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An Undecided Decision

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Archie tries to ask Atlanta out but screws up every time. The next morning he hears a fight between Jay and Atlanta, and by the sounds of it, Jays not gonna forget it. Hopefully Atlanta will.

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Heeey! Draykor (DJessie) here. The decision of me putting this story up here again was driving me crazy! So, ya I decided to put it up here again. And sorry, this story might be a little shorter than the other long ones I'm used to writing. Cause I know that you all just loooooooove long stories, but hey this was written a loooong time ago so I didn't write long stories then, until "I Wanna Be With You" came along. Cause for that one, I didn't even know that they were that many words and when I put it up here it said that it was a thousand somethin words, so thats when it all started. Anywho, enjoy once again!!


Archie laid on his bed, practicing in his head on how to ask her out. Everytime he thinks hes ready hes practices in his mirror and pretends to see Atlanta instead of his reflection. Then he screws up. 'Ugh. Why can't I spit out those words to her? But if I do tell her, it might wreck our friendship. Ugh, why does love have to be so complicated?' He thought for a minute and thought he should go see Aphrodite for a love potion or something. But he doesn't want to force her to like him. He wants her to like him on her own. 'Maybe I can tell her tommorow. Oh I don't know this is so hard!' Archie kept recitaling and practicing until eventually he fell asleep.

The next morning, he could hear someone yelling outside his door.

"Where were you?! Do you have any idea what time you came home last night?!" An angry shout could be heard to wake everyone in the dorm.

"I'm sorry okay?! I lost track of the time!" The person shouted back. That sounded like Atlanta.

"Ya sure, you said that the last time you came home at 12:30 a.m.!" That sounded like Jay.

"Whatever!" She yelled back and ran to her room and slammed her door.

Archie creaked open his door to see why they were yelling at eachother. The last thing he saw was Atlanta run to her room. He figured it would just be best to leave them alone. The last time somebody got Atlanta mad, the person would be sent out to next week, and the last time somebody got Jay mad didn't come out of his/her room in 3 days (scared).

"What was that all about?" Theresea asked Jay when he came down for breakfast.

"Atlanta. She stayed out late last night again." Jay said, still angry.

"Thats like, what, the third time he did that?" Neil said, looking into his mirror.

"I know I can't stand her sometimes. She always says that she won't be long. Then she doesn't come back until like 1:00a.m." Jay told everyone, looking for something in the fridge.

"Can't stand who sometimes?" Archie asked standing in the doorway.

"Atlanta. Shes always lying."

"Hows that?"

"Like just last night she said she wouldn't be out long, then she didn't come home until midnight!"

"Really? She never does that."

"I know. Maybes theres something wrong with her."


Atlanta's room...

'Ugh I hate Jay like that! I mean, okay, maybe I stayed out a little longer than I expected, but I didn't mean to! I just lost track of the time! I wish he was more like Archie, nice, cool, funny, sarcastic. Okay maybe he gets on my nerves sometimes, but thats why I like him.' Atlanta sprung up (she was laying on her back with her head hanging off the side).

'Wait, "like him"? Ya sure I like him as a friend but I don't like him in that way, at least I think I don't. Oh crap! What if I do like him like that? I can't hes my best friend. It would be weird and its like a rule! Maybe I should talk to Theresea about it, and my problem with "Mr. Uptight".'

As she got changed, and got her MP3 player, someone knocked on her door and Archie came in.

"Hey Alanta. Where are you going?"

"Gym. I need to let out some steam."


"Gee how'd ya know?"

"Well I think everyone knows, I mean you woke me up and probably everyone else too."

"Oh. Sorry."

"Its okay. Mind if I go too?"

"Fine. But keep up."

"I'll try."

When the two came downstairs, they saw Jay standing at the bottom of the stairs and asked, "Where are you two going?"

"Why do you ask?" Atlanta said. Raising an eyebrow.

"Just checking to see if you were going to another dancec club." Jay knew Atlanta didn't go to dance clubs, but he was just saying that because he was mad, and had a sarcastic thought of that being the reason of why she was late last night.

"Okay, what is your problem?! Me and Archie are only gong to the gym! Relax will ya?!"

"And why are you going to the gym?"

"To let out some steam that you just gave me, and I will NOT be long. Probably a few hours."

"Alright see you at 12:30!"

And with that Atlanta could've killed Jay right then and there, but Archie stopped her before her fist could touch his face.

"Just keep your steam Atlanta, you can let it out at the gym."

Once Archie let go of her hand, she stomped out the door with Archie behind. Once they were gone, Jay walked over to the couch and just slumped on it. One thought ran through his mind. 'Should I apologize to her?' He thought he should at first, but then didn't, then did, then didn't. Since he was going back and forth he decided he should just not know for now and know later.


R&R PLEASE!!!! Hope you enjoy it and lucky you for the people who liked this story before but could never find it! :)

~ Draykor ~
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