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The Fight

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He has never had any real power, now he has all of them.

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Chapter 1: The Fight

'Theresa! Look out!'
'Ahh!' She screamed as she just ducked a flying tree.
'Archie, some help over here would be nice!' Atlanta shouted as she leaped out of the way of a punch from one of the giants.
'Theresa, cover me while I take on Cronos!' Jay commanded to Theresa, dodging an attack from an oncoming giant.
'But, Jay,' she yelled back at him, pulling him back to behind a tree. 'You can't take him on all alone. We have to do it together, all together.'
'But Theresa-'
'This isn't just you in the team, Jay!' She yelled at him as gently as possible. 'This is all of us, and that means that we all bring down Cronos! Please, just think about what you're doing.'
'Then will you come with me?' Jay asked her, fear in his eyes.
'Yes,' she answered, nodding her head and following his lead among the giants. They ran as fast as they could, hand in hand, and eventually reached a large, stone building where Cronos was hiding.
'On the count of three,' Jay whispered to her. 'One, two, three!'
They plunged their weapons into the wooden door and it immediately broke down, revealing Cronos holding a large book.
'Ahh, Theresa my dear you have such perfect timing,' Cronos said as he grabbed her wrist and threw her to a nearby wall and read out from the book: 'áöÞóôå ôç äýíáìç íá åßíáé ïñõ÷åßï, áöÞóôå åêåßíïé ðïõ ðåñéöñïíþ ÷Üíïìáé! Let power be mine, let those who I despise perish!'
Long, blue flames erupted from the books' pages and headed towards Theresa, who was just waking up from the knock to her head.
'Theresa,' Jay yelled, running up to her. 'Watch out!'
She wouldn't move because she was still dizzy so he did the first thing that came to his mind. As gently as he could manage, Jay pushed her aside, just far enough so that she wouldn't be touched by the oncoming magical flames. Unfortuantly, it didn't do him justice.
'Ahh!' He cried out in pain as he felt his body drain of all life and energy into the book.
'No!' Theresa screamed as she threw her nun chucks at the book and it flew out of Cronos' hands. The flames surrounding Jay slowly vanished to show him, lying on the muddy ground, and barely breathing.
'Oh, no,' She muttered, on the verge of tears. 'This is all my fault. Jay? Jay, please wake up. Please, please wake up.' She sobbed into his shirt and placed her hand on his forehead. 'Please wake up.' She whispered, tears freezing on her face. She took in a forced, cold, sharp breath as she felt her energy and power pour into Jay.
'Are you okay?' He murmured just loudly enough so that she could hear him, and laughed weakly at his comment.
Blackness surrounded her as tiredness pored over. She fell backwards to the ground and lost consciousness before she hit the cold earth.
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