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/Brittney's P.O.V/

We heard to people begin to hell at each other, I looked over at Libby and she looked just as concerned.

"It's Pete" she gasped.

"How do you know?"

"I could recognize his voice anywhere" she smiled lightly "Who is he fighting with?"

"I can't tell."

"Well go check it out."

"Yes Mame" I said and saluted her.



"Just go."

I walked to the door just in time to see Pete cream some guy's face into a wall. They continued to fight until security came and broke them apart. A doctor ran over to the one who was no holding his hand to his face and spitting out blood. /Ew gross/. Pete was dragged out of the hall but we made eye contact and he smiled and evil smile at me and I have no idea why. The doctor gave the guy an ice pack to hold to his I'm guessing broken nose. The doctor told him something and the guy nodded and stood up. He looked over at me and his eyes got huge.

/Oh hell no. /


/Andy's P.O.V/

Brittney was spending the night with Libby, giving Joe and I a rest. Pete has disappeared too and I have no idea where he went. Lexie and Joe were watching star Wars, while Patrick was strumming his guitar. My cell phone rang.

/Hey you I don't like your girlfriend/

God dammit I wish Brittney would stop changing my ring tone.


"Hey it's me."

"Pete where are you?"

"Uh jail."

"WHAT! What did you do?"

"I got in a fight."


"At the hospital."

"With who?"

"Uh I don't think we should discuss this on the phone."


"You might get upset."

I sighed, Pete can be so difficult

"I suppose you want me to come bail you out"

"Yes, but bring everyone with you."


"This is one story you all have to hear."

I hung up the phone. "Guys we have to go bail Pete out of jail." Everyone gave me a weird look. "He says he will explain when we get there."

"Well drop me off at the hospital first." Lexie said "I want to check in on Libby."

"Alright lets go guys."

We all piled into the car and drove to the hospital and dropped of Lexie. Then we drove to the city holding cell and sure enough Pete was sitting there with a nasty black eye.

"Pete what the hell happened?" Patrick asked rushing to the cell.

"Get me out of here first then I will tell you."

We paid the $150 charge and got Pete out on just a warning. If he ever has a 'public disturbance' again he will get 2 weeks of jail time.

"Alright so what is this incredible story?" Joe asked.

"Well as you can all see I got in a fight."

We all gave him the no-shit-Sherlock glares and he got back to the point.

"And guess who it was with."


"Are you fucking kidding me, why the hell was he there for?"

"How the hell should I know. I beat the crap out of him with out letting him say two words."

"Is he still there?" I asked Pete he looked nervous.

"Uh yeah"

"WHAT!" Joe screamed "You left that maniac there with my sister! We have to get to the hospital fast! Like now guys." I stepped on the gas and we sped away to the hospital.

"Hey guys, I didn't want to ask before but who is there?" Patrick asked us. Normally I would laugh at him not having a clue, but this was no time for fun and games. We have to help Brittney and Libby. I looked at Joe who looked at Pete and we all nodded.

"Well who is it?" Patrick asked us again.

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