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Just Tryin To Chill

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We find out why Atlanta was out so late. And more yells from Atlanta and Jay.

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Next chapter. And I'm sorry that I accidentally posted it 3 times, but on my account, it only shows it once, so I'm afraid if I delete it, then all of the copies are gonna go bye bye. So...ya. Sorry! I'm sure that a few of you out there have that problem once in a while too. But, see the thing is..when I clicked add story, it took a while and then the screen said there was a problem so I tried to go back to the page but it wouldn't let me, so I added it again and again, until it said that the story has been added, but once I went back to the COTT page, it showed it 3 times. Enjoy! Sorry :(...


" gonna tell me what happened last night?" Archie asked Atlanta, who was tring to tear down the punching bag and rip it into pieces.


Punch, punch, punch

"I went out boarding...."

Punch, kick

"I went through my regular routine...."

Kick, kick

"While I was boarding through the park, I saw Lindsey and Midge...." (Girls from the school's soccer team. Soccers more interesting. Its not that I don't like field hockey, I do, its just that soccer gets more action from it)

Punch, punch, kick, punch

"We were talking about stuff and went to out local pizza place...."

Punch, punch, punch, punch

"After that, we ran around the park talking about other stuff...."

Kick, kick, kick, punch, kick

"We stayed out really late. Probably around 11:00...."

Jump kick

"They said that they had to go home but I stayed at the park...."

Punch, punch, kick, punch, jump kick

"When I finally go tired, I looked at my watch and it said 12:25...."


"I went home, got changed quickly, and went to bed...."


"Thats when you woke up and heard us yelling. I hate it when hes like that! Hes so strict!"

"I know, he needs to chill."

Just then, Atlanta's PMR rang.

"Yello." (I like saying that when a friend or relative calls, it annoys them. ^^)

"Its 11:00a.m. You can come home now." That sounded like a very annoyed Jay.


"Because I don't want you staying late AGAIN!"

"Will you just relax? I'm not going to be long. And besied Archies here and he'll tell me when to come home." she made it sound like Archie was her older brother.

"No, I want you to come home NOW!" Jay yelled.

"Well not everybody gets what they want." Atlanta told him and hung up her PMR.

"See. I hate him." And she walked off.


"AAAHHH!!!" Jay yelled after she hung up.

"Whoa whats your problem?" Neil asked defending himself, or at least trying to defend himself.

"Its Atlanta. I just can't stand her. I told her to come home and she said she isn't coming home."

"Why don't you try being nice to her?" Theresea said sarcastically.

"No way! I'm not being nice to her! She was the one who stayed out late!"

"Ya, well, you were the one who yelled at her and got her angry." Theresea said, defending Atlanta.

"Mad at who?" A voice asked, coming through the door.

"WHY DID YOU DISOBEY ME!! I TOLD YOU TO COME HOME AND YOU SAID NO!! WHY?!" Jay yelled at the top of his voice.

"Because you got made at me for the stupidest reason! And I don't listen to drama queens!"

Archie laughed when Atlanta called Jay a drama queen. Remembering when he called Theresea a drama queen.

"WELL DON'T DO THAT AGAIN!!" Jay sounded like he could lose his voice from yelling so loud.

"Drop dead!" Atlanta snapped then ran to her room and shut her door.

"Yikes. Someone needs a therapist." Neil whispered to Odie. They both laughed.

"Whats so funny?" Jay asked them both.

They immediately stopped laughing and said, "Nothin'."


I'll try to get rid of the other copies when I can, but I can't right now cause in my thing it only says theres one, so I can't. R&R PLEEEEEASE!! I love hearing from you guys!

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