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Please Release Me MAY 25

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Ray is sprung, Bob and Kara leave Chicago

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Ray was chomping at the bit to get out leave the hospital. Christa let her arm lightly fall over his shoulder as she stood behind the wheel chair. "I don't understand why I can't just fucking walk out of here."
Christa grinned, "Rules, dear. They have to push you out in a wheel chair. You should just be grateful there isn't a hill cause I think some of the nurses would push your grumpy ass right down one."
Beside them Brian laughed, "Christa, I like you" He hadn't had the time to talk much with her but he planned on changing that. She and Ray would be living together and he planned on visiting them often.
As the hospital doors slid open the roar of the fans was deafening. The hospital had tired to keep Ray's release day and time a secret but had been unsuccessful. That was why the rest of the band members had stayed away. If all of them had come share of joy of Ray being released from the hospital chaos would have ensued.
"Ray we love you" was shouted from the frenzy of fans being held back by hospital security. Ray's face lit up at seeing the fans. He waved and smiled to them. Christa took a step away from him, she still was unsure of her role where the public was concerned.
Once the wheel chair was halted at the curb Ray stood and waved again to the fans. He turned looking for Christa who has melted into the sea of nurses and security behind him. He spotted her, took several steps back and reached out to grab her hand. He pulled her from behind a nurse and she almost crashed into him. "Who are you hiding from?" he shouted over the noise.
She just shook her head and looked around. Cameras were going off everywhere. Ray put his arm around her shoulder and smiled to the crowd.
"Hey Christa" Several people shouted.
"They know who you are, babe. Never be afraid to stand at my side." They stood together a few more minutes then got into the back of a SUV parked at the curb. Brian was in the front passanger seat. "Fans have missed you." he said turning to look at Ray.
"I've missed them," he answered honestly. He continued to wave out the window until the hospital was a spot in the rear view mirror.
"So did Mikey finally talk to Bob about the meeting?" Brian asked.
"Yeah, he'll be back so I guess everyone will be at my place at four." Ray said then realized his mistake. "I mean our place" he took Christa's hand in his.
She smiled at him, and then leaned her head on his shoulder.

The sound of scraping first awakened her. Kara ignored it, pulling the pillow over her head and going back to sleep. A few minutes later, she peeked out, observing the bedroom thru one narrow slit. "What the fuck time is it?" she thought. She opened the one eye completely, raised her head slightly and looked about. Finding nothing she wanted to see, she let her head flop back down on the bed.
Scrape..... scrape....scrape....
Kara moaned and sat up. "Bob?" she croaked. Then louder, "Bob?" There was no answer.
"Shit." She flung back the covers and crawled out of bed. She pushed the hair out of her eyes as she shuffled to the bathroom.
While coming out, she again called to Bob. A quick search of the house revealed that he was nowhere to be found.
Scrape..... scrape.....
Kara looked out the picture window searching for the source of the noise. It was Bob shoveling off the driveway. A thick blanket of freshly fallen snow covered the ground. She watched for a while, smiling, enjoying the domesticated scene. Then an evil glint came to her eye and she sprinted to the bedroom to find where she had dumped her coat and shoes.
Bob was almost done with the driveway. A few more strokes and he could get inside to the coffee and to Kara. He laughed thinking about waking her up with his very cold hands. After she came down from the ceiling they could warm each other up before leaving for the airport. He had no sooner finished that thought than Karma caught up with him in the form of a snowball to the head, followed by hysterical laughter. He threw down the shovel and whipped around to find Kara busily making another missile to fling at him. With a roar he charged her but couldn't reach her before she nailed him with the ice ball in the side of the head. He tackled her and both fell into a snow bank. Bob worked his hands up under Kara's coat and tickled her. By now she was screaming and laughing all at the same time. She could barely catch her breath. He
decided that she was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen; hair messed up, sleep in the corners of her eyes, bad breath, dressed in sweats that were 6 sizes too big, sopping wet - it just didn't get any better than this.
He leaned in and kissed her like there was no tomorrow.
"Now, as Gran would say,' get your butt in the house before you catch your death'. Let me finish up the driveway and I'll be right in."
Kara pouted as he rolled off of her but did as he asked.
"Bob" Kara yelled when he finally entered the house. "Bob, I can't pack my new clothes. We didn't buy luggage." Bob rolled his eyes and went into the bedroom. "Just pack what you can in my bag. Leave the rest here. We'll be coming back." Bob caught sight of the look in her eyes and quickly added, "and leave my stuff in my bag."
They were finally ready to leave for the airport a couple of hours later. They backed out of the driveway and started forward when Bob stopped the car in front of the house.
"Well, Kara. What do you think of your house?"
She looked back toward the front door and saw the surprise that Bob had for her. A huge heart the size of the front yard carved into the snow with the words, "Bob Loves Kara" in the center. It doesn't get any better than that.
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