," We must get the girls back, Battousai." "Of course we are, Aoshi. They are going to pay dearly the ones who took our women. Took my Kaoru." Battousai said his eyes flashing with anger.

"Idiot don't go getting yourself killed." Hiko stated and that earned him a glare but Battousai's eyes seemed to meld the golden amber with Kenshin's violet eyes. "You aren't coming, master?" Battousai/ Kenshin asked softly imploring that Hiko did join them. Hiko knew the real reason it was Kenshin's way of asking him to keep him from doing something he would come to regret. "Of course I will be going with you all. Someone has to keep you alive. I won't guarantee if i'll help or not but i'll watch over you." Hiko answered and all Battousai did was nod.

Aoshi, Sanosuke, Saitou and Yahiko followed Battousai and Kenshin closely. They ran into someone they thought they weren't going to. "Katsu!" Sanosuke exclaimed surprised. "Hey, Sano, I came to help since the girls turned up missing. I made and brought some bombs to help out." He explained and Hiko asked," How did you know about the girls so soon?" Katsu looked at him blinking and asked," Do I know you?" "This is my master, Katsu." Battousai answered and Katsu did a double back and looked at his eyes closely.

"Ah it's Battousai. About the earlier question, I was around town and came to give Kaoru a scare but I saw you all here. I just put two and two together. It isn't that hard." Katsu explained and the Battousai stared at him before stating," He isn't lying. You may come if you wish." Katsu nodded his head and said," I will, I promised a old friend that I would watch over Kaoru whenever I could. It's a shame I couldn't help all the other times I was needed but I was dealing with a few... spoiled government members that threatened Kaoru's home at me."

"She was under your protection and is?" Sanosuke asked surprised, he hadn't known this at all. "Who is the old friend?" He asked curiously and Katsu looked away as he answered," Yeah she was and is under my protection. The old friend is Koushijiro, Kaoru's deceased father. Don't ask how I know him just yet... it's not the time for that. What matters is that we get the girls back." "Exactly. Let's go get the women back." Battousai said but his eyes flashed violet which was filled with anger, fear and sadness.

They followed both Kenshin/Battousai and Hiko knowing they could count on them.

Kaoru groaned and her eyes fluttered open as she at Misao and Megumi across from her in horror. The three were chained to walls by their hands and feet. "Misao, Megumi...?" Kaoru asked weakly and the two seemed to wake up at her voice. Misao blinked passed the drugs and Megumi along with Kaoru noticed with horror that her face was sickly pale. "Misao? Misao?!" Kaoru asked in horror as Misao's head fell foward and she didn't look up this time. "She's been poisoned or the drugs they used took a different affect for Misao. If I wasn't chained I could help but.. we're all in the same predicament." Megumi stated suddenly sounding very tired.

Kaoru felt tears weld up in her eyes. Not only had they been kidnapped and chained, Misao was in a very dangerous condition. She knew that Aoshi would be on a killing spree if he knew what kind of condition she was in. It then dawned on her that all of the males would be on a killing spree. "Kenshin I hope you didn't go to Battousai just because of me or us.." Kaoru whispered suddenly tired and closed her eyes then fell asleep.

Kenshin/Battousai looked up at the sky his eyes narrowing slightly as he picked up a familiar ki. "They are close. Let us hurry." Kenshin/Battousai said and Aoshi glanced up at the sky his mouth curling up slightly in grim amusement as he stated," A perfect night to get our revenge and kill the ones who took our women." Sanosuke nodded his head as he cracked his knuckles and Katsu carelessly threw a few bombs in the air and caught them just as easily. Hiko suddenly stopped which sent Kenshin/Battousai on edge and stopped everyone from moving forward.

"What is it, master?" Kenshin/Battousai asked softly and he stared at his master closely. "All of the girls were drugged but one had a bad reaction. She isn't in a good condition in fact it's life threatening if we don't hurry." Hiko answered and Kenshin/Battousai started growling with anger when everyone's attention flew towards Aoshi whose aura was violent and dangerous. "Aoshi?" Kenshin asked his eyes for a moment pure violet before mixing once more. "It's Misao. She doesn't have a stable defense against drugs of any kind." Aoshi finally answered and they understood his violent and dangerous aura.
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